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Chapter 550 - We Come In Peace

"Strange, why did they go for the South Barren?" Deep inside an inhospitable forest in the monster race, a beautiful woman raised her head and watched the ten falling stars. Her eyes were filled with surprise as she mumbled, "The South Barren is the Zhong Li Celestial Race's homebase, although Lord Xia's spirit was sacrificed by Bi Xie Celestial Emperor, the Zhong Li Celestial Race still holds the Martial Divine Masters and their own gods. They are one of the hardest bones to bite on. Why did they choose South Barren instead of the Great Wilderness?

"In stark contrast, the Great Wilderness is the weakest and easiest to take on. The other races have their own ultimate means to protect themselves, but the Great Wilderness belongs to the human race. Although they have many divine weapons, they don't have any gods or any particularly powerful Qi Practitioners."

"Furthermore, that human brat of the Great Wilderness is the biggest enemy of our insect race!

The beautiful woman gritted her teeth hard and she mumbled to herself in deep hatred, "He sabotaged my plans so many times. I conquered the Gu Diao Celestial Race perfectly without anyone suspecting it, but he just had to expose me! Not only that, but he is the one who destroyed the insect planet and nearly annihilated the insect race! He even dared to enslave our insect disciples and command them like his servants. He also stole our divine weapons and used it as his own! If it weren't for the gods still searching for me, I would been gone to the Great Wilderness and killed him with my own hands already!"

There was another god standing beside the beautiful woman, he had a small body and short limbs. He asked, "Mother Da Zhen, shall we go to the South Barren and reunite with them?"

The beautiful woman was precisely the mother god Zhong Yue encountered in the Gu Diao Celestial Race. After her identity was exposed, she became wanted by the gods and was forced into hiding ever since.

As for the insect god beside her, it was the possessed Yanmo He. She was the one who came to rescue him from his plight.

"Yes, we will." Rays flashed across Mother Da Zhen's eyes. She then sneered coldly, "They chose the wrong place to land, by landing there, they will be faced with a blood battle soon. This will cause the Ancestral Star gods to take action. However, with the two of us joining in the fight, it will become a force of twelve gods. Even the Ancestral Star gods would have to reconsider their choices to go against us!"

She led the insect god and flew toward the South Barren, "With enough power, we will be able to initiate a round of negotiation. What can't be achieve with blood and metal might be done through words!"

The insect god was puzzled, he asked, "Mother, you mean…"

"Negotiate with the Ancestral Star gods, a godly war will be avoided in return for a piece of land for the insect race." Mother Da Zhen laughed smugly, "Also, they will have to hand Zhong Yue over to us! The Ancestral Star races stand on their own, only when we wage war against them will they cooperate and rise against us.

"if we initiate negotiations with them, their inherently different agendas will serve to put us on the advantage. In order to ensure their own interests and benefits, they will not hesitate in selling away their tentative allies. I been here for so many years, I understand very well their greed and self-serving nature!"

The insect god exclaimed in shock, "Would they really hand Zhong Yue over to us? Would they really willing to hand us a piece of land?"

Mother Da Zhen smiled back, "Fight with us, the gods die and some of the races might even be completely annihilated. Under this threat, I assure you that Zhong Yue will only seem like a minor concession in their minds.

"Furthermore, after Zhong Yue is forced out of Swords Gate, they will immediately pounce on Swords Gate and plunder all the wealth from the Great Wilderness like a pack of hungry wolves. I seen way too many incidents like this happening in the Ancestral Star."

Soon after, the two reached the South Barren and rendezvoused with the other insect and mother gods. Mother Da Zhen met with the other four mother gods and they had a small discussion. Mother Da Zhen was then appointed the leader of the twelve gods. The first order she gave was to pass a message to the Ancestral Star, "The insect race is here to seek peace!"

"The twelve gods are here to seek refuge, we are here for a place to live, a place to settle in, not to fight for the Ancestral Star! We come in peace!"

"We have no intention to wage war with any one of you, we are willing to live in harmony. We are here to negotiate and resolve the long-standing disputes between us all!"

The message caused the world erupt in a clamor.

