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Princess Consort Chu - C145part3

"Madam Chu, don't forget that it was Chu Xiang and I who sent this little sister to Northern Qi!" Along the way, Chu Xiang's love for his younger sister could be considered to be even greater! " Looking at Yun Qian Meng's impeccable smile and calm gaze, Hai Chen Xi suddenly wanted to break the look on Yun Qian Meng's face. He wanted to see what kind of beautiful face was behind this mask!

"The princess is under the protection of the West Chu, and My husband is following orders. He has to do his best, and that's the only way he can live up to his monthly salary!" "But, how can these be compared to the feelings of the princess when he sent his younger sister away? Presumably, the Jun Wang will be very reluctant to part with his along the way!" Yun Qian Meng had heard too many of his words. If Hai Chen Xi wanted to see her jealous, it would be nonsense! If Chu Feiyang was interested in Hai Tian, how could it be possible for her to take the seat of Madam Chu!

Facing Yun Qian Meng's counterattack, Hai Chen Xi didn't care too much. He shrugged his shoulders and leaned against the tree beside him, a faint fragrance lingered at the tip of his nose. When he gaze met the pretty and confident face of the general, Hai Chen Xi was in a good mood, and he actually wanted to continue the debate with Yun Qian Meng!

"Cousin, I'm tired. It's time for us to go back!" At this moment, Xiahou An and suddenly spoke up!

Even though she wasn't married yet, the admiration in Hai Chen Xi's eyes when he looked at Yun Qian Meng made her cry out in her heart, reminding her!

"We've enjoyed the flowers too, so let's go back!" "Since Hai Jun Wang likes to lean on me so much, then let's properly admire it!" Yun Qian Meng nodded slightly, and together with Xiahou An, they turned to Hai Chen Xi and left.

However, when she turned around, Xiahou An suddenly glared at Hai Chen Xi. The anger in her eyes made Hai Chen Xi frown. He felt that this Chu Feiyang's cousin wasn't someone to be trifled with. She even dared to glare at him!

He could not help but stand up straight. Hai Chen Xi glanced at La Mei before following her into the hall!

At this moment, the hall was filled with laughter and cheers, as if nothing had happened between Rui Wang and Chu Wang!

Rui Wang was sitting among the Princes in his robes. His young and handsome appearance was something that many of the young ladies were discussing secretly even though he was once the prisoner of war of war from an enemy country!

Yun Qian Meng and Xiahou An sat back on their seats. They immediately felt Rui Wang's intoxicated gaze on them, causing Yun Qian Meng to frown as she quickly looked at Chu Feiyang!

Chu Feiyang had been staring at Yun Qian Meng the moment she stepped into the hall. At this moment, seeing her hint at him, he shifted his gaze to Rui Wang, who was sitting at the bottom of the palace. Seeing the excitement in his eyes as he stared at Xiahou An, a sharp glint flashed across Chu Feiyang's eyes.

"Thank you for your concern just now!" At this moment, Jiang Muchen's attention on Yun Qian Meng was no less than Chu Feiyang's. Naturally, he mocked her coldly when he saw the two of them befriend each other.

"Prince is an official of the same dynasty as this one, so of course we have to be more considerate of each other!" I presume that the prince is also very concerned about the issue of my heirs! "Please rest assured, Your Highness. I will not fail Your Highness's expectations so that the Chu Clan's lintels can extend their heirs!" Seeing that Jiang Muchen was not planning on letting him go, Chu Feiyang put down the wine cup in his hand and looked at Jiang Muchen with a smile on his face. His eyes were burning with fury!

Hai Chen Xi returned to his seat and saw Rui Wang slowly turn around. He raised his cup to look at Hai Chen Xi and sneered, "Hai Jun Wang, you probably didn't expect me to come back alive, right?"

