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"What?! She's here for Ling Yun?!"

"How did that brat Ling Yun get to know such a goddess? She's the girl of my dreams…"

"Oh, my god, I can't take it anymore, I think I'm going to faint…"

A male student who was a die-hard fan of virtual beauties in-game advertisements actually had a nose bleed and fainted.

Cao Shanshan's face turned pale and she felt an uncomfortable feeling in her chest. Her heart was filled with a sense of indescribable sadness and frustration. As for Zhang Ling, she was even more shocked. Cao Shanshan had just made the claim a few moments ago that no girl would approach Ling Yun! Karma was a bitch indeed!

She instinctively surveyed the goddess, Lin Menghan. Similarly, Lin Menghan tilted her head and examined Cao Shanshan, comparing herself to her in her mind before eventually letting out a disappointed sigh. Zhang Ling had to admit, even though she was on Cao Shanshan's side, Lin Menghan's beauty unquestionably topped Cao Shanshan's.

However, their facial features were equal in beauty. This was because both of their face weres perfectly oval in shape thus neither could claim superiority over the other. On the other hand, when it came to their figures, the yet to mature Cao Shanshan was obviously on the losing end.

As for Ling Yun, a single glance and he instantly recognized Lin Menghan as the lady that he saved that night. More specifically, the 'big and fair' lady. He immediately tapped Zhang Dong who was blocking his way and whispered to him.

"Open the path, I'm going out for a moment!"

Seeing Ling Yun stand up, Lin Menghan examined him her face calm and expressionless. She then blinked, signaling Ling Yun with her long eyelashes. He nodded back in response and left the class with her. Seeing that the goddess was leaving, all the students could not help but stare at Ling Yun with envy and jealousy.

"That Ling Yun is too unbelievable. After getting so intimate with our class head and school belle, now he's hooking up with this goddess?" A reckless student exclaimed fearlessly. He was probably momentarily drunk in love for Lin Menghan.

Ling Yun was unaffected by what that guy said. However, the same could not be said for Cao Shanshan. Her unfazed attitude towards all the gossiping so far was totally destroyed by that single sentence! Never losing to any girl in beauty was a fact for her up until now, but now it has become a fact that there existed a girl that is more beautiful than her! How could she feel comfortable about that?

"Urgh, what did this arrogant guy do over these few days, now he even, even…"

The aching in her heart was indeed caused by jealousy, overwhelming jealousy!

"Don't tell me, Ling Yun, also forcefully embraced that beauty? But it didn't seem like it since she was smiling at him…"

"I saw the clothes that she was carrying. It was what Ling Yun had been wearing that day. Don't tell me he wasn't with Cao Shanshan and was actually with that beauty…"

"My God…"

In a blink of an eye, the quiet classroom was now filled with chatter and chaos. And within the chaos, one male student held the most interesting expression. That person was none other than Wei Tiangan! Wei Tiangan's life these few days had been a bumpy ride and an exceptionally bumpy one to boot! He was going crazy! Now he finally understood how it felt to have to endure humiliation in silence! Ever since that night where he was taught a lesson by Ling Yun in the hostel, he had lost his glory and his reputation was in tatters!

Furthermore, he had tried all sorts of methods to scheme against Ling Yun, even going as far as damaging his goddess, Cao Shanshan's reputation. He even added fuel to fire, instigating Gou Junfa and Lu Chengtian to go against Ling Yun. Yet, never in his wildest imagination would he have expected them to be beaten by Ling Yun! He was now at the depths of despair!

It was just like what that student in the hostel said. Even the infamous Gou Junfa had been defeated by Ling Yun, what was a small fry like Wei Tiangan in Ling Yun's eyes? Ever since then, Wei Tiangan has been racking his brains for new ideas to teach Ling Yun a lesson up until Saturday night when he received a friend's call. He was then told to look at the school forum's newest post. Coincidentally, Wei Tiangan was on the net at that time, thus, he opened up the forum in a flash and saw the photo that made him go crazy!

Ling Yun was holding Cao Shanshan's delicate waist, supporting her long leg with his hand and sticking extremely close to her. Her supple breasts were pressed against her leg such that they were distorted. Whereas, Ling Yun was enjoying the view up close. Wei Tiangan almost felt like throwing his computer out of the window. To engage in such intimate and erotic acts in public, what other meaning could it hold other than the fact that they are in a hot and steamy relationship? As a result, for the past few days, Wei Tiangan has only been doing a single thing, refreshing!

The F5 button on his computer is almost wrecked, with him refreshing the screen non-stop, not missing out on any comments or replies!

