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The most unexpected things always occur at the most unpredictable timings!

If only Cao Shanshan knew how many girls would be coming to find Ling Yun, she would surely have regretted making such a claim. Furthermore, the people that would be coming to talk to Ling Yun were not your average plain Janes, for each beauty was comparable to Cao Shanshan herself!

Seeing Cao Shanshan teasing her back, Zhang Ling eyed her before warning, "Shanshan, then I'll be taking Ling Yun, you sure you won't regret it?" Zhang Ling was eighteen this year and soon she would turn nineteen.

Even though she was not as amazingly beautiful as Cao Shanshan or Ning Lingyu, she was a beauty nonetheless. Her skin was fair and soft, her facial features defined and proportionate, her nose small and sharp. Together with her small supple lips and big round eyes, she herself was also an eye-catching beauty! Plus, she has a pair of big and supple breasts due to puberty. Thus, with each step, her chest swayed and bounced like a pendulum, which made the boys in class drool whenever they saw her. She herself could be considered as a flower in the school. However, since she hung out with Cao Shanshan most of the time, with everyone's attention on Cao Shanshan, naturally she was neglected.

If it was Zhuang Meina, she would have probably avoided Cao Shanshan as much as possible. Whereas for Zhang Ling, she did not care about such attention. She displayed indifference towards the matter every day.

With his meteoric rise in strength and presence in recent days, his unique charm and charisma naturally attracted the attention of many beauties. These beauties cared little for one's figure and more for one's manliness and abilities. Zhang Ling was one of them. As she had many more chances to interact with Ling Yun, she had started to become infatuated with him. Not to mention, Ling Yun's performance these past two days had even moved the heart of campus belle, Cao Shanshan. Therefore, for a mature girl like Zhang Ling who had always loved strong and aggressive men, it would be weird if she did not fall for him!

Even though Ling Yun was her cup of tea, with the presence of Cao Shanshan, she did not want to fight with her over him. Hence, all she could do was to hold those feelings in her heart as she tried to find more opportunities to interact with Ling Yun. For a guy she liked, even if she could not be with him, Zhang Ling wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

If that was not the case, why would have willingly hooked her arm around Ling Yun's allowing her big and supple chest to press against him?

If that was not the case, why would she have acted fiercely after Ling Yun's treat and demanded another meal with him?

A girl's mind is deep and complicated. Even between the closest of friends, each holds their own tiny secrets.

"Tsk, I knew you had a thing for that guy! I don't want him! If you can do it, woo him all you want! If he wants you then he's all yours!" Cao Shanshan replied with a tinge of jealousy in her voice as she raised her hand and touched Zhang Ling's big chest slightly.

Feeling Cao Shanshan's touch, instead of moving back, Zhang Ling pushed herself against Cao Shanshan's hand. She then let Cao Shanshan have a good touch before answering, "How's it, eating those papayas and drinking milk daily paid off right?"

Cao Shanshan's face turns beet red before answering sulkily, "I might as well send you to the lion's den... Alright, the self-study session is gonna start soon. Let's enter class!"

"Hey, students, sorry to trouble you guys but where is Grade 12 Class 3's classroom?"

While Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling were teasing each other in the class corridor, Lin Menghan had just entered the entrance of Qingshui High. Mesmerised by the unparalleled beauty standing before him, the grade 11 boy was dumbfounded, staring at her intently as he swallowed his saliva a few times. So beautiful! She was just too beautiful! This was the only thought in the boy's mind as he stared at her. He had totally forgotten about her question.

In fact, Lin Menghan's attire for the day was simple. She was wearing a round neck and tight white dress. She had no accessories or jewelry on her. With her long jet black hair swaying in the air, her delicate hand carried a transparent bag for holding clothes. Yet it was precisely because of this tight blouse that her goddess-like ravishing beauty was emphasized.

With a perfect face shape and no makeup, her fair complexion had a slight tinge of redness. She has a sharp chin, thin brows, a sharp nose and red supple lips. Her figure was alluring and her neck was like that of a swan, fair and white. Coming down to her two perfectly shaped collar bones, her neck seemed to appear longer. In contrast, with her pair of black round eyes and long eyelashes, just a glance could catch the heart of any man.

This tight blouse undoubtedly brought out her beautiful waist and hourglass figure. Yet, the creator of this blouse would never have imagined that a lady with such a slim waist would have such a pair of voluptuous breasts. Due to her slim waist and big chest, whenever she went shopping, she had a hard time finding the right size.

