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Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Editor: Risilo

Chapter 271

To go to the place indicated by the knot, Shao Xuan had to cross the river.

Shao Xuan walked along the river for a while, but still couldn’t find a place where he could directly crossover.

While clutching Chacha's claws, Shao Xuan saw an animal near the river.

The animal had long, sharp claws like a gibbon's claws. The animal was attracted by the shiny thing on the banks of the river. Suddenly. something from the river shot arrows at the animal on shore.

However, the animal reacted quickly. It stopped its excavation and quickly began to dodge.

Two of the arrows had missed. The fish in the water was a little anxious. The head once hidden under the water was now exposed, and some fan-shaped scales could be seen.

Three water arrows were fired simultaneously. The first two water arrows sealed off the retreat path of the animal on the shore. When the animal turned around, the third water arrow hit the animal in the chest.

The animal on the shore was beaten, and there was a short pause.

A sharp scream rang throughout the mountains. There was stillness. The only thing that was moving was the animal in the water.

The fish's body, which was about six or seven meters in length, looked big and heavy. It suddenly jumped out of the water and fell onto the river bank. The developed pectoral and pelvic fins acted like four legs. After it landed on the shore, it started to jump towards the animal. It opened its fangs and bit the animal.

Shao Xuan could clearly hear the crisp crunch of the bone breaking.

The animal’s eyes were filled with fear and disbelief. The strange fish, still biting down on the struggling animal, shrunk its developed pectoral and pelvic fins, and rolled its rough cylindrical body off the bank and back into the river. The screams of horror disappeared instantly.

Tranquility was once again restored to the river and its surroundings, with only a few bubbles and an inconspicuous blood floating up from within the river.

This was the forest that the tribes were afraid of. The hidden dangers under the seemingly tranquil surface gave people a great sense of pressure.

After crossing the river, he returned to the ground and continued to deal with all kinds of murderous animals in the mountains.

On the other hand, Wu was counting the days that Shao Xuan has left him.

'It’s been six days, and I don't know when Shao Xuan will come back. Whenever I think of Shao Xuan, I get a headache and I can not feel relieved.'

Wu was worried. He walked into the house from outside. As he walked into the house he saw people from the Lu tribe

“What happened?” Wu asked.

Wu felt embarrassed after hearing himself say those words. He knew that the news could not have been about Shao Xuan. Wu was slightly relieved, but what he said was indeed serious.

The people of the Lu tribe told them that there would be a special long-distance party coming. The party was comprised of people who were from the big tribes.

These  things required the attention of the tribes, and Wu did not have time to count the days that Shao Xuan was away.

After three days of hard work, Shao Xuan finally arrived at the place indicated by the knot.

Although Shao Xuan didn’t know where to look for the stone, he was able to feel that there was something important here.

Shao Xuan could feel that there was something in the mountain.

While vigilantly observing his surroundings, Shao Xuan walked closer towards the mountain. He didn’t know where he was, and he didn’t know what he was looking for. But he knows that he will find something there.

As he climbed the mountain, the trees got thinner. He feels that he is getting closer to something.

At last, Shao Xuan came to a hole. Looking at the huge stone wall in front of him, Shao Xuan inserted the knife back into the leather sheath on his waist, took a deep breath, and pulled the stone wall outward.

With a dull grating, the stone wall moved a little.

Shao Xuan was close to the top of the mountain. Although there was no snow, the temperature was really low. However, when Shao Xuan went into the cave, it was really hot.

The cave was dark and there was no fire.

There was a weird force blocking the entrance.

However, this weird force gave Shao Xuan a familiar feeling.

Chacha hovered around in the sky, unwilling to come down. Shao Xuan didn't try to force him to come.

After removing the stone wall, Shao Xuan went to find some dry wood, ignited a torch, and walked into the hole

He didn't know how long the hole had been there.

Inside! Just inside!

After going into the hole, Shao Xuan saw several people. To be exact, it was the bodies of six dead people.

At first, Shao Xuan thought the bodies were things that were blocking the path. After getting a proper look, he found six brown, bone-like corpses. Their hair was still there. Although the animal skin on their bodies was no longer bright and covered with a layer of dust, it was not as flexible as it used to be; it could easily be cut with a knife.

The six people completely blocked Shao Xuan's way forward.

The bodies had no eyes in their eye sockets, yet they seem to be watching intently. They obviously had no expressions, but they inexplicably gave people a firm and resolute feeling. It seems that nothing could move them away.

The closer he was to the bodies, the more he felt like being ripped apart by this mysterious force.

Shao Xuan had to use the power of the totem to resist this force.

However, the strange thing was that when Shao Xuan used the power of totem, there was no longer a strong resistance. The force no longer repelled him. Instead, it gave Shao Xuan a feeling of closeness.

The weird force was gone.

Are they people from the Flaming Horns Tribe?!

If they really were people from the Flaming Horns Tribe, then they must be my ancestors!

According to the tradition of the tribes, people of the Flaming Horns Trib were required to worship their ancestors. Shao Xuan only felt a blood connection to the bodies in front of him, but the people from the Flaming Horns Tribe would naturally worship them.

Shao Xuan put the torch to the side and turned to the six people in front of him, and worshipped them.


The six bodies fell to the ground.

Looking at the fallen bodies, Shao Xuan was stunned. He wondered whether or not he had fallen down on his ancestors, but he realized he didn’t fall down.

Previously, these six people had blocked the way forward, but now they had fallen, leaving an aisle; not too wide, but just right for Shao Xuan.

Picking up the torch and careful not to trample the ancestors, Shao Xuan continued inside.

As he walked about 20 meters. Shao Xuan saw a person sitting on the ground. Rather, a dry corpse similar to the six people in front. However, this corpse was more complete, except for a slight discoloration.

Probably because due his age, this person had more folds on his face. As for his attire…

Unlike a warrior, it was somewhat similar to a Shaman.


Regardless, when seeing one’s ancestors, one must worship.

Shao Xuan once again bowed. Then, he felt that the strange power from before had disappeared.

The temperature inside the cave suddenly dropped. It was as if the torch was extinguished.

Shao Xuan's line of sight passed over the person sitting on the ground. Behind this person, there were several wooden and stone boxes with a layer of dust accumulated on them.

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