The more he saw the more crazy he felt himself becoming. This is because many comments were saying that Cao Shanshan and Ling Yun had gone all the way. Some were even saying how she was no longer a virgin and that a virgin's leg would not be so flexible! Some even dared to say that soon Ling Yun and Cao Shanshan would be living together and become inseparable!

Naturally, after reading, Wei Tiangan felt like puking blood. However, he held onto a ray of hope, believing that Cao Shanshan would never live together with Ling Yun! But yesterday, when he returned to the hostel and saw Ling Yun's empty bed he was stunned. He felt as if he was pushed into a deep and never-ending pit and his heart turned to ashes.

Ling Yun had really moved out!

For Wei Tiangan who had long lost his sense of reasoning, he naturally concluded that the two of them were now living together! In actual fact, even Tang Meng had thought that Ling Yun had rented the apartment so as to build a love nest with her.

Thus, when he came to class this morning and heard all the different rumors and discussions between the students he felt even more perturbed. As if things could not have gotten any worse, now after embracing Cao Shanshan, an even more ravishing beauty has come for him! She was even holding on to his clothing! Not only has he soiled my goddess, now he even throws her away like an old toy?!= Wei Tiangan thought inwardly, his expression showing everything!

*Snap!* Wei Tiangan's face turned green as he broke the ballpoint pen in his hand into two.

As for Ling Yun, he did not care what everyone thought, marching quickly out of class nonchalantly. Unexpectedly he found more than thirty guys in the corridor trying to get a glimpse of who the goddess was here for!

"God… So she's here for Ling Yun…"

Just like the students in his class, the students in the corridor glared at him with bloodthirsty eyes!

"Excuse me, excuse me, come on move aside, what's there to see!" Ling Yun exclaimed in a calm tone as he squeezed through to come face to face with Lin Menghan.

"I must say, miss Lin, you came here to return me my clothes right?" Ling Yun asked straightforwardly without any pleasantries.

"What nonsense are you saying, like I said I'm not miss (slang in China for prostitute)…" Lin Menghan paused, her face blushing as she remembers how Ling Yun held her in his arms after rescuing her. In a flash, her face was red like a ripe tomato. As her tone was soft, no one caught what she said but Ling Yun was different. With his loud voice, even those outside the class could hear everything clearly!

Miss? Return clothes? What was going on? Such a beautiful goddess is actually a prostitute?!

Many male students' dreams were shattered in an instant. At the same time, many male students' eyes lit up with lust!

In contrast, the girls in class 6 who suffered a great blow to their self-esteem when they saw Lin Menghan's beauty regained some semblance of pride when they overheard the phrase 'miss Lin'.

"Tch, that bastard!" Cao Shanshan's face blushed as her heart filled with rage. She was so angry that she was stomping her foot hard on the ground!

Seeing Lin Menghan lowering her voice, Ling Yun had no choice but to follow suit. Lowering his chin, he whispered, "Ehm… So sorry about that, I didn't do it on purpose, hehe…" as he scratched his head. Now he finally understood what the term 'miss' in this country means.

Lin Menghan was unaffected. She convinced herself that this was alright since this is the last time she would be coming. Besides, no one in the school knew her personally. Thus, this level of misunderstanding was not something to worry about.

That being said, the night Ling Yun rescued her, even though Ling Yun saw her clearly, she did not. Thus, she could only vaguely remember how he looks like. At that time, all she felt was that the fella was extremely fat, like a pig. Wherever her body touched him, she could feel a layer of soft fat everywhere! Thus, a question had been on her mind the moment she saw Ling Yun in the class.

Why is he so slim now?=

Unable to hold herself back, she takes out his student pass and compares it to his face. He is indeed Ling Yun! Except that his face now had a very attractive dimple. An attractive dimple indeed…

"Here… These are your clothes, I've washed everything. The money in your wallet was all wet so I dried it out for you. These are all your identification cards… Thanks for saving me that night…" Lin Menghan whispered as she passed the bag to Ling Yun.

As for Ling Yun, he was frowning.

That's it? I thought you would give me some money as repayment. What's the point of saying a few thanks?!= Ling Yun screamed in his mind. 

"That's it?" Ling Yun asked as he scratched his head and looked at her with expectations. 

Lin Menghan looked at him, puzzled before slowly replying, "Yeah, that's all, not a thing missing right…"

Ling Yun shook his head gently as he raised an eyebrow and replied, "Nope, I think I'm still missing something…" 

"Huh…" Lin Menghan was really confused. Here she was making the effort to return his items personally, putting aside all that prostitute calling. Now he's accusing her of theft?!

Does he know who he was talking to? Why would she even want to steal his cheap items?

"Ehm, that night you crushed my spectacles, don't you think you have to do something about it?" Ling Yun reminded her upon seeing how clueless she was. 

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