The ten falling stars immediately attracted the attention of the forces in Ancestral Star. The many races sent out scouts to gather information. After all, the ten suns in the Ancestral Star had already tossed the Ancestral Star into a precarious state, with many races in a state of tension.

This time, when the ten falling stars appeared, the Ancestral Star races thought it would be another ten innate spirit bodies that were emerging. The closest to the falling stars was the South Barren Zhong Li Celestial Race, they were also the first to reach the crashing site.

When the Zhong Li Celestial Race scouts reached the crashing site, they were all eaten away by the insect gods. The missing scouts raised the attention of the Zhong Li Celestial Race's Martial Divine Master.

Before the insect gods and mother gods made a move, the Martial Divine Master had already found out about their arrival and gathered all of the gods in the Ancestral Star.

Right away, the Ancestral Star gods came together in the Xiao Mang Celestial Race supreme temple in discussion.

But before the Ancestral Star gods were able to come out with a solution, the insect gods told the world that they weren't here for a fight, but for peace. That they were willing to sit down and talk with the many races.

Of course, one who believed that the insect race was here in peace would either be a naive child or a pure idiot. But the fact that the insect race had no intention for a fight still came as a huge surprise to the Ancestral Star. After all, the insect race was a bloodthirsty race, they killed and ate everything with utter disregard, including their own.

It was because of this that they were universally feared and despised by all races. After all, even the celestial race and demon race only ate the humans, not their own people.

Although they all knew that the insect race was not being completely honest, they still went along with it. After all, the insect race conveyed a very clear message, the twelve gods on their side and the Ancestral Star races didn't want a peaceful settlement, they would not hesitate to wage war and cause major havoc before they were killed.

"Since the insect race voiced their goodwill and is willing to resolve the disputes, we will not act viciously for a war either." The Ancestral Star gods discussed among themselves and agreed. They told the insect gods, "Good. The peace talk will be held in South Barren's Heavenly Saint Palace."

A few days later, the twelve insect gods descended on the South Barren's Heavenly Saint Palace and so did the eight Ancestral Star gods of the many races. At this point in time, the Heavenly Saint Palace was the center of attention for the whole Ancestral Star, everyone had their eyes and ears fixated on it.

As the ruler of the South Barren, the Zhong Li Celestial Race was faced with a great deal of stress. Envoys from the races were in constant communication with their homelands, and the Great Wilderness' human race was no exception.

The arrival of the insect race was already a huge surprise to the Ancestral Star, and their intention for an truce came as an even greater shock to the many races, but the Ancestral Star gods that had actually agreed to a settlement were trembling!

There weren't many gods on the Ancestral Star, thirteen went to the insect race and only one survived, in addition to the seven gods that were in the Ancestral Star guarding over the Ancient Frozen Capital, only eight gods were alive now.

Clearly, even these eight gods didn't want to wage war against the twelve insect race gods. They would prefer a peaceful settlement over a war that neither side would win.

Soon after, news came from the Heavenly Saint Palace. The mother gods asked for a piece of land for the insect race to live in.

This caused a clamor within the Ancestral Star races but it wasn't shocking at all. After all, it was already expected for the insect race to demand a piece of land of their own.

Then, a day later, the eight gods agreed after rounds and rounds of negotiation with the insect race. The Great Wilderness, South Barren, East Barren and West Barren would each take out a piece of land to hand out to the insect race.

Another two days passed before the insect race voiced their last demand, the Ancestral Star was requested to hand over the insect race's greatest nemesis — Zhong Yue of the Great Wilderness' Swords Gate!

A mother god raised her voice in anger, "Zhong Yue crushed the insect planet, annihilated the insect race, plundered our divine weapons, and caused the death of over twenty insect gods. He is the sole reason why we were forced to seek refuge on the Ancestral Star. So long as he is alive, we will not be able to make peace with our situation!"

The news trembled the world, various emotions engulfed the Ancestral Star livings; some were shocked, some were in anger but the more common reactions was joy and happiness.

Zhong Yue really destroyed the insect planet's insect race. He forced the insect gods to the position where they were at now. He had rendered merits that far exceeded any of the gods'!

