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Chapter 840 – Fighting a Battle To Force A Decision

The beast tide of the Demon Realm, although it was only a fleeting event, allowed Zhao Hai to gain a lot of benefits. After the magic beasts charged to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately changed the spatial rift's destination back to the Demon Space. After that, Zhao Hai went and informed the Great Demon King to have the Demons continue their move.

Zhao Hai had also finished his matter with the Demon Dragon King, so naturally he wouldn't stay in the Demon Space for long. He went to rest in the villa for a while before walking out to find Fei'er.

Fei'er and the others were now resting inside the cities of the Radiant Empire. Since the cities were converted into military compounds, they still had few commodities present, so Fei'er and the others weren't worried about what to eat. However, the fight that just happened had truly given them a shock.

Zhao Hai's fighting strength stunned them. They didn't think that Zhao Hai was so strong, he wasn't any weaker than the Divine Race.

Most importantly, after killing the Divine Race today, Zhao Hai would gain more undead Divines, improving his strength once more.

Because of this, after Fei'er and the others settled their people, they immediately gathered together and discussed Zhao Hai. It can be seen that the result of Zhao Hai's use of power has yielded its result.

Fei'er looked at Shan and Yue as he sighed and said, "You two, you should have seen Zhao Hai's strength. To be honest, I wasn't expecting him to be that strong as well. I know you have some reservations towards him for killing your people. Nevertheless, we're going against a common enemy right now. WIth Zhao Hai being the main powerhouse, our people would die less. I hope you two can put your enmity aside and cooperate with Zhao Hai."

Shan and Yue looked at each other before simultaneously nodding. Yue then said, "It's true that we have some hatred towards Zhao Hai, however, we hate the Divine Race even more. Moreover, we haven't seen Zhao Hai use our people in his battles. It's quite obvious that he wants to save face for us."

Shan added, "Right, compared to the Divine Race, our hatred for Zhao Hai is small. In fact, we really can't blame Zhao Hai for killing our people. It is the Divine Race's fault for sending them to the battlefield. Zhao Hai is just trying to defend his homeland."

Upon hearing the two, Fei'er let out a sigh of relief. Then he gave a nod as he said, "Then that's good. Our greatest enemy is the Divine Race, we should focus on them."

Shan and Yue nodded. They weren't clueless people, they knew that Zhao Hai's strength can only bring them benefits and no harm. As for what happens after they defeated the Taurus Divines in the Divine Realm, they didn't think about that yet. They weren't even sure if they could do such a thing.

Shan looked at Fei'er and said, "Feier, with the current situation, our people have already started out move. At this point, the Divine Race have guarded the spatial rift. Should we attack the Taurus continent like mister Zhao Hai said?" At this time, a soldier suddenly gave a report, "Mister Zhao Hai came to talk."

The three looked at each other before they all stood up. "Quickly invite him inside", Fei'er said. Then the three went forward to see Zhao Hai.

After Zhao Hai came in and saw that the three were together, he couldn't help but smile. Then he gave the three a salute and said, "I didn't think all three of you would be here. Let's discuss what to do next."

Fei'er smiled and said, "We're also about to talk to mister regarding this. However, we didn't have the means to meet mister, please excuse us." Fei'er purposely forgot about the messenger fish that Zhao Hai gave him.

Zhao Hai understood that Fei'er was just being polite, he didn't mind it as he smiled and said, "It's fine. I also like to go around places, so you don't need to worry." After that, all of them entered the hall.

The place they were in was a church in the city. This was a strange thing in the Radiant Empire. Generally, the city lord's mansion would be the most noteworthy structure in any place, however, in the Radiant Empire, it was the church.

The church was made magnificently. Its walls were full of murals, it was very beautiful. The murals depicted scenes glorifying the Divine Race, like how they managed to defeat Demons. There really wasn't much history shown.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai managed to see the inside of a church. Now that he saw it, he couldn't help but admit that it looked good. One could feel how tranquil it was inside, the murals were very artistic as well.

Suddenly, Zhao Hai noticed Winged Pegasus people on one of the murals. The Winged Pegasus were riding their mounts as they held their knight's spear and battled with a Demon.

Zhao Hai couldn't help but chuckle, then he turned to Yue and said, "I didn't think that the Winged Pegasus people would be part of the Radiant Church's stories. They could even fight alongside the Divine Race." Then he pointed towards the mural.

Yue had just met with Fei'er, so he wasn't able to notice the mural. Now that Zhao Hai pointed it out, he turned his head to look at it. Then he snorted and said, "Those are just nonsense made up by the Divine Race. Those bastards, we'll never worship them."

What Yue said wasn't wrong. While the Divine Race drew the Winged Pegasus on the mural, they don't actually treat them as equals. Instead, the Divine Race wanted to assimilate them into their civilization by erasing their culture. This way, they would become the Divine Race's faithful dog.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "The Divine Race has always been like this. They also wanted to control the Ark Continent by using the Radiant Church. If it wasn't for our early discovery about their plot, the situation wouldn't have been like this."

Fei'er and the others nodded. Then after the group had sat down, a Thunder Clan member brought over some clear water. The Divine Race prohibited wines being consumed by their troops, so they didn't bring anything with them. At this point, the only thing they can provide Zhao Hai was water. Zhao Hai didn't mind it too much as he took a sip of the water before he said, "I came to visit because I want to discuss how to attack the Divine Race. I also want to listen to your thoughts."

