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The circumstance in which she had to go to the duke was the original novel I was planning to do from the start  but the webtoon is being translated and it called The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion or also called  Why She Had to Go to the Duke.

The novel is something I already have finished and I loved it but I saw the webtoon is way ahead of me and I don't think I could catch up .I don't think a lot of viewers would read it as it would be spoiled .In fact i just realized that the Queen with the scalpel aka Surgeon Elise has twice the views then daughter of the Emperor even if the WN was so much popular .I think it has to do with the fact the novel is 120 chapters behind so  everything is already spoiled.
I wont pick this novel unless there a big demand and a guarantee a lot of people will read it  .
So if you want it picked up I need to get a surge in followers and a lot of comments asking for it  .
This novel is a lot of work to translate and I need some kind of thanks to even get the energy to try  start on it.

Here some spoilers if you just don't care .

                                 These are serious spoilers so beware! Link is here!


The MC died and reincarnated into the world of a novel / comic as a side character that died in the original novel by her fiance for her money .He has links to the underground.

Image result for he Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
Original face
New beautiful face

Eunha was chosen by god to be the MC but end up in a side character instead .
yup there a god . The god is either a stand in for the author or simply a deus ex machina.
She has the ability to understand all languages so the pope end up coveting her as the one who can also speak God tongue.
Noah is a black belly ML

The ML loves to tease her

Duke Noah Wynknight agrees to be her fiance for one year and she has to help him get the royal seal.

They fall in love but she rejects him! She feel bad for stealing the original MC guy and thinks he will fall in love with the heroine leading to heart break  . She also the first MC I  seen who has the wit to  realizes the ML likes her and even goes to confront him about it ! I was really surprised .

The ML who chases our MC first
My friend and bodyguard for my fiance ....

The bodyguard who could be a second male lead but is way too loyal.

Black belly King

When i first saw the Duke brother the King I thought he was a love rival but no thank god .

He way too old for her and sleeps around with all woman .He has a limp and our MC is the first person not to treat him like a cripple so he likes her .In fact after she helps her he offers her a job.

The down side is the fact he loves messing around with her and putting her on the spot .

He always get his heart broken but thinks MC is the one...
Vivian is his sister so he really unlucky

The love rival who came in too late! He never had a chance and always get his heart broken .He also a heart breaker yet he sweet and respect our MC by giving her love advice  and comforting her .he keeps running into her when she needs help. Too bad   his one fault is that he always fall for the one he can't have so he end up crying.

The Rival Vivian 

                                              Image result for four stars out of five

                                                    The Pictures are spoilers 

One negative star is because I don't like the author / god  .
I had the same problem in the abandon empress too. It could have been so perfect !
The god here is better then the abandon empress since she actually does something in the ending and also explain why and how  our MC got here.

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