Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? Chapter 13

Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? Info
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The Playboy and the Smith

“Raise your head, young lady. A cute girl like you shouldn’t need to do something like that.”

I kneeled down and raised out a hand to Nyannyan, who was still doing her cat stretching.

The girl energetically raised her head and,

“You’ll let me in your party, nyaa!?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I’m begging you, nyaa!”

And she’s straight back into her stretching.

Hmm. What to do?

A thief would definitely be valuable. In fact, we’re still lost on this third floor.

The thief is capable of making a map of the areas of the floor you’ve travelled with their map-making skill.

Even if the accuracy of the map is affected by skill level, it’s still a very useful ability.

But, even if though I’d like to get a thief, I was planning on finding someone with a higher level to join the party. And I’m sorry, but she’s…

When I opened my mouth to firmly reject her, Nyannyan interrupted me by raising her face again.

“I’m an animasmith! I’m sure I can help you, nyaa!”

She said.

An animasmith.

It’s a blacksmith of the Beastfolk race that can make powerful, tailor-made weapons that you won’t find elsewhere. The weapons and armour they create are really valuable, they’re even sometimes regarded as legendary equipment.

Surprised, I asked her.

“An animasmith!? Really?”

“That’s right! If you want, I can make you some amazing armour, nyaa!”

If she isn’t lying, then this is basically a miracle. Animasmiths typically don’t show themselves at all. Since it’s so rare to be able to meet one, it’s also incredibly rare to actually be able to ask them to produce equipment for you.

“Well, if that’s true, I guess I can think about it.”

“Really!? Do you really want me to join the party, nyaa!?”

“If you can prove you’re an animasmith, I’ll talk to Tina about it.”

I looked back at Tina and she nodded with an “I understand!”

“Nyaaa! When we get out of the tower, I’ll make you something!”

Nyannyan jumped up to her feet. She looks happy.

“Why are you so intent on joining my party in the first place, though?”

“I fell in love at first sight, nyaa!!”


“About three years ago, I saw the performance of the legendary jester Dylan! When I saw all your magic tricks, it made my fur get all tingly, nyaa!”

Ah, ahh, I get it now, she fell in love at first sight not with me, but with my jester tricks, huh…? She surprised me…

“Animasmiths have to decide on a master and that was the first time I found a person I approved of, nyaa! So I decided that Dylan should be my master!”

Nyaa! She raised both her hands up.

Tina had been listening excitedly up till that point, but then she was a little confused.

“Dylan-san was with the hero party three years ago, right? So you’ve been alone that whole time?”

“Of course, nyaa! For three years since then! I was climbing the tower as a solo thief. All to prepare for someday when Dylan would come back and by my master, nyaa…”

“That’s amazing, right!?”

“That’s right, nyaa! And now, I can join the jester Dylan’s party! I’ve finally found the master I was looking for! Yahooooooooooooooo, nyaaaaaaa!!”

I cleared my throat.

“About that, I told you just a minute ago, right?”

“What’s up, nyaa?”

“That I quit being a jester.”


“I changed my job and became a sage.”


Nyannyan’s face looked completely confused. Then, gradually, she began to get it and cried out.


Yep. Tina reacted the same.

Speaking of which, Tina seems to be nodding in understanding.

“Well even if I say that, I can still use my jester skills, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much.”

As if to prove it, I took out a pack of playing cards and after shuffling them, I drew the first five cards into the shape of a fan, then with a pop the cards turned into a dove and flew away.

“Nyaa! Nynyaaaa!!”

“Don’t chase after it, cat.”

Natural instinct? Nyannyan jumped after the dove as soon as it was released and swiped it out of the air with her hands.

“Haaa! It’s true! You really can use magic tricks!”

“That’s how it is. I’m going to climb this tower as a sage. But right now I’m only level 3, which is lower than you.”

“A sage is… I’ve never heard of that class, nyaa…! As expected, master really is amyaazing!”

“I’m not your master, yet. For now, let’s get out of the tower. Nyannyan, do you know where the teleporation sigils are?”

“Please leave it to me, nyaa! Even if I couldn’t find it on the tenth floor, I can definitely find it on the third! Especially if there isn’t a meownster chasing me this time…”

Nyannyan pulled out a pen and paper, then sitting down she began to think.

With this job skill, it’s said that you actually have to ‘get down on the ground’ to feel the geography of the floor under you.

Tina and I kept a watch on the surroundings as Nyannyan worked.

After three minutes, she stood up again with a ‘nyaa!’.

“I myaade it!”

Finally, we managed to escape the tower by having her lead us out.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

“From now on, I’ll be the one who makes all of master’s weapons and armour, nyaa.”

After getting back to the mansion, I decided to have Nyannyan have a go at making a weapon.

Unlike a normal smith, it doesn’t seem like it takes much time for an animasmith to make a weapon at all. I didn’t really know about it myself, since all I’ve heard about them is rumours.

“Just make something simple. If you crate it, I can look it up in the ‘appraisal mirror’.”

“I got it, nyaa! The weapons I make are good enough to kill dragons, you nyeow? That’s why they call them ‘Dragon Killers’, nyaa.”

Tina bounced up and down beside me.

“I’ve never heard of them!”


“Well if it can kill a dragon, it can knock out most meownsters with one hit, nyaa. But, in order to create it, I need a little contract with master, nyaa.”


“Master, can you close your eyes a bit, nyaa? It’ll be over in a meowment.”

I closed my eyes.

I just went along with it. Even if I was a jester, I was still level 99. If some funny business happened, my body would react on instinct.

Is what I thought.

I was a little careless.

The jester is a really weird job, after all.

There are times when it forces you to act in the pursuit of ‘being interesting’ rather than whatever you actually want to do.[1]

And that’s what happened here as well.

Although I tried hard to move because I felt someone getting close, my job side-effect wouldn’t let me move a muscle. And as a result,

“――Smooch. Lick.”

Something soft touched my lips, then I felt something like sandpaper running along them.

I guess Nyannyan kissed me.

Oi oi.

Give me a break here, jester.


Tina screams.

“Nyaaa. That concludes the cyaantract.”

I opened my eyes to Nyannyan grinning in my face. She did it on purpose…!

“Are you messing with me?”

“No, no! I’m serious, nyaa! You really do need a kiss for a contract! I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, nyaa!”

Haa haa, Nyannyan stretched out on the ground again.

“…I’ll forgive you, just get on with it.”

“Roger nyaat!”

Nyannyan raised a hand, then sat back down on the floor again.

Biting her thumb, she began to spread the dripping blood across a large sheet of paper.

The blood formed into a magical sigil by itself and began to shine.

“This is…”

“An animasmith…!”

Tina and I watched the catgirl breathlessly as Nyannyan continued to work.

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