Fei'er and the other two looked at one another, they had a gaze that Zhao Hai didn't understand. After some time, Fei'er turned his head and said, "What does mister plan to do?" Zhao Hai looked at the three before he smiled and said, "I plan to force a battle so that the Taurus Divines would be compelled to make a move. We need to take care of the remaining Taurus Divines before we can proceed to the Divine Realm."

The three nodded their heads. They understood how this worked. Shan opened his mouth and said, "We also thought about this matter. I believe our people have already started to battle with the Divine Race. At this point, the Divine Race wouldn't be able to send more troops to deal with us. We can use this opportunity to attack the Divine Race in one swoop."

Zhao Hai nodded, "So you already thought about it, then that makes everything better. Right, since we're now allies, I won't hide things from you. As you can see, the Demons have already become part of my people. Also, in the Ark Continent's Beastman Prairie, a spatial rift to the underworld has appeared. At this point, the underworld's dark mist and undead creatures are already slowly creeping their way into the center of the continent. Moreover, on the south of the continent is another spatial rift. This rift is connected to a plane called the Atlanta Plane. The people from that plane aren't weak. Most importantly, they have 10-meter tall magic armors made out of iron. These magic armors can be controlled by the people from the Atlanta plane and are very powerful. With these two enemies, I decided to move the entire population of the Ark Continent. I need to be clear about this to you three. The situation is very bad for us. We need to eliminate the remaining Divines and set a foothold in the Divine Realm. Otherwise, we would be sandwiched between two powerful enemies."

Fei'er and the others were shocked upon hearing this. They never expected these things to be present in the Ark Continent. Especially those people with magic armors.

Suddenly, Fei'er's eyes shone, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Mister, are those magic armors like the ones made by the Goblins?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "They are. However, their magic armors are much better in comparison. If the Goblins had the same quality of magic armor, then they wouldn't have been reduced to being slaves."

Fei'er nodded. He had seen Goblin-made iron golems before. This golem was treated as a victory trophy by Thunder Yun at his home.

Actually, this trophy wasn't acquired by Thunder Yun himself. Instead, it was something passed down in their family. The Goblins were subjugated way before the Thunder Clan were discovered. When Fei'er became Thunder Yun's guard, the name 'goblin' was already synonymous with slave.

However, that iron golem actually scared Fei'er. Compared to the Thunder Clan, the body of those iron golems were much bigger. Because of this, the memory of that golem failed to escape Fei'er's mind.

Chapter 841 – Right to Speak!

In fact, when the Divines were subjugating the Goblins, they having quite the trouble. Although the Goblins didn't focus their research on weapons, they still had their magic cannons and magic armors. The power of both of those were extraordinary.

The Divines were completely terrified about those two things. They believed that if they made the Goblins continue to develop then they would sooner or later reach a dominant status compared to the Divine Race. Because of this, the Divines decided to eliminate the Goblins and prevent them from continuing on with their research.

The magic cannons were left to the Divine Race, of which they used to conquer various other planes.

The Divine Race also thought about researching the metal armors to improve their overall strength. However, the metal golems were just too complex. The Goblins used a lot of secret techniques in order to manufacture them, and those secrets couldn't be acquired by the Divine Race. In the end, the Divines did their best to stop those things from being made. After all, the iron golems were able to kill a lot of Divine Race soldiers.

Fei'er and the others didn't know about any of these. In the Divine Realm, the battle against the Divines and the Goblins were minimally recorded. Fei'er only saw a broken metal armor, but although it was broken, it still left a very deep impression on him.

Now that Fei'er heard that Atlanta Continent's magic armors were more advanced than the ones made by the Goblins, he couldn't help but stare. After some time, his complexion turned ugly as he said, "Mister, are you telling the truth?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "How could I lie about this matter. Right, I have some kind of magic. I learned it from the Fishman Race. It allows me to save what I had seen before. Take a look." Then he waved his hand and showed the scene with Axe.

The big metal armor made Fei'er and the others gasp. Only when Axe's armor transformed into an aircraft and left  Blazing Island did they manage to recover. But it still took them a long time before a word went out of their mouths.

Zhao Hai retrieved the monitor before he looked the three and said, "Those are the flying magic armors of the Atlanta Continent. Before I arrived, they already eliminated magic beasts and flame demons of Blazing Island. Moreover, it only took them a short time to do so."

Fei'er looked confused at Zhao Hai as he asked, "Mister, how did you know that they have arrived in the Ark Continent?"

Upon hearing Fei'er, Zhao Hai couldn't help but smile, "Everybody wonders how I am able to know what happens in the Ark Continent. Let me tell you in simple words. I have scouts all throughout the continent. Almost all of the continent is under my watch."

Fei'er didn't say anything, he believed Zhao Hai's words. When Zhao Hai was fighting against the Divine Race, he was always a step ahead. If Zhao Hai didn't have his eyes on the continent, that feat would've been impossible.

Zhao Hai looked at Fei'er and said, "But me discovering them only came due to an accident. At that time I wanted to sneak an attack against the Radiant Empire. Since you were entangled at Accra Mountain, I encircled all around to attack the south of the Empire. It was then that I managed to see them."

Fei'er and the others didn’t doubt this point. After they came here, they found out that the Radiant Empire has already been destroyed. Moreover the damage seemed to come from the southeast then headed northwest. It wouldn't be strange if Zhao Hai met the people from the Atlanta Plane at that time.

Barbarian Shan looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Is mister confident in blocking the attack from the Atlanta Continent?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "I've already considered this point. Don't forget, there's a strange and dangerous enemy currently in the Ark Continent. The Underworld!"

