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Song Wenze found it somewhatunbelievable that Chen Heng would say such a thing. With an obscure tone of voice, heasked, "What do you mean by this?"

Chen Heng tilted his head and hooked his lips, his eyes were playful, and his voice was amiable and soft, "I was just joking with you."

"Wh... what?"

"Yichen slept in the room next to mine. Nothing happened between us. Don'tthink too much, I will not fight over him with you." His lie from a moment ago was full of loopholes. As long as Song Wenze checked with Ou Yichen, he wouldknow what happened. How could Chen Heng possibly leave behind lies that could be usedagainst him?

The young man on the other side laughed, then his voice suddenly became deepand low. "I know. From my childhood to now, whenever I wanted something,you always gave it to me, isn't that so?"

The original host was the super-unequaled Holy Mother. Regardless of whetherSong Wenze wanted his toys or the trophies he had won in competitions, theoriginal host was sure to give it to him.

It came to the extent that Song Wenze’s wants intensified, and he wanted toobtain the love of the original host’s parents. Su Yi’s parents treatedSong Wenze very well, but the youth felt that it was not enough. He even wantedto replace the original host’s position in his parents’ hearts. Later, Sufather and mother got into a car accident because they braved the rain to pickSong Wenze up from school. They were run down by a big truck that was driven bya drunk driver.

Thinking of this, Chen Heng didn’t know whether the original host was too stupidor too kind. Living at his side was a man-eating wolf, but he believed that itwas a sheep that needed protection.

"You are my younger brother." Chen Heng came out from his musings,and the smile that formed at the corner of his mouth was ice-cold and oppressive."As long as I am able, I will give it all to you."

After hanging up the phone, the man put the slightly wet towel to one side, andran his fingers through his hair; his slightly narrowed eyes contained a deepand profound look.

It’s already been delayed long enough… He wants to eliminate Song Wenze as soonas possible.

The next day, after Chen Heng got up, he knocked on the door of Ou Yichen’sroom.

The door was quickly opened, and Ou Yichen appeared, having already worn hisclothes from yesterday. The look on his face was somewhat apprehensive and hecalled out, "Su Yi."

Chen Heng resumed his gentle expression from before, "Let’s go."

"Okay." Anxiously glancing at the man, Ou Yichen breathed a sigh ofrelief as he followed behind Chen Heng. His previous self confident image wasrecovered as he walked freely and at ease.

After completing the check-out procedures, Ou Yichen proposed to send him back,but Chen Heng firmly refused. "No need, I still have matters to attend to."

"Su Yi, are you still minding about what happened last night?" Becauseof this matter, Ou Yichen wasn’t able to sleep for the whole night; his facewas haggard, and his chin was covered with stubbles.

Chen Heng slowly shook his head. "I really have things to do today."He paused; then playing down the truth, he said: "I have already forgottenabout what happened last night."

While he was saying this, he flagged down a taxi. Chen Heng opened the door andturned his head towards Ou Yichen, gently saying. "Go back and have a goodnight's sleep. There are dark circles under your eyes."

Ou Yichen subconsciously stroked his eyelids, and when he raised his eyes, ChenHeng had already gotten into the taxi and left.

His shoulders immediately came down in defeat and he stood in a daze.

He didn't know why he acted like he was possessed last night. He actuallylusted after his own good brother.

Maybe, it was because he drank too much…

On the other side, after Chen Heng got into the taxi, he directly had thedriver take him to the second-hand car trading center nearby.

Fifteen minutes later, the car arrived at his destination. Chen Heng paidthe fare, opened the door and got off.

He made an appointment with a man who worked here; the person also happened to be the original host’s xué dì, though theyweren’t that close.

After waiting for a while, a man in work clothes hurriedly came over. "Su xué zhǎng, is that you?" The personwho came wasn’t tall and his hairline was somewhat receding, he possessed common facial features, but with an extremely eye-grabbing mole at the corner of his mouth.