Since the other party had already raised his cup, Hai Chen Xi naturally raised the cup of wine in front of him and collided with the Rui King through the air. Immediately after, he said in a light voice, "With the protection of the Emperor, how could the Prince be alright!" I am only regretting the lives of those thirty thousand soldiers! There are no lack of capable generals among them, yet they were all slaughtered by Northern Qi. This county governor could not bear to bear the pain in his heart! In this world, gold is easy to obtain, but talent is hard to come by! "Otherwise, the emperor wouldn't have held the Imperial examinations every three years. This is how he cherished his talent. He didn't think that he would lose so many talented people in a single bet. This is truly a loss to the imperial court, a loss to the Western Chu!"

The Rui Wang was speechless. He could neither spit nor swallow the wine in his mouth. It was as if a cup of poisonous wine was wrapped in his mouth. His tongue was stuck to the tip, but he could not taste it!

"Those soldiers are also people who have a family. It's a good thing that the prince has returned safely!" However, those soldiers' families had not even seen the bones of their loved ones. They must be heartbroken! It was good that the king had accepted the challenge today, but the common people did not know that! In their eyes, the prince was trading his sister for this prince. They didn't know if the prince would have the face to stand up in the capital in the future! " Hai Chen Xi's words were like a sharp sword stabbing towards Rui Wang's heart. The Rui Wang's expression immediately turned ugly, the wine cup that he was holding in his two fingers had now changed to a cup, and his entire body was trembling slightly because of Hai Chen Xi's words!

"Fourth brother, why aren't you sitting down? The emperor is looking at you!" At this moment, the silent Duan Wang suddenly turned to look at Rui Wang and reminded him in a low voice.

"It's your younger brother's fault. Thank you for your reminder, Brother!" The priceless wine cup in his hand had been crushed. Rui Wang clenched his teeth and responded with a grunt. He turned around and sat properly with a gloomy expression on his face!

As for Hai Chen Xi, her eyes only glanced indifferently at the back of Duan Wang. A trace of a sneer gradually surfaced in his eyes!

"What's wrong?" "Stunned at the palace banquet?" Noticing Xiahou An's absent-minded expression, Yun Qian Meng asked in a low voice!

"Cousin!" Hearing Yun Qian Meng's caring voice, Xiahou An immediately raised his head, but he didn't know what to say. She picked up the ivory chopsticks in front of her and began to rummage through the delicacies in front of her.

When Yun Qian dreamt that she was like this, she knew that it might have something to do with Hai Chen Xi. She lifted her gaze to look at the opposite side and saw that Hai Chen Xi was sitting alone at the table playing with the wine cup in his hands.

Xiahou An, on the other hand, could not figure out why Hai Chen Xi, who was so deep in thought and had a cold expression on his face, would pull her when he bumped into her!

Based on what she had observed from beside the La Mei Tree, Hai Chen Xi was definitely not a nosy person, nor a person who followed the rules. Judging from his expression when he smiled at Rui Wang, it was clear that he was arrogant. Even a noble prince wouldn't look at him, and wouldn't kindly help her!

"Royal brother, your brother has something to ask of you!" When the song and dance was over, Rui Wang stood up and shouted as the dancers prepared for the next song and dance!

Emperor Yu was currently stroking Princess Yao's hair. Seeing Rui Wang had something to say, he ordered the old mama to lead the princess away. With a faint smile, he looked at Rui Wang and asked, "What's the matter?"

However, Rui Wang's gaze swept past Xiahou An first. His face could not help but blush slightly, but he did not hesitate to say, "Just now when royal brother mentioned the imperial concubine, I have taken a fancy to the young lady!"

This might be the third time the royal court had made such a ruckus tonight!

At this moment, Eunuch Yu didn't dare to let the dancers in. He immediately gestured to the eunuchs at the door, blocking all the idle people outside. There was even silence in the hall!

At this moment, the ones who were the most alarmed were the ladies sitting at the table. How could they have expected that the Rui King would choose Princess Consort Rui so quickly? The Princess Consort did sound good, but if she married Rui Wang, they wouldn't be willing even if they were beaten to death!

The maidens lowered their heads, seemingly bashful, but actually hoping that the King of Rui's gaze would not fall on them. The hands that were placed under the table rubbed the handkerchief in their hands with all their might, wishing that the handkerchief could be used as the King of Rui to vent the hatred in their hearts!