The Divine Race only understood about half of the underworld. Just as Zhao Hai said, the underworld was too strange. Even the Divine Race wouldn't dare open a spatial rift towards the underworld since they didn't have a full grasp of its properties.

It was because of this mystery that it was deemed dangerous. Fei'er and the others nodded, they also understood what Zhao Hai said. Now that the underworld's spatial rift has been opened, its creatures would surely reach the center of the Ark Continent. Once the Atlanta Plane decided to conquer the Ark Continent, they would surely come into conflict with the Underworld. At that time, the Atlanta Plane would have no time attack Zhao Hai's group.

After hearing this, Fei'er and the others relaxed. However, their expression suddenly changed, they remembered that the Underworld affected them as well.

The Underworld being in the Ark Continent meant that the underworld creatures would surely reach the spatial rift. When the time comes, they would be able to reach the Divine Realm. If they were to overrun the Divine Realm, then that would be extremely troublesome.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and immediately knew what they were thinking. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "You don't have to worry, they won't reach us for some time. We'll deal with the Divine Race first. Even if we can't finish it, we can still use the Taurus Continent as a battlefield. Additionally, we can also find ways to close the spatial rifts of your own planes. You can't do it before because of the Divines, but now nobody will be able to stop it."

Fei'er and the others thought that Zhao Hai's idea was reasonable. In the past, the Divine Race were stopping them from closing the spatial rift. But now they weren't under the Divine Race's control anymore. As long as the Taurus Divines were dealt with, who would be able to stop them?

Fei'er nodded and said, "That's true. So it looks like dealing with the Divine Race is our foremost goal. Mister, will we be attacking tomorrow?"

Zhao Hai nodded, "It would be best if we do our attack tomorrow. Moreover, I'll tell you that the Demons already had a prior meeting with the underworld. A spatial rift appeared in the Demon Realm that was connected to the Underworld. In the end, they were able to seal that rift. So as long as we buy enough time, we should be able to seal the spatial rift here. You don't have to worry about it."

Fei'er and the others felt their hearts loosen. Then Fei'er looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Then we'll prepare for the attack tomorrow. Right, Mister, can we have some liquor? Our people have been stressed all this time. They needed to some liquor to aid their weariness."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "That is not a problem. I'll have some people send it later. But don't drink too much, we don't want to affect your performance tomorrow." Fei'er immediately nodded.

Zhao Hai discussed further details about tomorrow's attack before taking his leave. While Zhao Hai left, Fei'er and the others remained inside the hall. Shan turned to Fei'er and said, "Fei'er, do you think that mister Zhao Hai's words are true?"

Fei'er nodded, "They're true. Actually, he only told that in order to tell us that the attack on the Divine Race isn't only about revenge. He needed a chance to bind them so that he can deal with the underworld."

Yue nodded, "That would be good. Mister Zhao Hai's strength is formidable. If he can face the Divine Race, then we would be more confident in defeating them as well."

At this time, Fei'er's tone turned serious, "However, we can't count on Mister Zhao Hai at all times. We need to make him understand that our three races aren't worse than him. Otherwise, we'll lose any courage to look at mister in the eye."

Shan and Yue weren't fools, they immediately understood what Fei'er meant. Therefore, both of them nodded.

To put it bluntly, although Zhao Hai was their ally in dealing with a common enemy, their alliance was actually quite frail. There was small resentment between them so who knows if Zhao Hai would use some plot to deal with them in the future. Because of this, they needed to keep their right to speech in this alliance. Otherwise, the only ones to suffer losses would be them.

Fei'er looked at the two and said, "Alright, let's go back and prepare. Tomorrow, we need to fight against  the Divines. It's best if we combine our three armies, otherwise we'll look weak in comparison to mister Zhao Hai."

The two nodded, then after exchanging a few more words they dispersed.

After Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he immediately arranged his undead to deliver some liquor to Fei'er and the others. Zhao Hai didn't spy on Fei'er and the others since he knew that they would make the right choice. This alliance could only bring benefits, especially to the three races. It would be a stupid idea to separate from it.

At this time, Zhao Hai was focused on the Atlanta Plane's situation. After two days of observation, he came to know that the Atlanta Plane didn't have any countries. Also, he came to know that Axe's family is called the O'Neal Family.

Axe's status in his family wasn't low, so this allowed him to listen to the things discussed by the family. This was quite fortunate for Zhao Hai because he would also be able to listen to the O'Neal family's discussions. Upon eavesdropping, Zhao Hai was also able to gauge the strength of the family.

However, when the family discussed about their magic armors, Zhao Hai was like a duck listening to thunder and lightning. He was completely clueless regarding what they were talking about.

Although he couldn't find out about the power of those magic armors, Zhao Hai could still understand some of the words of the family. It seems like the family's magic armors were no less than 100 thousand, this wasn't a small amount.

Imagine having a battle on Earth involving 100 thousand tanks. What scene would that show? Now replace those tanks with mechas.

However, if the O'Neal family were to attack the Ark Continent, they wouldn't be able to do it in a day or two. They still need some time to move and prepare their magic armors. Also, the O'Neal family doesn't want to inform the other families about the newly appeared spatial rift. It can be said that they wanted to take the whole continent for themselves. Because of this, the preparation needed for the task would take a bit longer. It might take a few months or so before they are finished.

Naturally, the O'Neal family wouldn't just do nothing. At the very least, they had already located the spatial rift and placed a thousand magic armor soldiers to watch over it. This way, even if the Ark Continent were to find out, they would have no way of closing it down.