Today, after much thinking, she finally decided to wear the round neck white dress to Qingshui High. Even though this dress had padding in the chest so as to help emphasize the chest of girls with smaller bust sizes, for Lin Menghan it was a nuisance! The moment she wore the dress her chest squeezed tightly against the padding, not even leaving any bit of space!

Furthermore, not only did she have a big chest and a slim waist, she also has a round and perky butt. The dress was designed to hide the waist and emphasize the legs. However, when worn by her, it showed a beautiful S-shaped figure!

As for the pair of beautiful snow white legs that blinded Ling Yun that rainy night it was just as mesmerizing now... The wind was blowing hard and the corners of her dress swayed in the wind, her dress sticking close to her legs. This clearly outlined her pair of long sexy legs as well as what was above. She looked extremely hot and beautiful!

This was the reason why the male student was so stunned. Almost all of the male and female students who saw her were left mouth agape as they followed her like faithful worshippers of a goddess. Accompanying all of this was the sound of a bicycle crashing into a flower bed. Without even looking, Lin Menghan knew that a boy must have been too focused on her, not even paying attention to where he was going.

"Ehm, student, student… so can you tell how to get to Grade 12 class 6?" Lin Menghan asked again, shy and anxious. What exactly is going on with these young boys? She thought as she looked at the guys. She seemed to have forgotten that she was just twenty herself.

"Ah… Ah?…" The male student stuttered as if he was in a daze.            

Truth be told, the male student's eyes were just too busy. In the past, when he saw a beauty he would look at the part that makes her beautiful. If she had a nice figure he would focus on that, if she had a pretty face he would focus on it. If she had voluptuous breasts he would focus on that and if she had a pair of long legs he would focus on that.

However, this ravishing beauty before him was perfect from head to toe. Thus he was stupefied!    

"Are you a goddess?" The male student blurted out. It seemed like he had watched too much anime.

Upon hearing that, Lin Menghan felt happy and amused. She looked at the male student and patted him on the shoulder before asking with a smile.

"Now can you tell big sister how to get to grade 12 class 6?" 

The male student felt her hand sink into his shoulder slightly. This was then followed by a painful sensation as she tightened her grip on his shoulder. The student immediately regained his composure, clearly shocked by her strength.

"Ah? Big sister, you want to go to grade 12 class 6? I'll lead the way!" The student replied enthusiastically, having long forgotten about his self-study plans from earlier.

Indeed this must be what one meant with the saying that a single smile from an unparalleled beauty can move cities and even ruin a country. This was just how beautiful Lin Menghan is.

Leading the charge, the excited male student brought Lin Menghan in the direction of grade 12 class 6. Surrounding and following them was an entourage of star-struck male students. All of them seemed to be curious as to who this exceptional beauty was here to look for in class 6. And here Lin Menghan was walking among them, with many male students trying different antics and phrases in an attempt to win her attention. Staying quiet and elegant she occasionally gave them a mysterious smile.

"If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have gotten someone to come in my stead to return the clothes!" Lin Menghan scowled in her mind.

In five minutes time, the entourage had entered the teaching block and soon reached class 6. All the guys made way for Lin Menghan. Their eyes were sparkling as they ogled at the amazing beauty that that should only have existed in games standing before them. All were wondering why she had come to class 6. At that moment, the students of grade 12 class 6 were just about to start their early self-study session. The commotion in the class had quietened down after Ling Yun and Cao Shanshan reached class. In their presence, no one had the guts to gossip!   

Suddenly, the sounds of many footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor. Everyone's attention turned to the entrance momentarily. Lin Menghan appears at the door to class 6. With light steps, she entered the class and surveyed the students with her big round eyes before asking, "Excuse me but is Ling Yun here?"


"So beautiful…"

"My god, look! It's a goddess…"

"Am I dreaming?"

The whole class was in shock!

The murmurs of students in disbelief, the sounds of books dropping to the floor and whispers filled the air. Some of the students seating in the back even stood up to have a better look at the beauty before they formed another entourage! Due to the excitement and shock, almost no one heard Lin Menghan's question. The class was now in chaos!

Forget about those boys, even Cao Shanshan was stunned after she raised her head and saw Lin Menghan, forgetting herself for a moment.

"Excuse me, is Ling Yun here?" Lin Menghan asked again as she raised her voice slightly.

"I'm here." Ling Yun answered with a grin.


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