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Pain and Confession [7]

The people of Bei Mu are immersed in ecstasy. There is so much grains and gold, now they’ll finally have enough food to eat.

Their laughter resounded through the sky as it slowly drifted away.

“Come, City Lord. I drink this wine for you,” Kuo Ba Li said as he drank the wine and ran to Liu Yue who was sitting right in front of the bonfire. Her face was indifferent, she showed no sorrow or joy.

A City Lord is a City Lord. She is just different from them. She had made Ao Yun surrender so many goods without even a soldier. Yet she didn’t show any joy, her expression remained calm.

People who are capable are just different from them.

Liu Yue was deep in thought when she was interrupted by Kuo Ba Li, she raised her head to looked him. His face was full of excitement. She reached out her hand and took the wine bowl. She glanced at Han Fei and the other people who had followed behind Kuo Ba Li.

Her expression was cold and indifferent as she said, “You guys only know how to drink.”

After being stunned by her sudden statement, Kuo Ba Li replied, “If we don’t drink, what should we do?”

When Ouyang Yu Fei who was sitting besides Liu Yue heard this, he smiled as he turned to look at Liu Yue. He asked, “You aren’t happy?”

“No, I am very happy,” Liu Yue replied as she gave Ouyang Yu Fei a glance. She turned towards Kuo Ba Li, Tuo Bi Mu, and Han Fei and said, “If you guys are able to think more complexly, then I’ll be more happy.”

“What do you mean?” Tuo Bi Mu and Kuo Ba Li glanced at each other, not understanding what Liu Yue meant.

Han Fei didn’t look at anyone after hearing what Liu Yue had said. He frowned and lowered his voice and said, “The amount of grain we got was far more than what we had expected. City Lord, do you mean….”

When Liu Yue heard what Han Fei had said, she looked up at him and slightly nodded her head. She said, “When I arrive at Sheng Jing, I don’t see these extra things. At the same time, I don’t want people to see where these things have gone.”

After she had said those words, Kuo Bi Mu and Tuo Ba Li were immersed in ecstasy before, were stunned. They were able to rule the ten cities of Ku Sha so they weren’t stupid. They were no longer able to hold back their happiness.

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