For the O'Neal family's approach, Zhao Hai didn't intend to stop it. He just wanted the O'Neal family to attack the Continent so that he can acquire some magic armors and give them to the Goblins to study. At this time, Zhao Hai had sent some literate undead to the Goblins in order to teach them. And it seems like the Goblins were learning very fast.

Zhao Hai was now able to make sense about why the heads of the Goblins were too big. It seems like it had something to do with their learning and thinking capacity.

The living materials acquired from the Radiant Empire have also been given to the Goblins, besides the ones being provided to the Demons. Although they were old items, the Goblins were still very happy to get them.

While looking at the Goblins' expressions, Zhao Hai couldn't help but think about the initial expression that his slaves had. When the slaves received their first belongings, they also had the same reaction.

Although the slaves' lives had been improved in Haven Island, you can only see few slaves wearing gold and silver. This was because their pursuit wasn't based on riches. Instead, they were coming after their ability. Even if they had no talent in magic or battle qi, the slaves were still working hard on their craft.

The reason why the slaves were doing this was because in their heart, Zhao Hai the most importance. They knew that the greater their ability, the greater help they could provide Zhao Hai. Because of this, they made sure to focus on improving themselves every day. This action touched Zhao Hai's heart.

Zhao Hai was now hoping that the Goblins would become the same as the slaves. He believed that once the Goblins regain their previous vigor, they would be able to make even more powerful magic armors.

After thinking about those magic armors, Zhao Hai couldn't help but get the urge to understand why the Divines decided to destroy the Goblin civilization. Because of this, Zhao Hai summoned a high ranking Divine Race general. He wanted to get the exact details as to why the Divines decided to eliminate the Goblins.

This general has been transformed by Zhao Hai into an advanced undead specifically to provide intel regarding the Divine Race. However, since he has been quite busy, Zhao Hai was never able to ask things in detail.

Chapter 842 – Secret

Zhao Hai sat there silently in the living room. He had just listened to the undead general about the reason why the Divine Race decided to eliminate the Goblins. Initially, Zhao Hai thought that the Divines were scared of the Goblins' technology so they decided to destroy their civilization before everything gets out of hand.

However, after listening to the explanation, Zhao Hai discovered that things weren't as simple as he imagined. The Divine Race destroyed the Goblins not only because of the technology, but also because they were asked to do so by Lu Wei.

Lu Wei usually gave the Divines an order through the shadows. Every few days or so, the Divines would make a report to Lu Wei, telling him about the events happening in the Divine Realm.

The Divine Race's destruction of the Goblins happened nearly a thousand years ago. At that time, Lu Wei's appearance was the same as his appearance when Zhao Hai saw him. Because of this, the Divines thought that Lu Wei must have been god.

Eliminating the Goblins was an order given by Lu Wei himself. At that time, the Goblins had just started to make their iron golems. Naturally, the Divine Race had heard about this and reported it to Lu Wei.

After hearing the report, Lu Wei actually paid great attention to it and immediately ordered the Divine Race to destroy the Goblins at all cost, and they weren't allowed to develop their technology in the future. Since the Divines also felt threatened by the iron golems, they immediately agreed. It was precisely because of these two reasons that the Goblin civilization was suddenly destroyed, all inheritances were cut off.

This thing might seem like nothing special, however, in Zhao Hai's mind, it felt somewhat strange.

It was impossible for the Goblins to know about the existence of Lu Wei, he didn’t appear before the Goblins before. So why did he immediately order the destruction of the Goblin civilization once they made their iron golems? This was too unusual.

There was another thing that confused Zhao Hai. If Lu Wei was really opposed to these magical constructs, then how could the existence of the Atlanta Plane be explained? Their mechas were more advanced than the iron golems made by the Goblins. So why did Lu Wei allow the Atlanta Plane to prosper with their magic armors while he destroyed the Goblins for making iron golems? Something was definitely not right.

Laura and the others were also confused as they all frowned. They were smart people so they were able to notice this peculiarity.

Laura suddenly opened her mouth and said, "Brother Hai, maybe Lu Wei suffered a loss from these iron golems before. And because of this, he didn't want the goblins to make their own."

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "That shouldn't be the reason. If Lu Wei had really suffered a loss against those magic constructs, he shouldn't have stopped the Goblins from making them. Instead, he would have just studied them to find some weak point that he could exploit in the future. Moreover, why would the Atlanta Plane have magic armors while the Divine Race didn't? Isn't that a little too strange?"

Laura and the others nodded, they were truly confused about this. Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and said, "Perhaps we can only find out once we reach the Immortal Cultivation Realm. We're just wasting time thinking about it right now."

Laura nodded, "Then Brother Hai should take a rest. Tomorrow, we still need to attack the Divine Race's defensive line."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "It looks like we need to use the Domain Weapon tomorrow. We need to deal with the Divine Race in the shortest time. We don't want them to have an opportunity to fight back."

Laura agreed, "Right, but it won't be very easy. The Divine Race would be prepared for our javelins, magic cannons, and formations. Dealing with them using the same methods would be a challenge."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "I know what to do. Besides, with our current strength, I doubt they would be able to resist. Nothing will go wrong, you can rest assured."

The rest of the day quickly passed. The next day, Zhao Hai woke up early then he called the Demon Dragon King to lead the Devil Legion. He also took his undead out before he met Fei'er and the others. This enormous party then started to go towards the Divine Race's defensive line.

After the alliance gathered, the Divine Race immediately sounded their horns. It didn't take long before the defensive line started to move.