After all, if the insect planet and insect race weren't eradicated, it would ultimately be the Ancestral Star that would be crushed!

No one would be able to stop the endless swarms of insect experts and numerous insect gods if they weren't killed.

With Zhong Yue destroying the insect planet and wiping away the insect race, he had saved the lives of the whole Ancestral Star!

"Don't worry, Zhong Yue has done a great service to the many races of the Ancestral Star, the eight gods will not hand him out." This was the sentiment that was echoed across most of the Ancestral Star.

In the Heavenly Saint Palace, a mother god said, "Peace will not be possible unless he is not handed over to us!

"We come in peace, we desire peace as much as you do. Is the life of a single human equal to the value of the peace we all seek? Although the insect race are pacifists, it doesn't mean that we are afraid of war!"

Soon enough, there were Qi Practitioners who said, "Zhong Yue has to face with the consequences of his own actions, I ask all of my fellow Ancestral Star livings, is he not a worthy price for peace? Can he be compared to the weight of millions, if not trillions of lives? Are we to bear the ramification of his actions?"

"Hand Zhong Yue over!"

"Hand him over and we will have peace forever, why shouldn't we?"

"The humans are petty slaves in the first place to begin with, the whole race can be sacrificed for our peace, let alone a single one of them. This is a deal more than worthy, this is an act of justice!"

"Zhong Yue has caused many troubles to us, more than what Feng Xiaozhong brought to us. He should be taken down!"

Within the loud uproar, there were some Qi Practitioners that fought back, "But Zhong Yue destroyed the insect planet, causing the deaths of the insect gods and saving the lives of many. He saved us and the Ancestral Star! How can we sell him out?"

But such opinions were drowned within the sea of discord that called for Zhong Yue to be given up to the insect race.

In the Heavenly Saint Palace, the Zhu Jian god, Zhu Jiumu stood up for Zhong Yue, "Senior martial brothers, Zhong Yue has rendered great deeds to the Ancestral Star…"

But the gods interrupted before he could continue, "Senior Martial Brother Jiumu, if Zhong Yue is not handed out, is the Ancestral Star meant to shed our blood and sacrifice our lives? Senior Martial Brother Jiumu, do not take peace for granted!"

Then soon after, the Heavenly Saint Palace released the latest news. The eight gods reached to a final agreement with the insect race. The insect race would be given a piece of land to live in, and Zhong Yue would be handed over. After this, the insect race cannot raise any form of war nor do they have any right to their lost insect divine weapons.

In the end, the eight gods signed a treaty with the insect gods and the settlement was ratified.

The world cheered for the eight gods as the Ancestral Star celebrated their newfound peace.

Except for one race.

Few days later, seven gods descended down on Swords Gate, Zhu Jiumu did not come as he felt regret for failing to protect the young human.

The lead of the seven gods was the female god from the West Barren Bi Fang Celestial Race. She stared at the Great Wilderness emotionlessly even after the whole of Swords Gate was up in arms against them.

The gods were stopped outside of Swords Gate as the many human disciples cast the divine weapons up in mid-air.

Unlike the other parts of the world, Swords Gate was the only place that did not rejoice in this peace. They were all mired in anger, sadness, and disappointment toward the gods. Their hearts burned with fire as they swore to defend Zhong Yue even if that meant going against the gods!

But this time, the seven gods brought along their races' saint weapons with them. The gods had come prepared; only the Bai Zhe Clan didn't brought any of the weapons with them.

"An impregnable stronghold formed from a unity of will?"

The Bi Fang goddess looked over at the Swords Gate Mountain and found the auras of the human experts in the whole Swords Gate combining into an unbreakable wall. She laughed, "Is Swords Gate ready to fight against us and die together for just one man? Zhong Yue, hand yourself over to us. You shall face the consequences for your reckless actions, or do you plan on letting your people die alongside you?"

"Consequences?" A loud laughter descended upon them from atop Swords Gate Mountain. Zhong Yue stood on the golden summit and answered, "Hahaha, it's really a shame that we humans have to share the same planet as you. What's even more ridiculous is that we are still regarded as your food! So you can mark my words now. If I live through this, I will make you all food to us humans when I return!"

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