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Chapter 61 : You Have to Take Good Care Of Her

     Lu Yichen laughed helplessly, he never sees a person that had lost also lost so seriously.

     In the end, of course, he can only follow her.

     After playing for more than an hour, Mu Xiao Xiao was a little tired and sat watching him play.

     Her eyes turned and turned, ran to the counter to find Hui Ge, and hanged her impeccable sweet smile. "Hui Ge, there is something I want to ask you!"

     Hui Ge smiled. "What matters, speak."

     Mu Xiao Xiao moves closer and whispered to him with a voice that only two people could hear, discuss with him with a thin voice.

     After a while, she returned to Lu Yichen.

     Lu Yichen looked at her and said, "Tired? Still playing?"

     The green tea in Mu Xiao Xiao’s hand was handed to him, shaking her head and said, “No, I want to play something else.”

     "What do you want to play?" he asked, with completely accompany her to the end expression.

     Mu Xiao Xiao smiled and spit out one word, "Working!"

     Lu Yichen was dumbfounded and looked at her questioningly.

     It turned out that she had just gone to find Hui Ge, that is, to ask to earn the cost of playing by means of attracting guests.

     Because she knows with Lu Yichen’s character is sure to fight over to pay, but she asked, then she knows that it is expensive, two hundred yuan for an hour and one hundred for fifty percent discount.

     This one hundred yuan for her do not even count as pocket money, but his family was not so good, one hundred yuan for him, it does not count little, right.

     She didn't want him to pay for it and was afraid that fighting over to pay would hurt his self-esteem, and finally thought a method to satisfy both sides.

     Mu Xiao Xiao is afraid that he will doubt her, she shows very excited expression as if working is very fun.

     "It’s easy for me to attract ten guests. As I see it, simply is as easy as turning my hand over!”

     She patted her chest with a confident expression.

     After getting the flyer from Hui Ge’s hand, she bouncing out of the door.

     Lu Yichen was trying to follow her. Hui Ge grabbed his shoulder and said to him, "This girl is not bad ah, very cute, lively and cheerful, also sensible and considerate. It is a rare good girl, match with you. You have to grasp it."

     After said weighty and earnest words, Hui Ge is gone.

     Lu Yichen's deep eyes watching Mu Xiao Xiao outside the door. She wears a smile attracting the guests with enthusiasm as if it was really a very fun thing.


     After Mu Xiao Xiao parted from Lu Yichen, she returned to school.

     She definitely not come back for Yin Shao Jie, but because her bag was still in the classroom, so she had no choice to come back and take it.

     When she returned to school, the school had already ended. There were only a few scattered students on campus.

     Fortunately, the door of the classroom still not closed, so she took the bag smoothly and came out with her bag. She stood at the school gate and looked around all directions.

     Will Yin Shao Jie wait in the corner like he did last time?

     Thinking about the situation he appeared yesterday, the anger in her heart has almost disappeared.

     Okay, if he is especially waiting to pick her up, she will be more generous and forgive him.

     But she stood at the door for ten minutes, the sky was gradually darkened, but she did not see Yin Shao Jie's figure, let alone his very conspicuous sports car.

     Mu Xiao Xiao’s expression slowly sank and looked at the roads on both sides. It was empty and there was no car shadow. She finally couldn’t help but scream, “Yin Shao Jie! Quickly come out!”

     He must be hiding, seeing her anxious, isn’t it?

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