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Chapter 7: Courage, Loyalty and Honour

Glory is made of courage and loyalty. The blood sweat and tears of the Academy's predecessors, allowed their merits to be passed down from age to age.

As the Barbarians, Golden Spoons and Bumpkins were singing, their dreams and the glory of the predecessors gave their songs a power to shake the hearts of men.

Their song resounded more than once, until deep in the night before their voices slowly subsided.

Both Meng Bai and Zhang Ping chose a nearby tent to sleep in for the night.

"Beef jerky… Yummy!"

Occasionally, Meng Bai, who was beside Lin Xi could be heard mumbling in his sleep.

Although Lin Xi was very exhausted, he could not sleep even with his eyes closed.

As the song continued on, the image of Director Zhang become clearer in Lin Xi''s mind.

Sixty years ago, a middle-aged man brought a scaly Monster and a Monster that looked like a duck, and enter the Imperial City in The Central Plains for the first time.

That year, this middle aged man crossed the Mountains and Seas Ridge, passed through the Four Seasons Plain and walked into Qingluan Academy which was not very famous at that time.

Fifty years ago, when the 15 tribes of the West invaded the east, going towards the Imperial City in The Central Plains, this middle-aged man and 17 other Qingluan Academy students left the Academy and chopped off the heads of 30 generals from those tribes, pushing them back to the Biluo Mound, expanding the territory of the Yun Qin Empire by a third.

In that very year, when Nan Mo Empire took the opportunity to invade the north, causing the South of the Yun Qin Empire to be militarily unguarded, this middle-ged man and 17 other Qingluan Academy students took 5000 men from the Frontier Army and defended the Fallen Star Mound at the North of the Fallen Star Lake, killing 30000 men from the Nan Mo army, causing their bodies to pile up as high as the city walls, finally causing their troops to retreat and be unable to Attack for 50 years.

In that same year, this middle-aged man walked around the borders of the Yun Qin Empire, causing all traces of the notorious bandits to disappear.

In those ten years, Qingluan Academy evolved from a unbeknownst academy to a Sacred Land that represented the glory of the Empire. The territory of the Yun Qin Empire that was once at risk increased onefold in the span of ten years.

Just the songs of their mighty deeds caused their blood to boil with excitement, turning into a faith that caused all youths from the Empire to search for this glory, fighting to the death to defend it.

"Talented people are not in short supply wherever one goes. In my old class, there were also abnormalities who did not usually study, sleeping throughout lessons, but were able to get full marks after cramming just before exams. To get such glory and honour, you must be one of those geniuses, but why would you change 'Palace' to 'Faculty' and change 'Instructor' to 'Lecturer' and 'Professor'?"

Lin Xi closed his eyes, but he could not help but laugh. He was truly unable to calm down his emotions. If he must get into the Academy to see the middle-aged man from fifty years ago, then he must pass the introductory test the next day. Only then would he be able to go into he Holy Land of the Empire, Qingluan Academy.

The whole camp was completely silent ass the campfires slowly dimmed out. In the midst of fireflies dancing, Lin Xi entered dreamland while counting sheep.

"Lil' Sis… Dad… Mum… I've been missing you guys! Lil' Sis… This Qingluan Academy is very interesting…" The long, arduous journey had really exhausted Lin Xi and

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