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Translated by Ash Proofread by Chocolate Hare

Ch.36 A New Daily Routine

A few days later after the 'abrupt contract reformation' has been done, after the chaotic fighting scene (?)1. Calendula has left the detached the building, after finishing putting her various affairs in order.


At that time Lotus had to send the grumbling Duke, 'Because I will also see her off!' forcibly off to work for a short while, saying to him 'It is unknown when the departure preparations will be able to be done so please go to work! Lateness is strictly prohibited!'.


Lotus, Dahlia, Mimosa and I sent off the Duke leaving, riding in a plain carriage that has been prepared for him. It seems that Calendula has aimed for a time when the Duke is not here. 'We are already broken up so, yeah. Thanks, I am much obliged to you. See you" hahaha, Calendula laughs bewitchingly and rides off in a carriage.    

"We did not have a relationship from the start so, although she says she's leaving there is no actual feelings~." My true opinion comes out while staring fixedly at the carriage becoming smaller.

"That is right. I have also never been an attendant over there so, I only know stories from the group of maids in charge of that area," Mimosa answers in waiting half a step behind me.

"Is that so? ……oh, that's right. The luggage seemed pretty compact but, I wonder what was done with the dresses and such? Was there not quite a lot of them?"

If I'm not mistaken it seemed that there was three or four large style trunks trunk cases that were loaded into the carriage.

"I received a report from a maid that she saved the minimum necessary dresses and a majority of the dresses were disposed of."

To this Lotus answers.

"Well. That is as is expected."

Constricting the bulky things to compact! She is accustomed to travelling.

"Jewellery is not so bulky so, it appears that they were kept"

"Right. Rather that selling them now, selling them each time it is needed is better"

As expected of Calendula, if it is her, she will also be okay after this. This is the way I feel.


If there is a person leaving there is also a person coming.

Next the Duke's luggage is rapidly brought in. Although I say luggage… it is clothes, books, documents and the like. The furniture and such is provided for the detached building. Dahlia takes charge and promptly stows them away in the study and the Duke's bedroom.  

"Uh~huh, having the Duke's luggage being brought in before my eyes in this way, makes you feel that this is really happening whether one likes it or not~"

I am observing the situation of the moving in from the corridor. It is beyond doubt that from today I will be completely living together with the Duke.

"That is right. Me also, I only served Master here for a year when I was a apprentice so, in actuality it is my first time for something similar," Mimosa wryly smiles.

"Oh, it was like that! Well, although it is called living together, it will be to the extent of coming face to face with him in the mornings and evenings, so it is okay"

At times when the Duke is not here I can freely do as I have been doing until now.



Evening. The time for the Duke's return home is drawing near so, as usual I change my clothes in my room and am standing by. The timing in this area is already perfect.

"Master has returned" Dahlia has come to the place where Mimosa is doing up my loose hair to call me.

"I will go now," I stand up and go towards the entrance.


"Welcome home, Master."

I swiftly go towards the entrance way and, I am surprised that [the amount of people] for some reason are increased today. No, is that wrong? The Duke's personal maids are also here greeting. Because if it was as usual it would only be Lotus, me, Dahlia and Mimosa. When the remainder of the servants must enter the Master shift, they kill their breath and incline their ears to the situation in the entrance way but, they do not appear! The stealth skills of the servants here are a magnificent thing.

Today welcoming, including me, are seven people overall. It has increased.

[The Duke] was up until then talking with Lotus with a serious face and yet, on discovering my appearance, he broadly smiles and he says "tadaima [I'm home], Viola".

It certainly is a 'broad smile' because his smile is stretched all out.

He has suddenly smiled himself silly. This Person!. While my innermost thoughts are surprised at this change, I welcome him with the guise of serenity as usual.

"You have worked hard today [T/N: Japanese greeting for after finishing work]."

"It seems that my luggage has been moved without a hitch. Thank you also for seeing off Calendula."

I will pretend I do not see his tightly lowered eyebrows.



In this way it appears the Duke has penetrated our daily routine little by little. Although now there is still a sense of discomfort~.


Speaking of other things that have changed, something has been added to the customary rainy day events.


"Huh? From now on we will have tea?

Dahlia smilingly informed me, whose soul had gone on a trip somewhere, of this, after the demon teacher [Lotus]'s strict lessons.

No, right now I do not want tea, I want a rest. Sincerely. More than tea, Vamos☆Siesta [T/N: "Let's go nap" in Spanish].   

Dahlia's sentence has made my mouth stiff with a cramp but this appearance is ignored.

"Yes, it will be from now on. If you are tired, how about some sweet milk tea?"

I should have noticed the persistent smiling Dahlia was 'strange'. However, it is impossible for me, who is tired, to make cool judgements.

"Waa! It is sweet and delicious white tea! Tea made by Dahlia is the best!" etc. I carelessly end up being lured in.


Let's say it plainly. This was a 'sweet trap'.

Certainly there is delicious white tea. Moreover to match this, there are delicious tea cakes. However…

"Yes, here you sit up straight."

"Hold the cup in your hand like this."

"Do it so that you do not make a sound."


Uh huh, this is with certainty a manners lesson.

"Dahlia~, this is a manners lesson?"

"Nooo, Mistress. Tea, it is tea. It is a rest."

"No way!~"

"You do not know at any time when this sort of etiquette may be required so remember them little by little."

*smile*. Of course Dahlia is smiling.  

"It doesn't have to be at such a tired time~"

If it was at a vigourous time I could do it properly! I put in this thought and look up at Dahlia but,

"When you are for sure tired, your underlying potential is demonstrated."

*pishiri* [smack], My meagre resistance is shutdown.

"*gugu* [groan]"

Now, no matter what I say, I do not feel I will win. Well, from the start I was not a opponent that could win.

"Now, now, don't say that. If it is Mistress, [the etiquette] will be immediately acquired by you. Ah, oh yes, some time ago there was a report from Lotus  that the Duke is busy with his work tonight and his return home will be late."

This skill of putting me down and then bringing me up, is amazing.

"Huh?! So that means, today I can eat my meal with everyone?!"


"Oh! It will be a simple meal for dinner after a long time~!"

It will be a noisy meal together with the servants after such a long time! At once my spirits rise.

"Well then please persist at it a bit longer"

Dahlia urges me, who is flying high at the simple meal dinner, with a smile and,  

"Yes! I will persist!"

I declare my persistence in high spirits.

……somehow, have I been lured by bait?

T/N: [1] Authors question mark not mine.

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