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I'm Xiahou Wei Yang, but I'll allow you to call me Wei Yang.” Wei Yang sounded very arrogant and looked like a lady of a qualified Queen’s posture – she must be well-educated after such a training! Maybe in the near future, she can have a boyfriend, but would still be making some handsome men suffer first! Unfortunately, she only foresaw half of it - she was only daydreaming.

Luo Lixiu looked really handsome and adorable, but he was being too proud of his characteristics and was targeting a woman who thought he “courted” successfully.

Wei Yang, who did nothing for three months, became much deteriorated and under a very strong immersion on the Internet, together with her female ally Angela. The two can be regarded as YY in Math. They were around matching various kinds of germination a hundred times, that even Qin Guan, Qin Yan, Luo Weiqi, and Xiahou Xuan were not able to escape!

Wei Yang…” Luo Lixiu looked at the girl who was smiling brightly and trivially around him and quickly lowered his head, always feeling chilly on his back.

When Wei Yang saw his reaction, she immediately and excitedly held Angela's hands and made a silent expression, "We found a victim!"

Angela originally did not agree with Wei Yang's refuge behavior, but after she saw Luo Lixiu’s delicate, big eyes, and flickering appearance, then some wretched thoughts gathered in Wei yang's mind. The soul of Angela broke out and she felt that Wei Yang was doing it right!

However, Angela had some doubts and only thought by herself, "But Wei Yang can't just easily be a queen. She should learn first about Luo Weiqi's life."

What did she mean – Luo Weiqi was a king?

Luo Lixiu seemed to notice the interaction between the two girls. Suddenly, he felt that there was some hidden propaganda between them and felt that it seemed like he just made a very bad decision. It was not a good thing to have a direct contact with Xiahou Wei Yang, but at that time, it seemed like there was no turning back. He really wanted to ask, "How much is a pound of regret?"

After class, Angela said, “Do you have classes in the afternoon? I have equestrian lessons!

No, I don't have any class today, but I can accompany you on the equestrian class today.” Wei Yang thought about it and then asked Luo Lixiu, who was pulled on his arms by Wei Yang, “Do you have a class?

Elective course – golf.” Luo Lixiu looked at Wei Yang’s hands. He was holding two thick “Classical music appreciation” books. He was a premature baby that's why his body was weaker, but if a girl would help him take a book, he just can’t help but blush.

Don’t go! Come with me to accompany Angela to equestrian lessons!" Wei Yang took the book from Luo Lixiu's arms. She stared at him with a pair of eyes like she was saying, "You'll be dead if you disobey me!" It made him nod immediately.

Angela saw it and after Wei Yang threatened Luo Lixiu with her eyes, she thought to herself, "Didn’t you say you wanted to be queen? Why did you use your invincible skills at once? This is not very likely to be a queen!!! It did not make you more gorgeous!"

In that cool breezy afternoon, a thin cloud floated in the pale blue sky and the sound of hoofs can be heard from the college’s horse farm.

At the corner of the farm, the four people stood together and attracted a lot of wait-and-see sights.

Angela, in a horseback-riding costume, was holding Qin Guan, who was also a military costume. The matching attire of the gifted and talented couple were dazzling in the spacious grassland. Wei Yang was wearing a purple chiffon shirt with a white fluffy skirt underneath, while Luo Lixiu was wearing a white shirt.

They began to choose their own horses. Wei Yang wanted to choose a horse that would not despise her.

Wei Yang! I will let you see my heroic posture of my horse riding, but don’t be fascinated by me because I'm with my darling, Angela!"


Haha… Ouch… Pain…

Qin Yan’s stomach was attacked on both sides by the two women. He covered his lower abdomen, bent over, and stretched his fingers, pointing at the two women who laughed badly and he's sweating cold. Luo Lixiu secretly swallowed his saliva and put onto his mind that these two women should be in the dangerous character class.

"Wei Yang, are you sure that you will wear dress on this kind of horseback riding?” Angela looked at Qin Yan and then noticed Wei Yang’s dress problem.

It doesn’t matter. I will just walk around with this horse, and I don’t want to compete with people.” Wei Yang gently laughed and picked out a brown pony from the stables. She hummed at herself and rubbed her cheek to the pony. It seemed like the little lovely pony liked her!

When it comes to horse racing, I brought my brother today and he will play with me later. You have to be in a good look. After all, the extraordinary attitude of the minister is not unusual." Qin Yan touched his chin and said, rather narcissistically, as if he was not praising his brother, but himself.

Angela could not bear it at first. She stepped on Qin Yan with a small foot and made a disgraceful look at the old lady!

Ao Wu –” Qin Yan once again failed to meet the expectations and just sent out a fierce wolf howl.

Wei Yang, Qin Yan, Angela.” Not far away, a man wearing a black riding suit, tall and strong, came with a white horse. He stopped beside Luo Lixiu, who was thin but slender, and looked at him for a few seconds. Then, he stretched out his hand and said, “Hello, my name is Qin Guan.

Hello, my name is Luo Lixiu.” Luo Lixiu looked at Wei Yang’s eyes, then reached out and shook hands, and introduced himself in a low voice.

Qin Guan raised his eyebrows and took back his hand. This Luo Lixiu did not seem to be an oil-saving lamp. He was indeed a little cowardly by his behavior at that time. But one will check on him carefully, his voice sounded small but firm and steady enough. It seemed like those who will be the future owner of the Luo family was still uncertain.

The Qin family, whose main branches were on the Arabian Peninsula, especially in the Strait of Hormuz, was also a Mafia family that controlled the main road of transportation. This was similar to the Mediterranean Heroic family. So the future direction of the nearby Luo family was closely related to the Qin family. After all, it was never easy to continue a family under the encirclement of the three Mafia giants.

Oh, Prince Charming?” Angela put her hands together for a flower like pattern.

Dear Angela, you can’t discriminate my little black horse.” Qin Yan was distressed and his horse around him was pretending to be sad, causing a lot of health balls.

Qin Guan and Qin Yan’s strength were obvious, even in the equestrian. Qin Guan always won, of course.

Running around the runway, Qin Guan suddenly jumped off his horse and went to Wei Yang, and then he knelt on one knee, took her little hand, looked up, and said, “This is a formal invitation. Miss Xiahou, may I have the honor to invite you as my partner to the college dance next weekend?"

Of course.” Wei Yang was stunned, but she nodded right away, slightly smiling.

Qin Guan returned a smile, although it was very slight, it was enough to surprise his younger brother. He kissed the delicate hand of the Wei Yang with a fragrant laurel smell and then stood up.

There was a moment of silence around, and then a sudden outburst of voices, whether or not it contained high purity of goodwill, at least made the racecourse lively.

Qin Yan pushed Angela with his elbow, raised his eyebrows, winked at her, and then whispered, "Your good friend captured my cold-hearted brother!"

Angela looked at the stable, excellent Qin Guan, the weak but beautiful Luo Lixiu, the delicate and perfect Wei Yang, and then remembered the powerful Xiahou Xuan, who was upset at once and thought, "Who would marry our lovely Wei Yang?"

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