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Outside Savant's Restaurant, on the road.

It was only past 12 noon, but the sky was already darker than the evening dusk. The dark clouds looming in the sky came out of nowhere, resembling ink-soaked cotton balls stacking and clumping together. They were still clumping together, getting lower and lower as they gathered together!

It was as if the ink-soaked clouds had been summoned by some kind of mysterious force, stacking together and forming a huge black screen that loomed over the entire Qingshui City!

The peculiar thing was, this thick dark storm cloud seemed to be looming over Qingshui City only. Anyone on the tenth floor and above could see that the sky outside of Qingshui City was still bright as day. Some could even see the beautiful sunrays peeking through the edges of the big black screen that loomed over their city, illuminating the thinner white clouds on the sides in a nice rainbow color. What a beautiful sight!

One could say that this phenomenon resembled an annular solar eclipse. However, for the citizens of Qingshui City, it had a closer resemblance to a total solar eclipse!

Not a gust of wind could be felt. Ever since that first roar of thunder, not another crash was heard!

The people of Qingshui City were completely stunned by this peculiar phenomenon. Even though it was always rainy in Jiangnan, they were still one month away from summer which was also the rainy season. Furthermore, even if there was an incoming thunderstorm, never had they ever seen so many storm clouds gathered together and a sky this gloomy!

Every single pedestrian could not help but look up at the sky as their facial expressions reflected their confusion, shock, and fear. Could this be the beginning of Armageddon? If rain started to fall, would the entire Qingshui City end up flooded?

If that was the case, Qingshui City was truly going to live up to its name as a "clear water" city!

The sky got darker and darker, which showed the sky outside of Qingshui City getting brighter and brighter in contrast. Of course, the pedestrians on the ground could not get a glimpse of sunlight because their field of vision was blocked by the tall buildings of the concrete jungle. Only those who were on the tenth floor and above were able to observe this shocking scene with their very own eyes.

The pedestrians on the streets began to hurry as they looked for places to shelter themselves from the incoming rain. Due to the fact that it was technically daytime and this was the very first-time Qingshui City was faced with such a strange weather phenomenon, the streets lights were not able to be switched on in time. The cars on the roads had already switched on their car lights as the drivers cursed at the strange weather.

"What a satisfying feast! The lighting was not bad, it was actually getting brighter and brighter!" Ling Yun enjoyed his meal while being surrounded by beauties by his side and he even had someone to pay for the meal! What an amazing experience!

Tang Meng was in a daze as he stared at the window behind Ling Yun before lifting his chin at Ling Yun, signaling him to turn around. He then said, "Boss, it's not that our lights are getting brighter, but the sky…"

Ling Yun was shocked and turned around. He took one look before standing up abruptly and dashing towards the window. His eyes began to glimmer as he directed his gaze towards the storm clouds above!

Everyone else also realized the abnormal weather and directed their gaze towards the window!

"Gosh! Why is it so dark? Is there a solar eclipse going on?!"

Ning Lingyu's jaw-dropped as the shock in her eyes was put on full display. She turned her slender body around and got up immediately.

"Damn, why are the clouds so low and dark!" Tie Xiaohu got up in shock as well.

Li Qingchuan, Cao Shanshan, and Zhang Ling all stood up and quickly rushed towards Ling Yun before looking out the window in a state of shock.

Lin Menghan thought to herself, D*mn!

Since Lin Menghan was a police officer, the first thing to cross her mind would be public security. She got up immediately and got ready to leave the room.

Ling Yun's eyes were fixed on the sky and the glimmer in his eyes became more prominent. A never-before-seen excitement flashed across his face as he looked at the storm clouds above. However, it was as if he had eyes on the back of his head. He somehow noticed that Lin Menghan was about to leave and suddenly opened his mouth to say, "You can't leave now!"

Lin Menghan was in an extreme state of panic and asked instinctively, "Why?"

