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Chapter 28.3: Injured

"Get over here right now!"

Bai Zhi Yan's body shivered, and he immediately shot himself forward.

Lou Jun Yao laid the figure down on the bed. Seeing the pair of eyes that were always spirited now shut, the exquisitely beautiful countenance unbelievably pale, his heart immediately became more jittery. Moreover, the youth's body was splattered with blood.

Just the sight of it was offensive to his eyes.

Immediately, he reached his hand out towards the youth's clothes, thinking to take off those white blood stained clothes.

But, only the collar had been loosened and a large portion of that fair and smooth skin was exposed, Lou Jun Yao's hand suddenly froze.

The youth's neck was beautifully slender, with an exquisitely sculpted collarbone, irresistibly enchanting.

He knew that the youth was beautiful looking, and he had a pretty looking neck. But what astounded him was….. upon that smooth neck, there wasn't an adam's apple that was characteristic of a male.

No matter how slowly a boy developed, it was impossible that he would not have an adam's apple.


Lou Jun Yao had some guesses in mind, and his slender finger conveniently pulled the white robe a few more notches down.

"What….. are you doing….." A cold tiny hand suddenly grasped his, stopping the man's inquisitive action.

In a groggy daze, she had felt that someone was taking off her clothes.

No matter how unconscious she was, when in a strange or unfamiliar place, her body would instinctively retain a level of alertness. Realizing that the man was going overboard, she hurriedly struggled to open her eyes to stop him.

It must have been the series of movements just now, that caused her hair to become a little messed up, and her clothes had also been tugged loose, to expose her neck and collarbone. Her alluring phoenix like eyes half open while looking at him rather warily and her face pale as a sheet, she looked so pitifully frail in her weakened state.

Lou Jun Yao did not need to verify it to know that this person here was actually a dainty young lady.

Though the hand that was gripped around his fingers was slender, it was very thin, its touch soft and exquisite, definitely not the hand of a young male youth.

"My Lord, let me help….."

"Get out!"

Bai Zhi Yan had just come in through the door and he had not even finished what he wanted to say when he immediately heard those two icily harsh words.

"But isn't Young Master Qing injured….." Bai Zhi Yan suddenly clamped his mouth shut and kept silent. [Why had the Lord's face suddenly changed completely? Didn't the Lord just ask him to come and now he suddenly wants him to go out?]

[Really. After becoming stronger his mood is also getting from bad to worse.]

He had no choice but to retreat back out.

"Shut the door."

Bai Zhi Yan's feet took a stumble, and then quietly pulled the door shut.

Lou Jun Yao turned his gaze back around, to look upon the youth who was struggling to keep his eyes open as he stared at him. No. He should say young lady.

"Your clothes got dirty."

"I'll change them myself." Qing Yu's brows furrowed up, as she struggled to sit upright. "I'll be….. ugh….. I'll be going back already."

[Damn it. That person was really….. vicious. Even till now, my body is still throbbing in pain.]

"Are you certain you can still walk?" Lou Jun Yao looked at her in amusement. "I think you will not be able to even leap over the Gathered Cloud Loft's perimeter wall."

Qing Yu's brows creased up once again. Although she did not want to admit it, but, it would seem like,  she really wouldn't be able to get up there!

"Then….. Can I stay here for a night?" Qing Yu asked, as she looked at him a little helplessly.

"Of course." Lou Jun Yao nodded with a smile, and then went on to ask in slight bewilderment. "Why would you get injured by dispelling the curse for me?"

"Someone was controlling this blood curse and when I was dispelling it, I exchanged a few blows with that person." Qing Yu said as she rubbed her shoulders. "Both sides got injured."

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