Zhao Hai didn't even think about these defending people. He knew that it would be impossible for them to stop the alliance army's advance.

Zhao Hai had the group slowly form as they advanced towards the Divine Race's defensive line. And just like what was expected, the defenses differed compared to before. Their magic cannons were placed indoors, with only the tip seen outside. This limits the flexibility of the cannons, but it made the cannons more secure.

Moreover, there were also additional things installed. Zhao Hai glanced at the new additions and could see some ballista-like things. It seems like the Divine Race were really placed in a very disadvantageous position. They were even compelled to take these kinds of things out.

Fei'er and the others were standing next to Zhao Hai. Things haven't started yet, so they don't have to be with their armies to take command. Therefore, they went to Zhao Hai's side to discuss additional matters.

Fei'er looked at the Divine Race's defensive line and frowned, "It seems like breaking through won't be easy. Don't underestimate those structures made to shelter the magic cannons. Those aren't made with ordinary magic. It's a kind of magic developed by the Divine Race in the past few years. Those structures are very hard, no worse than steel. In the Divine Realm, this magic is called iron earth spell."

Zhao Hai stared, then he raised his eyebrow and said, "Iron earth? Interesting. Although the Divine Race didn't research any new weapons, it seems like they are more skillful when it comes to using magic."

Fei'er agreed and said, "The Divine Race have indeed become more skillful when it comes to magic. Moreover, their research made a lot of new magic spells. However, not many people were interested in them and it had little use to the military. It seems like the Divines have brought over some people from the magic academy this time."

Zhao Hai looked curiously at Fei'er and said, "Magic academy? What is that?"

Fei'er smiled faintly and said, "The magic academy is a place the Divines use to research magic. That is also the place where children go to study magic. However, those who are admitted mostly belonged to Nobles, Royal Clans, and talented people. Their strength is formidable. The students and teachers of the academy can go against a regiment of God-ranks."

Zhao Hai stared, he gave out a light 'hoh' before he said, "I didn't think that the Divine Race would have a place like that. Good, it's good that people from the academy came. It seems like the Divine Race has reached a dire state."

Fei'er nodded, "Right. In the Divine Realm, the status of the magic academy is very high. If they aren't in dire straits, the Taurus Divines wouldn't have asked for their help. However, with the magic academy here, our troubles wouldn't be small."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "That doesn’t matter. Let's try attacking first. Let's see how they receive it." After he said that, the army had already surrounded the defensive line. Then they proceeded to enter the Divine Race's firing distance.

Zhao Hai waved his hand to make the army stop. Zhao Hai looked at the defensive line before he waved his hand once more. A squad of about fifty thousand made one cone formation and threw themselves towards the defensive line.

The Divine Race was very clear that this was only a probe. However, they knew that they couldn't just let this small squad off. Who knows what things were installed inside those undead.

This squad hadn't entered the firing distance yet but the cannons had already started to fire. White lights shot out from the defensive line and went straight towards the undead.

The undead squad suddenly sped up. They had a few javelins inside their bodies, but since they weren't in fighting distance, they still kept flying forward.

Fei'er looked at the undead and couldn't help but feel envy. The undead were really the best kinds of soldiers. They weren't affected by pain nor were they afraid of death. Even if half of their bodies were wiped out, they could still continue to fight. No other army could achieve this.

However, Fei'er was also clear that other than Zhao Hai, no other person is able to command an undead army as large as this. The undead didn't have their own thoughts, commanding them would need more than just an ordinary commander.

Naturally, Fei'er doesn't know about the existence of the Space. He was comparing Zhao Hai to other dark mages. Ordinary undead could only receive commands such as advance, retreat, and attack. For them to exhibit such complex formations was completely impossible.

Fei'er and the others watched the undead acting like fish as they evaded the Divine Race's barrage. Zhao Hai also discovered something about the magic cannons' attack. These cannons could only target one person while causing minimal damage to those around the target. It looks like they were using water element stones to power the cannons.

Chapter 843 – The Bastards, They Dare To Trick Me!

Then Zhao Hai changed his mind as he understood what was going on. The Divine Race did indeed use some magic crystals to power their magic cannons, however, the crystals were much worse compared what Zhao Hai had. Zhao Hai's fire element crystals were able to do massive area damage. If the Divine Race's cannons used an area attack, then the power of the cannons would be greatly reduced. They might not even be a threat for God-ranks or 9th ranks.

Zhao Hai wanted the fifty thousand undead to see what the defensive line had. Besides the magic cannons and ballistas, he wanted to see if there was anything else.

At this time, the undead had already reached their firing distance. They immediately took their javelins and proceeded to throw them towards the Divine Race.

But at the same time, the defensive line also released a batch of arrows. These arrows were fired from the ballistas. Their range was quite far, and the heads were bigger compared to the javelins thrown by the undead.

What Zhao Hai didn't expect was the arrows actually managed to explode the undead. The undead squad were ravaged, a lot of them were directly smashed to pieces.

Zhao Hai gawked, then he raised an eyebrow as he chuckled, "Interesting. I didn't expect the Divine Race to have this kind of weapon. Fei'er, do you know what those arrows are? Why did they explode?"

Fei'er's expression was quite ugly, then he said, "It's possible that they're a secret weapon. I hadn't heard about them before."

Zhao Hai nodded. He didn't care about it anymore as he waved his hand and released a hundred thousand undead. The 50 thousand that he lost was just a negligible amount.