She did not expect Ling Yun to ignore her question and continue observing the changes in the storm clouds with his eagle eyes.

Suddenly, Ling Yun started speaking again. "Cao Shanshan, Zhang Ling, tell the other classmates not to panic and to just eat to their heart's desire. No need to worry about rushing back to school for lessons. Mhmm… It shouldn't affect our lessons."

Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling were also slightly terrified as they had never witnessed a weather phenomenon like this before. However, seeing how confident Ling Yun was, they unknowingly chose to believe in him and rushed off to convey the message to their classmates.

Ling Yun stared at the storm clouds for a while more and suddenly turned around with a face filled with excitement. He then said to Ning Lingyu and Tie Xiaohu, "You two, follow me, let me open your eyes to something new!"

Tang Meng began to panic as he heard Ling Yun's words and started thinking to himself, "Boss, how could you forget your old pal just because you got a new one, I'm your real friend here alright?!"

He quickly looked at Ling Yun with desperation in his eyes as he said, "Boss, where are you going, I want to go as well!"

Xue Meining stared at Ling Yun as she pouted in resentment. Her expression literally spelled out, "If you don't bring me along, I'll jump off this building".

Ling Yun could not help but furrow his brows as he raised his hand to scratch his head. He then asked Tang Meng, "Which is the tallest mountain surrounding Qingshui Lake?"

Without hesitation, Tang Meng answered him quickly. "Dragon Mountain. Towards the peak of Dragon Mountain, there is a steep cliff named the Tiger Cliff which is directly facing Qingshui Lake."

There were ten outstanding sceneries around Qingshui Lake and the Dragon Tiger Twin Moons were one of them. Every single tourist who visited Qingshui Lake wished for their trip to coincide with a sunny day because that would allow them to witness the Dragon Tiger Twin Moons in all its glory.

Especially on the night of the 15th every month where a full moon is visible, standing at the peak of the Dragon Mountain on the edge of the Tiger Cliff, the full moon in the sky would be reflected onto Qingshui Lake as if the lake was a mirror. In all its tranquility and serenity, the two moons in the sky and the lake would shine brilliantly in the dark. What an amazing scenery for anyone to see!

Ling Yun nodded and immediately shot another question towards Tang Meng. "Is it possible to drive up there?"

Tang Meng shook his head. "You can only drive it up to the foot of the mountain, you can't go any further than that."

Turns out, in an effort to develop the city's tourism industry, the Qingshui City Government had previously made plans to build a road around the mountain leading up to the peak. However, the citizens of Qingshui City rejected the idea repeatedly, saying that it would destroy the natural beauty of the Dragon Mountain. Therefore, the road was never finished up to this day.

Ling Yun pondered for a bit before speaking to Tang Meng, "How about this, you drive Xue Meining and everyone else there. Then, you'll take a shortcut and find a spot where everyone can see the entire Qingshui Lake. The higher the spot, the better, understand?"

Tang Meng nodded his head and began to wonder about something else. "What about you, Boss?"

Ling Yun chuckled, "I'm going to the Tiger Cliff on Dragon Mountain of course!"

Xue Meining started shaking Ling Yun's arm with both of her arms as she began to pout and whine in resentment, "I want to go to Tiger Cliff too!"

Ling Yun could not help but smile bitterly as he looked at Xue Meining's pitiful expression. He gave it some thought and said, "Alright then, I'll bring the three of you to Tiger Cliff! There's not much time left, let's go!"

As soon as those words left his mouth, he began to march towards the exit with Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining in his arms.

Tang Meng looked at Tie Xiaohu leaving the private room alongside Ling Yun with jealousy in his eyes. He definitely felt some hatred in his heart right now!

No matter how hard he racked his brains, he still could not figure out why his boss was so persistent about going to the Tiger Cliff on Dragon Mountain. Moreover, why would he bring Tie Xiaohu instead of him?