Chen Heng smiled and nodded. "I haven't seen you for a fewyears."

The man smiled and while scratching his head, he said. "Oh, that’s right;you wanted to buy a car. I left a few well-equipped cars for you. Do you wantto take a look?"

Chen Heng’s face showed signs of embarrassment, he mumbled: "Do you have acheaper car; I just wanted to have a more convenient means of transportationwhen going to work, it doesn’t have to be that good."

The man stared blankly, then he immediately said: "We’re formerschoolmates, so I won’t charge you with the intermediary fee. The kind of caryou want should be around 50,000-60,000.”

"Is there... something that costs around 20,000?"

Ten minutes later, the man brought Chen Heng in front of a row of cars. "Thesecars all have problematic parts. The owners were too lazy to repair these carsso they dragged them here to sell as scraps. If you want, you can drive off withone of these for a mere 10,000."

Chen Heng’s eyes flashed a hint of something dark; he opened his mouth andspoke gently: "That’s all right, I can just have it repaired."

" Xué zhǎng, I am not sayingthat a man ought to drive better cars, ah.But this kind of car could only be operated for a month at most. I can’t giveit to you." The man tried to persuade Chen Heng to change his mind.

On Chen Heng’s face was a shallow smile: “It’s not a problem. I’ll buy it andjust use it for practice. If I get enough money, I’ll change it for a new car.”

After meticulously inspecting the cars, Chen Heng finally chose a Volkswagen.But because the owner of the car temporarily had to go back to the city due toan emergency, he could only come back for it after a week. Chen Heng left after paying the deposit.

He went to the bus stop and waited for thebus. After about five minutes, the bus slowly came over. ChenHeng got on the bus and found a familiar-looking youth when he was looking fora seat.

He stopped in his step before walking over. "What a coincidence, we meetagain."

The youth, who still wore a non-mainstream hairstyle, sat up straight when heheard Chen Heng’s voice. There was a glimmer of joy in one of his eyes thatwasn’t covered by his hair: "Ah,hello."

Chen Heng smiled and took the initiative to chat with him. "Since we'vebeen brought together by fate, let's be friends."

The youth was overwhelmed: "Okay, okay, ah."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty three."

"Just like my youngerbrother, ah."

The young man asked: "Your youngerbrother?"

"We’re not related by blood."


The two men conversed casually; Chen Heng asked a question and the young mananswered with a sentence. From his mouth, Chen Heng knew that the youth was anordinary courier. The residential area where he lived was notfar from Chen Heng’s neighborhood, about four or five stops away.

"Why don’t you give me your phone number, we live so close to each other;I’ll call you so we can go out to play in the future, ah." Chen Heng pulled out his mobile phone.

The youth seemed to be a bit shy, and he slowly reported his phone number. ChenHeng dialed the number he was given, and then hanged up as soon as he heard theyouth's cell phone ringing.

When it was time to enter the name, Chen Heng asked him: "Oh, by the way,what’s your name?"

"Xia Ming."

"Which ‘Ming’?"

"Add the radical 钅(jinzi pang) beside 名(ming)." (T/N: 钅+名=铭 which is how Xia Ming’s name is written)

"Okay, I’ve recorded it down." Chen Heng put his mobile phone in his pocket;on his face was a pure and perfect smile. "My name is Su Yi, I’m glad tomeet you." He extended his hand out to the youth.

The youth’s voice sounded very happy. "I am also very glad to have metyou." He wiped his hand on his clothes before carefully shaking Chen Heng’shand.

Chen Heng smiled and waited until they got tothe station. He nodded slightly towards the youth. "I’m leaving first."
"En,good bye."


Chen Heng smiled and said goodbye to XiaMing. When he turned around, the smile on his face disappeared in an instant.

Back home, there was no one in the house; Song Wenze should be out workingpart-time.