However, the 100 thousand that Zhao Hai sent this time was different. The 50 thousand undead before didn't have any defensive measures since Zhao Hai wanted to see how strong the magic cannons were. After seeing that the cannons were inferior, Zhao Hai became relieved. 9th ranks might die to the cannons, but God-ranks should be able to survive.

The reason why Zhao Hai sent a shield along with his undead this time was to see the properties of those new arrows. If those arrows could penetrate the shields, then more casualties would come up.

The Divine Race seemed to understand Zhao Hai's plan. The small shield containing 100 thousand undead slowly entered the range of the magic cannons. As the undead approached, the magic cannons shot over and over. Zhao Hai also found a problem, although the shield was very good in defending, the people behind it can only wait for the attacks to finish before they could make their move. If the arrows could break through the shield, then the undead casualties would surely mount up.

The Divine Race kept attacking with their magic cannons, they wanted to consume the energy of the shield. They don't want the undead to go too far into the frontlines, they alsol wanted to see the other cards in Zhao Hai's hands.

However, the Divine Race had underestimated the shield made by Karen. This defensive formation can be used to defend a city, this was a testament to its defensive might. Although there weren't any improvements to defensive formations for a long time, this also meant that they were already strong. It was difficult to improve because it had small shortcomings. If there were weaknesses anywhere, then they would've already been improved.

The power of the magic cannons used by the Divine Race was inferior compared to Zhao Hai's. And now that those magic cannons were against a shield powered by Zhao Hai's crystals, it was for certain that the cannons had no effect. The shield didn't even tremble, it's like the magic cannons were only giving it a scratch.

The Divines begane to panic, however, they quickly settled down. After entering the firing range of the ballistas, the defensive line began to launch their attacks once more. Zhao Hai didn't let the undead use their javelins, he wanted to see how the Divine Race deals with it.

The arrows quickly came in contact with the shield. There was a fierce explosion on the point of impact. However, Zhao Hai was able to see that the shield only shook gently, it was still up!

Zhao Hai relaxed, then he immediately ordered the undead to throw their javelins. The javelins directly soared towards the ballistas. At this time, earthen walls suddenly rose up, blocking the javelins. However, the power of these blood lightning javelins was much stronger compared to the cannons or the arrows used by the Divine Race. The earthen walls were blown up after a few javelins hit them..

But still, Zhao Hai slightly frowned, it seems like this wall was also made out of iron earth magic. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been this resistant to explosions. It seems like the Divine Race had made sufficient preparations this time.

Fei'er and the others' expressions were also somewhat ugly. They have battled with Zhao Hai, so naturally they were aware about how strong these javelins were. They didn't expect the other party's earth walls to actually block a few of those javelins.

Fei'er turned to look at Zhao Hai, his gaze asking whether Zhao Hai had any means to deal with this. Zhao Hai turned to Fei'er and smiled, "The probe is at its end, we'll start the official attack. I will have the undead go first, otherwise, our casualties would be too big. You go back and wait for my order."

Fei'er and the others complied. Fei'er and the others were already convinced of Zhao Hai's ability, so when they heard his words, they didn't have any misgivings at all.

After Fei'er and the others left, Zhao Hai turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, "Demon Dragon, after I let the undead attack, don't have your soldiers follow. Although their strength isn't weak, their ranks aren't high. I don't want them to die in vain. Later on when I'm able to mass produce God-rank potions, we can promote their strength. Only then can they enter the battle."

The Demon Dragon King gawked, then he nodded. He can understand why Zhao Hai would tell him this. Demons took bravery very seriously. If you let their armies into the battlefield but you refrain them from fighting, then they would treat it as an insult. If Zhao Hai didn't explain these things, then the Demon Dragon King would think that Zhao Hai was looking down on them. When the time comes, it would create a misunderstanding.

Now that Zhao Hai took the effort to explain, the Demon Dragon King didn't become offended, instead he even felt grateful. After seeing the Demon Dragon King nod, Zhao Hai said, "You go back to the Devil Legion. This time, don't attack, just wait for my orders." Demon Dragon gave his affirmation before he went back to the Devil Legion. Zhao Hai remained in his place, standing calmly in front of his dense undead army.

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race's defensive line and then waved his hand. The undead immediately threw themselves towards the Divine Race's defensive line. Now that the undead can charge behind a shield, they weren't afraid of the magic cannons. Among them were huge undead carrying magic cannons. There were even some undead with larger bodies capable of carrying more magic cannons.

The large magic cannons were almost exclusively mounted on top of dragons. Dragons have the most strength among all of the undead, both their attack and defense were the best. Zhao Hai also moved forward with the undead army. At this time, their position was about two kilometers away from the Divine Race army. This distance was beyond the scope of the monitor, what Zhao Hai wanted to do now was to place the defensive line within the Space's range so that he can use the undead with more flexibility.

Not long after Zhao Hai started his advance, the Divine Race's cannon attack started to arrive. Although the magic cannons weren't as good as Zhao Hai's, their range was quite far and they were enough to deal with most 9th ranks. Moreover, the Divine Race had a lot more of those magic cannons compared to Zhao Hai. Also, the Divine Race's cannons were under reinforced shelter, this prevented Zhao Hai from shooting them down.

However, Zhao Hai had his magic shield, so it was impossible for the cannons to do any damage to the undead army. Additionally, Zhao Hai also had his cannons. Once these cannons reach their range, the cannon fire would become two-ways.

Before long, Zhao Hai's magic cannons had reached their range. With Zhao Hai's order, about ten thousand lights began to approach the Divine Race's defensive line.