Tang Meng turned towards Li Qingchuan and said, "Big Brother Chuan, do you have enough money to cover the bills? Are you going?"

Right now, Li Qingchuan had reverted back to his usual lazy expression as he flipped his hair and dusted off his perfectly white shirt in an elegant manner. He then said to Tang Meng, "Have you ever seen me with less than a hundred thousand yuan on me? Let's go, we'll drive there together after I've settled the bill."

To their surprise, the quiet Lin Menghan suddenly opened her mouth and said, "I'm following you guys!"

Seeing how Ling Yun chose to bring three other people along with him to the Tiger Cliff on Dragon Mountain right now to open their eyes to something to new had definitely piqued Lin Menghan's interest. She thought to herself, What was there to open their eyes to in this kind of weather? Open their eyes to being completely drenched in the rain?

Therefore, she was also extremely intrigued to go and have a look at what Ling Yun had expected to see, which was why she decided to voice out her opinion.

Tang Meng and Li Qingchuan exchanged glances and gave each other a knowing expression as their hearts filled up with delight.

The three of them left the private room together.

As the three of them were settling the bill at the cashier, Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling dashed down to the first floor. Seeing that only the three of them were left, Cao Shanshan was stunned as she asked, "Where's Ling Yun?"

Tang Meng knew that he could not afford to offend this super campus belle, thus he told her the truth. "Boss brought the three of them to Tiger Cliff!" Tang Meng admitted.

Cao Shanshan took one look at the darkening sky and said with fear and confusion in her voice, "Are they crazy? Going to the Tiger Cliff in this kind of weather, do they want to get drenched in the rain?"

Zhang Ling then proceeded to ask, "What about you guys? Where are you going?"

Tang Meng had no time to spare and updated them as they walk along the street outside the restaurant. "We're driving to Qingshui Lake." Tang Meng hastily said.

Right now, Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling could not be bothered by anything else and chased after the three of them. "We want to go too!" They chimed in unison.


Right now, Ling Yun and the other three had arrived at the main street. Chaos had broken loose on the roads as the streets were filled with the sounds of pedestrians running, onlookers discussing, and drivers cussing. What an absolute mess.

Ling Yun looked up at the clouds once again and looked towards the southwest of Qingshui Lake. The excitement in his eyes was getting more prominent and his eyes were getting brighter as his lips curled into a mysterious smile.

"Brother, why are you bringing us to Dragon Mountain?" Ning Lingyu was completely unaffected by the noise on the street as she tilted her head and asked Ling Yun out of curiosity.

"That's right, Big Brother Ling Yun. It's going to rain cats and dogs real soon, why are we going to Dragon Mountain? None of us have umbrellas anyway." Xue Meining also asked in confusion.

Whereas Tie Xiaohu kept his mouth sealed as he towered behind Ling Yun as if he was just Ling Yun's shadow.

Ling Yun looked at Ning Lingyu lovingly before turning to look at Xue Meining. He then smiled faintly and said, "Don't worry, it's not going to rain anytime soon. The earliest it will rain would probably be in the evening."

After that, he turned around and told Tie Xiaohu, "Later on, you have to follow closely. If you can't keep up with my speed, just go right back to the Green Dragon Gang!"

Apart from wanting to show him something special, the reason that Ling Yun brought Tie Xiaohu along with him was to give him another trial. Now that Tie Xiaohu had undergone internal cleansing and just finished his lunch, it was the perfect timing for him to train Tie Xiaohu.

A wave of determination flashed through Tie Xiaohu's squinted eyes as he nodded slightly without uttering a single word.

Ling Yun chuckled and reached out both of his arms, pulling Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining into an embrace amidst their screams. Like a bullet fired from a gun, he began dashing towards the lake with stunning speed!

Tie Xiaohu immediately began taking large strides, following close behind!

A faint smile crossed Ling Yun's lips as he looked down at Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining in his arms. He told them, "Big Brother is bringing you to see a dragon!"

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