Chen Heng went directly to the study, carefully locked the door, and then satin front of the computer. While waiting for the computer to turn on, hethought back to that scene on the bus, imagining the vague face of the youngman.

He never believed in those so-called coincidences; it was fine if it was onlyonce or twice, but three times or more is premeditated.

In just one short month, they were able to meet twice on the same bus and once ina black car (T/N: black cars are illegal/unregistered taxis in China). This kindof probability could be used to win the lottery. Of course, the thing thatroused Chen Heng’s suspicion was the young man’s said profession. He observedXia Ming’s hand; his fingers were delicate and slender, and his fingertipsdidn’t have any calluses, how could it possibly be a courier’s hand.

Besides being a distinguished high-end scientist, Chen Heng was also a top-classhacker. With his superb ability, he easily invaded the national networksecurity system and called up ID cards bearing the name Xia Ming from all overthe country. Then, people under the age of 16 and those over the age of 30were excluded, and finally, the scope was narrowed down to five people.

Of course, the premise was that the information provided by that young man wastrue.

Of the five ID cards, Chen Heng eliminated two people whose faces differed fromthe youth’s. The remaining three had similar faces; among them was a young manwith delicate features, he especially stood out from the others.

His slender fingertips softly stroked the computer screen. Chen Heng quicklyrecorded the young man’s information in his mind. He was just about to continuesearching for the youth’s family background when he suddenly heard the frontdoor open.

He stopped what he was doing and quickly turned the computer off. He walked towardsthe door and opened it.

" Ā Ze, you’reback..."

He had his customary gentle smile on his face, but it froze when he saw thescene in front of him.

It seems that it was not yet time for him to appear.

In his field of vision, Song Wenze was softly holding onto Ou Yichen’s neck,and they were passionately sharing a deep kiss.

Upon hearing Chen Heng’s voice, Ou Yichen immediately pushed Song Wenze awayand subconsciously wiped his mouth. He was somewhat embarrassed and bewildered:“Su Yi, you’re already here.” Recalling his wilder scenes with Song Wenze, hewas thankful that Su Yi never stumbled upon them then or even he wouldn’t knowwhat to do. And at this moment, looking into Su Yi’s tranquil gaze, he actuallyfelt a little guilty.

"En." The corner of ChenHeng’s mouth slowly pulled up. "I hope I didn’t disturb you."

"You didn’t."

Song Wenze, who was leaning half of his body on Ou Yichen, looked at him slightly. Therewas still a trace of redness at the corner of his eyes, but his eyes havealready regained their calmness and they were twinkling with a vaguesmile.

Is this a show of strength?

Chen Heng was sneering in his heart, but his tone was clear and gentle. "Isaid it, didn’t I? That you’ll make up sooner or later."

It’s just that this speed really was too fast. He had only called Song Wenzelast night and the next day, Song Wenze and Ou Yichen are back together again.

Was Song Wenze that worried that he will steal Ou Yichen from him?

"I’ve talked things through with Yichen, but I still want to live herewith brother." The youth took the initiative to come over and pull ChenHeng's hand. "I’ve also reflected on it; I really shouldn't have lost mytemper at Yichen. So I want us to give each other a little space, since I’mmore likely to indulge in flights offancy if we’re together all day long"

Saying this, Song Wenze blinked at Chen Heng, he was acting like a spoiledchild with his usual coquettish voice. "Besides, the food my brother makesis so delicious, I don't want to leave~."

Chen Heng gazed at him with indulgence. "And exactly how long do you wantto live here?"

Seeing the familiar gentle gaze of the man in front of him, Song Wenze had amoment of absent-mindedness. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heardthe man’s husky voice: "I wanted to buy a second-hand car. Can you comewith me to take a look at it some other time?"


xué dì - junior or younger male schoolmate
xué zhǎng - senior or older male schoolmate
hú sī luàn xiǎng - indulge in flights of fancy/make blind and disorderly conjectures

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