Although the shelters were made out of reinforced magic, it was still impossible for it to sustain so much damage. So even if these shelters had blocked Zhao Hai's attack, there were still parts where they had been destroyed.

At this moment, something unexpected appeared in Zhao Hai's sight. The Divine Race's ballistas suddenly shot their arrows. The undead army were yet to enter its firing range!

This was out of Zhao Hai's expectation. Upon further observation, Zhao Hai discovered that these ballistas should have more range compared to those used in the Ark Continent. It seems like the Divine Race were holding back, they intentionally reduced their range!. Zhao Hai thought, those bastards, they dared to trick me!

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn't help but get angry. He also took some ballistas with him. However, their range was worse than a 9th rank throwing javelins. They were used back in the Accra Mountain because of the height advantage. But in this battle, they weren't that appropriate to use. It was better to have the undead carry javelins and throw it themselves.

Chapter 844 – Lu Wei Appears

Zhao Hai looked at this situation and made a command in his mind. Then in the middle of the ballista troops, undead started to appear. All of these undead were God-ranks. Upon appearing, all the  undead proceeded to attack the Divines manning the ballistas.

These Divines didn't expect Zhao Hai to have this trick, naturally they were caught off guard. Before long, the Divine Race didn't have any means to fire their ballistas.

The God-rank undead that Zhao Hai sent were all from the Divine Race. Their fighting strength was no weaker than their brethren, conversely, they were even stronger in battle.

The other Divines quickly responded to the attack on the ballistas and sent support troops over. Zhao Hai knew that these support troops couldn't be allowed to besiege the undead. If the undead were surrounded, then they would certainly suffer losses.

Zhao Hai immediately retrieved the God-rank undead back into the Space. Several of the undead took ballistas along.

However, the undead didn't just retreat. After taking several ballistas along, they immediately left behind some blood lightning beads, destroying the Divine Race's ballista shelter..

After destroying the ballistas, the Divine Race's base became somewhat panicked. At this time, the magic cannon shelters were also being besieged by the undead. The sudden appearance of the undead once again surprised the Divines. Before the Divines respond, they were already killed by the undead.

One by one, Zhao Hai captured the magic cannon and ballista shelters. However, Zhao Hai didn't relax. He expects that the Divine Race would have more than this. Therefore, Zhao Hai held Fei'er and the others back. He just had the undead continue on with their attack.

Just like Zhao Hai thought, as the undead proceeded another batch of light came out from behind the defensive line. One could see that the lights were from the cannons, there were also arrows trailing behind.

Zhao Hai saw this and understood that the Divine Race had set up two bases. The ones captured by Zhao Hai was a fake one. The real base was now armed and ready.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that he couldn’t see any magic cannons nor ballistas in this base. Zhao Hai let the Space look into it but he couldn't see anything. Behind the fake defensive line was just displayed as a huge white blot.

Besides the monitor, Zhao Hai also couldn't see the cannons using his own eyes. It didn't take long for Zhao Hai to understand that the Divine Race was using illusion formations to hide their base. This would make it difficult for Zhao Hai to find their ballistas and magic cannons.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, the Divines really prepared well this time. But will this stop him? The Divine Race were too naive.

As the undead advanced, they suddenly discovered that they were blocked. In front of them was a shield barring their entry.

From time to time, there were cannon fire and arrows coming from behind the shield. Zhao Hai's undead were completely under attack right now, without the chance to fight back.

It's good that Zhao Hai's army also had their own defensive formation. Otherwise, the would've suffered huge losses. However, Zhao Hai knew that this couldn't drag on. The Divine Race were certainly buying time to deal with the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus people. If they were done dealing with the three races, then they would begin to turn on the Ark Continent. At that time, the losses would be bigger. For Zhao Hai, this was completely disadvantages, he couldn't have this situation happen.

Zhao Hai finally made his move. He established his Domain and then released the sword carriage. The Domain turned into a giant as he held the Domain Weapon, ready to strike through the protective shield.

There was nothing in front of it, but the giant sword seems to be blocked by a transparent bubble. There was no way for it to go through.

Zhao Hai increased the strength of his thrust, making the sword sink further. Then before long, the bubble exploded, revealing the huge base in front.

This base had magic cannons, ballistas, soldiers, summoners, and cavalry. At this time, there were people in the base wearing mage robes who were vomiting blood. The other Divines looked in shock at Zhao Hai and the Domain Weapon.

Zhao Hai didn't delay as he made another move and killed his way towards the Divines. At the same time, he also gave Fei'er and the others an order to attack.

Zhao Hai believes that this was the Divine Race's final stronghold, it was impossible for it to become yet another fake base. Once Fei'er and the others received the order, they immediately charged towards the Divine Race.

However, the Divine Race were quick to recover. They started to go all out, there were light beams, arrows, javelins flying up in the air. War cries could be heard all along the battlefield.

At this time, the summoners also made their move. Under the protection of the soldiers, they started to chant their spell. Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai's expression couldn't help but change. This was the incantation used to summon Lu Wei.

Sure enough, after the incantation was finished, white lights suddenly shot out from the summoners. When the lights coalesced, a spatial rift appeared in the sky. From that spatial rift, a shadow of a person came out.

After seeing this person, Zhao Hai's pupils shrunk. This person was no other than Lu Wei. In the past, Lu Wei used the pagoda as a medium to send his incarnation to the Ark Continent. That incarnation almost killed Zhao Hai. Fortunately, Zhao Hai was able to deal with the situation.

Zhao Hai knew that Lu Wei wouldn't just stop at that. But he didn't think that Lu Wei would send another incarnation this early. Does he think that he could deal with Zhao Hai this time?

