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Chapter 75

"Look, that's Feng Xingying."

   "How dare she still come show her face..."

   "She should have been killed."

   “Feng Family’s face was thrown away by her!”

   “Poor old lady, raising such an unfilial and mad granddaughter. Hehe..."

   With the rhythm of the crowd, Feng Xingying raised her head and sat on the back of the tortoise, a small girl facing the sun.

  Watermelon seemed affected by the speech and actions of Feng Xingying’s. Watermelon no longer walked like a normal tortoise, instead, it had its head in the air and tail as well. The tortoise’s posture resembled a lot like a proud cat.

   Muxiang and sesame also learn how to appear proud by Feng Xingying, they both stood tall and confidently faced all the gossip.

   After all, she is the first miss, and she was someone with noble blood and strong spiritual power.

   Ordinary people could only dare to chase after the wind, but no one dares to really approach and try to insult her in the face.

  Faced with the prideful party of Feng Xingying, people unconsciously retreat. Although they kept looking at her from afar, no one dared block their path. Instead, they opened up a narrow path for the party leading directly into the home.

   How can the Feng family not respond to such a big move?

   Feng Xingying has not yet stepped into the door of the house before she was blocked by a dozen escorts.

   Feng Yuexian’s eyes were blushing red. After seeing Feng Xingying, she did not speak. The first thing she did was tear up and cry and cry.

   Crying again?

   Feng Xingying hates this kind of fake crying.

   Real crying and false crying, in front of her, was nothing.

   It is a pity that the onlookers ate her act all up.

   Feng Yuexian had always had a reputation of being of a fairy-like appearance and as innocent as a swan. She always portrayed herself as being a simple, gentle and elegant, so it really painted a really sympathetic and sad image in the eyes of the beholder. That was until she disregarded her image and decided to cry out.

   Feng Xingying did not speak but just looked at her quietly and coldly.

   Feng Yuexian suddenly, however, pulled out a sword from her waist. The sharp pale soft sword, directly aimed at Feng Xingying’s throat,  she choked out loudly the words︰

   "You ruined our house you evildoer, you dare to come back? I'll kill you! '

   " bang!"

   The sound of the sword landing.


   The sound of the knees falling to the ground.

   Feng Xingying just kicked it away. After 2 minutes of interaction, the imposing Feng yuexian had already lost her sword and fell to the ground.

   "Hit." Feng Xingying ordered coldly.

   "Oh." Muxiang rushed forward and gave two slaps to Feng Yuexian.

   Feng Yue Xian was anxious, she knew that she might encounter beatings by Feng Xingying sometime along the play, but in order to step on FengXingying, she endured it. After all, Feng Xingying is the long-term sister of her family to get rid of her it was worth it.

   But she did not expect that today she would be beaten while she was in public crying pitifully.

   And by the palms of Muxiang. It felt like getting hit by two planks, hard and cold, and it hurt her face.

   "Hey, you dare!"

   "Continue." Feng Xingying said cleaning the dust on her sleeves.

   "Oh." Muxiang continued.

   "Feng Xingying, you dare to hit me?..."


   "Ah!! I won't let you go."

   " Hey ."



A dozen rhythmic slaps went down, and the face of Feng yuexian was swollen.

   She wanted to speak, however, it was already impossible because of the pain on her mouth.

   The guards of the family turned back and wanted to ask the person in charge what the next step should be, but oddly the person was not there!

   What is going on?

   They really wanted to help but were intimated by the people around her. Who dares to go?

   Feng Xingying, even hit Miss Yuexian. If They went up, were they not just looking for death?

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