Begging You to Break Off This Engagement! Chapter 11 part2

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Translated by Amaryllideae, Edited by Hippo~ This is their last release as editor so thank you so much!!!

Xi Yanqing was still organizing things at this time. He rearranged the gifts that he bought again which were all wrapped neatly with red cloth. He then unpackaged the firecrackers and left them in a dry place; he will leave to deliver the bride-price tomorrow morning and follow the local custom before going out. The custom of lighting a firecracker first is so that everyone in the village will know about their marriage. At that time, Luo Fei would definitely not be able to run away. Thinking about it made him really happy!

Out of so many things, there is only one thing he is missing. He definitely can’t move so many things from his house in one trip. This is when there should be family members to help him, but he has no family here, so he can only find relatives or friends. Since he has no relatives in Huaping Village, he can only find friends to help.

He decided to go ask Han Yang to help tomorrow, early in the morning, as this time he couldn’t ask the Luo family for help as it would not look good. Fortunately, after returning, he had visited all the people who had been kind to the original soul, so it was not too awkward asking for a favour this time.
Xi Yanqing did not know that Luo Ji had already asked the Han family to help and that he also greeted Han Yang who promised to come and help Xi Yanqing early in the morning. So the next day, when the sun began to rise, Xi Yanqing arranged everything cleanly and brought some snacks to Han Yang's home.

“Han Yang, are you at home?”

“Xi-di? I'm coming!” Han Yang was now setting up an oxcart to go to Xi Yanqing's  house quickly came out as he answered. He patted Xi Yanqing's shoulder heavily and said: “You rascal, these few days I could barely see you, but now that you need my help, you came here so quickly!”

"Now that it is this time how could I not be fast?" Xi Yanqing made a small joke. "Right, how is Sao-zi (term for wife of a close friend)?"

“Looking after the children. Come in first, I have not finished putting my ox-cart together.” Han Yang shouted towards the house: “Ling Ling, come out and see who came?” Ling Ling is the nickname of Han Yang’s wife, “The other time you went to your mother's house so you didn't get to see him, but you can finally see him today."

“I heard his voice! Is it Xi-di?” Mu Ling, holding a two-year-old boy, said with a smile, “Zhuang Zhuang, greet Uncle.”


(LOL so "zhu" is pig and "shu" is Uncle and cuz babies can't really enunciate the kid called Xi Yanqing pig instead of uncle.)

“Not pig, uncle!”


“You little brat! Your teeth haven't even started growing yet and you have already learned to insult people.” Xi Yanqing teased the little guy who looked like a steamed bun, and handed the snacks he brought over. “Sao-zi, there was nothing really good to bring, keep the snacks for your child.”

“Ze, if you want to come over, just come, why are you so polite? Haven't you already given us some last time?” They grew up together as children. In the past, before Xi Yu left, Han Yang had already married Mu Ling, so Mu Ling was a little familiar with Xi Xi.

“If I wanted to be polite, I would not come to ask for help.” Xi Yanqing took the handle and handed the rope to the Han Yang.

“I heard Luo Ji saying yesterday that you want to buy a cow?” Han Yang asked.

“En, if you have time, please help me contact some people."

“Sure, when I come back today, I will go to my uncle and ask for you, he knows about that kind of things.” Han Yang said as he tightened the rope knot. “Xi-di, open the door, I will drive the cart out.”


Xi Yanqing opened the door and moved to the side. Unexpectedly, a voice from a distance away asked: “Hey, Han Yang, where are you going so early?”

That voice had a strong hint of gossip, oh if it wasn't Zhang Yangfan's nosy old lady, who else could it be?

The Zhang and Han houses were close to each other, and they were only separated by two walls. Therefore, when Qin Guizhi came out to dump water, she saw Han Yang's oxcart. She remembered that Jiang Baining mentioned yesterday that Luo Fei came to the Han family to borrow the oxcart. The Han family said that they could only borrow it today. Borrowing is fine, how come it is a person from the Xi family doing so?

“Today this Xi guy is going to the  Luo house to ask for marriage, I am going to help.” Even though Han Yang and Han Xu are brothers, but both of them were very different – Han Xu is quick-witted while Han Yang took things at face-value. He had no hidden intentions and assumed that no one was inherently bad. He thought that Qin Guizhi was just asking him casually. Besides, it was such good news for Xi Yanqing, so he smiled and said it, not thinking that it would be inappropriate for him to mention it.

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