Zhao Hai just stood within his Domain and coldly looked at Lu Wei. Lu Wei was also looking at Zhao Hai. After some time, Lu Wei smiled and laughed before he said, "I didn't think that you would actually survive. Moreover, you also dared to face my incarnation once more. Hahaha. It seems like trash still had their uses. I need to thank them for giving me the opportunity to take my revenge."

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and then sneered, "What? Are you confident in beating me this time? Don't be too naive. Last time, you even managed to gift me a magic treasure."

Lu Wei looked at Zhao Hai with hatred as he said, "Don't worry, this young master will surely take your soul out and refine it. I'll make sure that you suffer eternal torment without any way to reincarnate!"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he retrieved his Domain and stored the sword carriage. He knew that these things were useless against Lu Wei. Then while standing still, Zhao Hai took the tiny pagoda out. The pagoda was glittering and shiny, it was quite attractive.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and said, "I know that you're quite strong. It seems like your avatar this time is much stronger compared to the one before. But that all of that is useless against me. Hahahaha. For you, it might be difficult to be strong, but to me, it's quite easy. Do you know why? Because you are already old, you're past your prime!"

Lu Wei was shocked upon seeing the pagoda on Zhao Hai's hand. His eyes couldn't hide his astonishment, but it was quickly replaced with the look of greed. He looked up at the sky and loudly laughed before he said, "Good, you're quite good, kid. I didn't expect your crafting skill to be this high. You actually refined the pagoda and added ten thousand year old ice. Hahahaha. Good, good. As long as I retrieve the pagoda, my strength would increase. It seems like I need to give you my gratitude."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before he gently swung the pagoda. The bells on the pagoda started to chime. The Divines who heard this sound immediately had a look of suffering on their faces. On the other hand, Lu Wei's expression couldn't help but change.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and said, "So you discovered the artifact spirit. It's different from before, no? Do you think that connecting to your soul would make the pagoda return to you? You're too naive. I've already destroyed your soul inside the pagoda."

Lu Wei's complexion changed. His shocked face turned to Zhao Hai, "This is impossible. How can you know all of these? This is impossible!"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Sect Elder Lu, everything is possible in this world. Since I managed to defeat you last time, I can defeat you this time as well." After that, Zhao Hai had the pagoda fly up. As the pagoda rose, it immediately turned into a massive pagoda capable of holding the heavens and the earth.

The bells on the pagoda chimed, all who heard the sound felt their minds go tranquil. Their heart for battle was immediately quenched.

Lu Wei knew about this kind of spiritual attack. He just didn't expect Zhao Hai to be able to achieve it here.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Wei and smiled. He waved his hand and had the pagoda charge towards Lu Wei's incarnation. At the same time, Lu Wei waved his hand and retrieved a carved shield made out of the head of an animal. Once the pagoda hit the shield, it shook, however, it wasn't able to push through.

Lu Wei saw this and couldn't help but smile. He looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, "It's like a wax tipped spearhead, completely useless. You're dead, kid!"

Zhao Hai couldn't help but show his amazement. He turned to Lu Wei and said, "i didn't expect your incarnation to be this powerful. It seems like you really intend to deal with me this time."

Lu Wei had a wicked gaze as he looked at Zhao Hai, then with a cold voice he replied, "You've made a huge mistake. I manage this place, and it would provide me with faith power. But because of you, all faith power disappeared. Not only did I lose faith power, I also lost an avatar. I became a laughinstock in the sect because of that. So how could I just let you go off easily? If I can't take your soul out and make you suffer in eternal hell, I won't be able to erase my hatred!"

Zhao Hai's expression changed. He took the pagoda back to protect his body. At the same time, Lu Wei patted his small bag and took out a ship.

This ship was divided into 18 floors. It's body was fully pitch black. On the ship were black masts with the character for 'prison' written in red ink.

On each floor on the ship were murals. Each mural depicted various punishments for 18 different sins. The eighteen floors corresponded to the 18 hells!

After the ship was taken out, it immediately floated in mid-air and turned into an extremely huge ship. The ship was completely covered with a ghastly mist. There were also wailing coming out of it from time to time. All those who heard these wailings would feel pain in their heart.

Zhao Hai's complexion turned ugly, the pagoda's bells continued to ring as it resisted the wailing emitted by the ship. At the same time, Zhao Hai also made a retreat. His face slowly turned blue as the veins on his head started to darken.

Lu Wei looked at Zhao Hai's appearance and couldn’t' help but let some steam out from within. Although he had suffered several losses before, it was either from those with the same rank or higher. He could still accept those losses, but Zhao Hai? This person was just a single dust in a small plane that he managed. This person actually defeated his incarnation and stole an artifact from him. How could Lu Wei just accept it? He was indescribably mad.

After seeing that Zhao Hai retreated, Lu Wei immediately had the ship collide with the pagoda. The ship's speed was very fast, causing the wailing sound to get sharper. With no time to respond, Zhao Hai had to hit the ship with the pagoda.

The pagoda violently shook, a fissure can clearly be seen on its body.

Zhao Hai's expression turned ugly, his body emitted a layer of white light and shot it towards the pagoda. But at this moment, the second impact of the ship came. The pagoda shook even more violently. Zhao Hai couldn't stop the blood from going out of his mouth as he made a sudden retreat.

Naturally, it was impossible for Lu Wei to let Zhao Hai retreat like that. His body appeared on the back of the ship as they went on to chase Zhao Hai.

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