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Wei Yang was once again escorted by Angela to the door of the classroom before the two girls went their separate ways.

Entering the classroom and seeing that all the students almost filled the seats, Wei Yang searched for a vacant one but found a person who could not be there.

Minister, why are you here?” Wei Yang remembered Angela saying that Qin Guan was a junior student. How could he appear in the freshman class?

This class is newly opened and many interested non-class freshmen have come.” Qin Guan stretched out his hand to push his gold rim glasses, and then looked up.

Ahh…” Wei Yang responded, then she thought, "Why are there so many people in the classroom?"

This is vacant.” Qin Guan did not look up again, just fiddled with his notebook, and seemed to be designing some dance party or something. Because the Royal College of Edwards did not set up a student union, it's the ministers who ended up so busy. Fortunately, there were five classes in each grade, otherwise, the minister having three heads and six arms will not be enough.

Thank you.” Maybe it’s because people felt in awe of Minister Qin Guan that's why no one sat beside him. Wei Yang sat down sympathetically. Not to mention, the minister was very kind and gentle.

Wei Yang came still early, so even after waiting for a while, the professor did not arrive yet. She disinterestedly played with her fingers. Later, she felt like she wanted to talk to Qin Guan, but she was afraid of disturbing him with his stuff, looking depressed and ready to turn over. Once again, “An Introduction to Arms Economy” was repeated.

There will be a college dance next weekend.” People around him reacted excitedly while moving around. The minister couldn’t help it as he waited for a long time already. He could not wait any longer for Wei Yang to speak on her own initiative. He stopped his work and spoke on a slightly sideways position.

Ah? Ah!” Wei Yang's mind were lost in thoughts. She only regained herself by Qin Guan's voice. After listening to his words, under his gaze, her pretty face turned red and she secretly could not breathe! Well, being stared at by a strange, handsome, and unfamiliar man, could really put butterflies on Wei Yang's stomach!

Ha ha…” Qin Guan lifted his lips. He laughed happily and drowsily and his beautiful face turned more dazzling. His eyes looked even hotter and it made the girls around him stare at him. The eye knives released by Wei Yang became more and more intensive.

That, minister.” Wei Yang frowned, bit her lip, sneaked a glance at Qin Guan, and whispered, “Are you inviting me?” She lowered her head and spitted out her lilac tongue. Her face was blushing. She asked herself if she was too narcissistic. Perhaps the minister was just doing a small talk?

Yes. Is it okay to invite the beautiful Miss Xiahou?” The smile on the face of Qin Guan gradually faded, but the smile in his eyes did not subside. He liked the beauty of that exact moment – in front of all of them, the arrogant, little lion-like cute girl showed such a slightly shy look in front of him - t'was really a touching picture.

By that time, Wei Yang calmed down and scolded herself a few words for no good. She turned her head, raised her noble chin, smiled lightly, nodded, and said, “Hmm… Maybe.

Qin Guan smiled again and sighed. He lowered his head to design the lights, music, etc. That time, he seemed to be full of vitality that he began to be more careful at arranging things. Maybe as Qin Yan said, he was interested in the lion who liked to pretend to be a kitten, but it was just only because of an interest.

Wei Yang drummed her cheeks, then took out her mobile phone and sent a text message to her brother, Xiahou Xuan. Earlier, Xiahou Xuan said that Wei Yang seemed to be well adapting to a campus life already until he read her text message.

She told him about her invitation to the dance. Xiahou Xuan almost didn’t lift the table on the spot, but his little beast inside wanted to break out in the universe! "I still have never danced with my princess! How could this guy who doesn’t know me could dance with her? For what?!" He thought.

After taking a few deep breaths, Xiahou Xuan replied to her text message, "Of course, my little princess is the most popular in school, so being invited is normal. Your brother is very happy that you have adapted to school life. This weekend, your brother has a gift to give my lovely Yangyang."

Wei Yang read text message from Xiahou Xuan on the phone screen and giggled.

When the bell rang, the man who came into the classroom saw her, the student who giggled brilliantly all by herself. He picked his eyebrows slightly, and then walked onto the platform.

I am a professor in the arms economy, Federline Crow.” The man looked at Wei Yang who who was still smiling, snorted, and then added, “I won’t ask you to answer questions more actively during class, but I hope that you can take your brains with you. Of course, it is best to put away your smirk!

Many girls looked at Wei Yang, covered their mouths, and sneered at her. But the range of action was not big, for fear that the professor from Siberia would spray poison in her mouth or on her head.

Wei Yang, who was still thinking about Xiahou Xuan' message was completely surprised at that time. She looked at the man on the platform and blinked her eyes. She was puzzled, so she grabbed her soft red wine hair and then said to Qin Guan, “Professor Crow must have to work hard. She will teach 'the basics of firearms' and 'the economic probability of arms'.

Qin Guan took a slight pull at the corner of his mouth, faced Federline Crow’s frozen eyes, and whispered, “He’s Professor Federline Crow, the twin brother of Professor Harris.” This was what the whole college knew. Two of the ten great terror professors were brothers. Their appearance, character and tone, even their eyes, were almost identical. No one can tell who they were from what they would say. If the two won't be together occasionally, everyone must think that they were the same person!

Wei Yang was startled and showed a blank look. Many students saw it clearly and fell their hearts too! Professor Crow, the twin of Professor Harris – this thing should be known even for new students!

The voices of Wei Yang and Qin Guan were not very loud, but Federline Crow, standing on the far platform, could hear them clearly. His face was a little gloomy, which made everyone in the classroom tremble. They were in a tangle. On one hand, they respected the professor’s erudition in order to acquire knowledge, but on the other hand, they were afraid to die. They really didn't know the lesson and they still have to listen! T'was the feeling of being at the center of the ice and snow storm – like you have a big sin!

After two consecutive classes, Professor Federline’s lectures were very wonderful, and the students listened to him fascinatingly. But when the bell rang, when Federline said “class is over”, they all rushed out of the classroom like hell, causing a sneer from Federline.

Qin Guan was surrounded by several leaders of the University Department and went out of the classroom door. He did not forget to turn around and signal Wei Yang to let her go as soon as possible.

Wei Yang nodded, then tidied up her desk, picked up her bag, and went to the platform. When she turned her head to Professor Federline who was about to leave, she asked, “Are you really not Professor Harris? But why do I think there is no difference between Professor Harris and you?

She thought that even twins should have differences, but through the observation just then, the two obviously had no difference at all, even the light and coldest breaths on their bodies were the same.

I believe, it's none of your business as a student.” Federline snorted, then turned and walked away. But his eyes stopped at Wei Yang’s neck for a second. Wei Yang just bent down and the long life lock hidden in her clothes was carelessly exposed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ❤❤❤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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