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Chapter 297 Just Like God

After being silent for a long time, Ruo Zhi finally spoke up, "This is a contest of wisdom, Papada is clearly well-prepared. What?Despicable? Unfair? If you say so, hurry up and come back to the kindergarten. What a childish way of thinking. Such a victory is the triumph of wisdom that truly belongs to humanity!"

Ruo Zhi roared as he tried to characterize this battle. Perfect, how perfect!

Victory belonged to Papada! It belonged to the City of the Blazing Angels!

At this moment, all that was left was death. The only thing the two of them had to do was make use of their flame affinity to prevent themselves from being struck by the pillar of fire that shot up into the sky. After that, they would persist until the very end, to see who would be the first to combust.

Papadas had absolute self-confidence for this, and this was blind confidence. This was kind of proximity that the City of the Blazing Angels to the flames, but in reality, there were times when faith did have an element of luck.

An explosion happened under his feet and a pillar of fire shot up towards him. At that moment, all of All-Mouthy King's fans were in despair. When Ma Dong saw this scene unfold, he immediately fell from his chair …

All-Mouthy King, who had been launched into the air, became a living target. Countless flames surged towards All-Mouthy King as if he had found a target. A faint smile appeared on Papada's lips. He had finally accomplished it.

Pappadas felt his consciousness blur. He had finally reached his limit. He clenched his teeth and persevered to the last second, the last second, because he still hadn't heard the sound of victory … Why …

Tivilan sighed, not knowing what to make of it. A few of the golden names had disappeared, clearly not liking the result of this. This was why they didn't think that Pappadas were qualified to enter the hall.

As for the onlookers, they were even more silent. They had thought of the outcome countless times, but they never thought that this kind of situation would actually … In terms of probability, such a victory for Papada … Everyone was unwilling to accept this, but they couldn't say it out loud, because what Ruo Zhi said was correct.

All-Mouthy King had a chance of winning. He didn't grab hold of it, just as he didn't grab hold of his previous opponents.

But why?

Was All-Mouthy King going to be finished in a second under such a flaming attack ?

Countless flames suddenly exploded. A figure floated in the air and a gigantic flaming wings suddenly spread out behind him …

Those who were preparing to leave froze in their steps. Those who were sighing froze. Those who were elated stopped. All they could see was the figure in the sky … The legend came ….

At that moment of haziness, Papada seemed to see the arrival of an angel. Could it be that God had heard his call?

With a smile on his face, Pappada disappeared into the flames. Not far away from him, All-Mouthy King had a pair of five or six meter long flaming wings spread out behind him. The flames around him were like a gentle flame …

Victory for All-Mouthy King!

When All-Mouthy King left, the entire viewing gallery and the Sky Message Area was filled with silence. What did they see?Was that true?

In the legend of the City of the Blazing Angels, the one who saved the city was the Blazing Angel with Wings! It had been more than three hundred years since the founding of the City of Angels, and no one in the entire city had ever seen this Winged Blazing Angel as an object of spiritual symbol and belief for their city.

The origin of their faith!

The students of the Burning Angel Academy were silent. This was a complete defeat, a complete defeat. However, no one spoke a word. At some point, a student fell to his knees, followed by one student after another falling to the ground …

Immediately following that was the sound, and the entire city began to seethe with excitement. Yes, the legend was true. It represented blessings and faith, and the arrival of the Blazing Angels …

Inside the Archangel Heroic Soul Academy's op hall, the big screen was still replaying the footage of the previous battle. Papada had already walked out of the room, quietly staring at the big screen.

Behind him were the members of the Blazing Angels, their faces full of excitement. Just a moment ago, they had been cheering, and one of the female members had even knelt down in worship, but seeing the captain lose the fight in front of him, and especially seeing his quiet expression, everyone restrained themselves, even though the excitement on their faces could not be hidden.

The cameras on the big screen switched as the scenes of the battle flashed by. When All-Mouthy King stretched out his wings and proudly stood within the sea of flames like an angel descending upon the mortal world, Pappada once again closed his eyes, as if recalling that miraculous scene.

"Captain …"

"Captain Papada …" The members probably misunderstood and spoke out of concern.

The Burning Angel Academy had a special theology class, which promoted the glory and will of the Blazing Angels. Pappadas had always been a staunch supporter of theology, and seeing and even experiencing such miracles with his own eyes would probably be a huge blow to him.

Pappadah did not respond. He only stretched out his hand and made the sign of the cross. When he opened his eyes, his originally calm face had been replaced by a fanatical expression.

It was an indelible will and faith in the City of the Blazing Angels.

He abruptly turned his head around, clenching his fist and waving it around: "The descend of the Blazing Angels is about to begin, the era of glory belongs to us!"

The surrounding team members were stunned. Following that, everyone came back to their senses and immediately, an earth-shattering cheer exploded! Each and every one of them was so excited that their cheeks and ears were flushed red. Their faces were all filled with fanaticism, as if they were all seeing the era of glory that their captain was talking about!

"The Blazing Angel befell, our era of glory's coming!"

Cheers spread from the main hall to the entire Heroic Soul Academy!

While the students of the Burning Angel Academy were cheering, the OP also went into a frenzy.

The young men didn't believe in the Blazing Angels. What they saw were a pair of wings formed from flames. All-Mouthy King used his terrifying new ability to conquer everyone's hearts once again.

The descending magma erupted with a terrifying high temperature, and there had never been a person who could withstand such a terrifying flame attack. Even the Palada Divine Flames or Tivilan's Dragon Crystal Armor were impossible, but All-Mouthy King was able to do it once again. Although it was unclear how he did it, but his posture of spreading his wings was like a god's, deeply etched into everyone's minds. Even if he didn't know whether this fiery posture with wings would have any terrifying combat power, at the very least, resisting such extreme high temperatures was the real result sheet that he had handed over.

In the VIP room, a large group of young men with golden titles remained silent. Compared to the discussion previously, the VIP room seemed extraordinarily quiet.

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