"Oh?" "Who's the lady?" As for Emperor Yu Gan, he appeared to be overjoyed. He looked at Rui Wang with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes!

However, compared to Emperor Yu Gan's happiness, most of the people in the hall had ugly looks on their faces. Even the empress dowager's expression was a little nervous. She couldn't help but turn to look at the outstanding Qu Fei Qing before shooting a sharp glare at Rui Wang!

"In reply to Your Majesty, I asks the imperial edict to bestow a marriage to Xiahou An!" After saying that, Rui Wang kneeled down and begged Emperor Yu Gan to agree to his request!

Silence filled the hall. Everyone sighed in relief as they looked at the beautiful Xiahou An with pity in their eyes!

Even Xiahou An's hands froze as she lifted her gaze to look at Rui Wang in disbelief. Her eyes were filled with shock and she was about to stand up and object …

Yun Qian Meng frowned after Rui Wang's words, but she was currently following Xiahou An's movements. Seeing that she was about to stand up recklessly, she immediately suppressed her body and said in an extremely low voice, "Don't be afraid, grandfather and husband are here!"

Xiahou An felt her heart skip a beat, and all of her unwillingness welled up in her heart. However, she knew that she couldn't act rashly right now, or else the Xiahou Family would be implicated. Moreover, with her two grandfathers and older cousins present, she believed that these relatives would protect her!

When the empress dowager heard the king's words, she couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. Her expression became more relaxed as well. Her shrewd eyes looked at Emperor Yu Gan, only to find a cold glint in his eyes. She smiled and said, "Your majesty, it's rare for the king to be enlightened!"

Hearing the empress dowager's words, Emperor Yu Gan smiled faintly and said coldly, "Fourth brother, you get up first!" Xiahou An were princess of the Xiahou Family! "I have to say that you have good eyes, but …"

However, Emperor Yu Gan didn't expect that the one that Rui Wang had set his eyes on was Xiahou An. If Rui Wang married Xiahou An, then the Xiahou Family would definitely come to live in the capital!

"Your majesty, An'er is still young, and hasn't even reached the age of marriage. I'm afraid she's harbouring ill intentions from the Rui King!" At this moment, the Xiahou Family's patriarch stood up from his seat and spoke. In his heart, he was regretting bringing his granddaughter to the capital!

Especially when he thought of his little girl, he was even more unwilling to involve his granddaughter in the political struggles of the imperial court. He would rather An'er marry an ordinary clan member than let her enter Hou Men again!

"Your majesty, although marriage has always been an order of parents and a matchmaker since ancient times, love and love can last forever!" An'er had never seen Rui Wang before, so how could she know him? "Besides, An'er has just arrived in the capital, so everything is still in the right state. If prince truly has the heart to cherish flowers, please wait for a few more days!" Seeing that Rui Wang's expression had changed due to the patriarch's rejection, Yun Qian Meng was afraid that he would use his power to suppress him. She immediately stood up to speak, allowing Rui Wang to have some time to recover from the humiliation and buy some time for Xiahou An to recover.

Although very few of the ladies that were targeted by the prince dared to propose marriage, if they rejected the auspicious Prince today, the officials and nobles who feared imperial power wouldn't dare to make a move against Xiahou An!

Since things had already come to this, she might as well use the first step as her strategy. It was still better than having the Xiahou Clan fall into a trap!

When Rui Wang heard Yun Qian Meng's words, his complexion slightly improved. However, he had already kneeled down in order to ask for the decree. If he was allowed to stand up now, he would lose all face!

Xiahou An looked at Yun Qian Meng, who stood up and spoke for her, and couldn't help but feel grateful to her cousin. The panic in her heart disappeared, replaced by Princess Xiahou's dignified calmness.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Xiahou An. Even though she was sitting quietly, her beautiful face could instantly illuminate the entire hall. Not only was Rui Wang staring at her, even the empress dowager and the others were looking at her. It had to be said that this Xiahou An was a peerless beauty!

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