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Chapter 5

September 8, 2018

Every morning, Yun Yun awakes at 8 o'clock, eats breakfast, and then sits firmly in front of his computer.

The youngster had an incurable internet addiction which continued for four years.

At the moment, there were absolutely no players online in the morning, whether it were China or the entire Asian server. Yun Yun had to settle with practicing his McCree in the training range.

Maintaining both projectile and hitscan heroes at the same time was challenging. The majority of players would discover that it ruined their aim.

Nevertheless, Yun Yun didn't have any issues with McCree. He was just as accustomed to aiming with McCree as he was with Hanzo. He always played half of his games as Hanzo and the other half as McCree every night.

He was used to switching back and forth between thinking styles and was able to clearly distinguish the differences of playing the two heroes.

What should McCree do? What should Hanzo do? Although their bullets and arrows flew at completely different speeds, Yun Yun rarely confused the timing of shooting.

The only problem that truly bothered him was that he often forgot that McCree couldn't climb walls like Hanzo could, so when in desperation to escape, he would stupidly face the wall and hit spacebar.

After waiting for the Asian players to finally get out of bed, he began today's first competetive game.

[Team] wiyo: we need 2 sup

His teammates insisted on "double support" to go along with the team's Lucio.

Yun Yun did not hesitate to select Ana.

Ana was a support hero with the abilty to heal and do damage with the same sniper, depending on who she shot. She was currently very popular in the Asian server and could be seen in almost every competitive game.

The heroes Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Torbjorn were no longer considered a rarity in matches. If Yun Yun noticed them on the enemy team, he became unusually happy.

The game's outcome of victory or defeat didn't matter to Yun Yun; instead, he valued improvement with each of his matches.

He was very fond of Ana, but unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to try her out. Too many people mained Ana and even the rotation for each game wasn't enough to allow him to fill the support position.

For his safety, Yun Yun positioned himself behind his group. There were too many threats that could easily kill Ana. Not to mention that in the middle of a fight, whoever he manages to sleep could accidentally be woken up by his teammates.

When playing amongst strangers, Ana is best suited for hiding in the back in case a Genji came over to harass her, like now.

Yun Yun effortlessly landed a sleep dart on the double-jumping Genji. Before he could do anything to him, the Genji was woken up and took off, leaving Yun Yun to once again focus on the direction of his teammates.

Yun Yun lacked the self confidence to deal with a Genji with unknown strength.

However, minutes later, he discovered the enemy Genji was very amusing. Since he had already been slept once before, everytime he engaged in battle he was visibly cautious against him.

He readied his pinkie on the shift button as he observed Genji pull out his blade and dash towards him.

Another sleep dart.

Having had multiple battles with Genji in the past, he accumulated 1v1 fighting experience when dealing with Genji, and he found the most entertaining thing to do.

Sleeping Genji.

Once again, Yun Yun, who had slept an ulting Genji, had already burst into laughter. He glanced at the "zZz" Genji and shot directly at his head. He felt that this game was too interesting.

Soon enough, healing his teammates and killing the enemies became unimportant. All that mattered was sleeping the mobile Genji that fled for his life.

After spending a whole day gleefully playing Ana and sleeping Genji, Yun Yun switched on his livestream with full satisfaction.

He logged into his account, and a few seconds later, recieved a whisper.

[ZUM]: Hanzo, wanna group?

ZUM was the Ana that Yun Yun had encountered before in a previous game.

He was a Widowmaker main in season one, and a stubborn, yet sharp Ana main in season two.

Yun Yun held a favorable impression on ZUM's strong abilities. ZUM didn't participate in any nonsense and in the face of abusive teammates, he still efficiently completed his tasks as a support.

"Okay, ah." He invited ZUM to form a group. "But I want to play Ana today!"

WoKangbao: I think that Kangbao’s heart is weeping tonight.

After dying in battle, Kang Ming left the keyboard and snatched the mouse next to him. He immediately sent the barrage commenter a 10 minute silence ban.

The large crimson letters displayed on the livestream prompted "WoKangbao was banned by the streamer, Coming, for 10 minutes." Many laughter-filled comments flashed by the barrage, but Kang Ming was too lazy to read them. He felt exhausted and just wanted to play Genji.

Sadly, after reaching Master rank, his Genji simply couldn't keep up.

In addition, in his Masters team, there was already an incredibly strong Genji. Even if Kang Ming wasn't willing to admit it, Lao Zhou's Genji was a type of fire that he couldn't catch up to in his entire lifetime.

"StarPool, someone is coming," Lao Zhou warned his team's support.

"It's all right, I'm going around." The moment StarPool heard footsteps, she had already escaped around the wall.

"In five seconds, give me nano."

The nano-boosted Genji released his ultimate, pulled off a wave of mass destruction, and achieved victory.

Following Kang Ming's successful return to Masters, he basically grouped up with friends for every match. After all, he refused to get stuck with another foolish, meng teammate that would only lead him to hell.

Despite his group members emitting shows of love, he seemed to be alone.

Traveling to Ilios.

"Oh, ShadowBlade." said Lao Zhou's healer, StarPool.

Kang Ming faintly remembered the name from the (biased, stubborn, flirty, headshot, and cat-like) Hanzo.

[Match] ShadowBlade: 0.0

[Match] StarPool: -w-

"This is a small world," Yun Yun cheerfully read from the barrage while picking Ana. "Yes, it is the professional angel from before, and the powerful Genji player is there too."

Also, Coming.

Overwatch players quarrel and discuss topics, predictions, and patches on the forums. Among the players who participate in discussions groups is Kang Ming.

He was handsome, had good technique, could analyze, and had relavant evaluations. He engaged in his first professional match as a live commentator, and afterwards his fanbase grew to reach the entire Overwatch circle

Ultimately, the predictions he put out have never failed.

In cooperation with his partner, WinterMoon, Kang Ming vowed that "Str.7 has already used six ultimates, they will definitely lose the next group battle." Kang Ming gave them no face in his assertion. In case there were any mistakes, Kang Ming chose to be optimistic and straightforward.

At the time, everyone believed that the biased Laur commentator was aware of Str.7's absolute dominance and superiority, so he deliberately said the opposite to provoke sensationalism. In the following moment, Str.7's fight against Laur for Volskaya Industries point B showed people how a mistake can lead to a comeback.

Up until now, Kang Ming was rumored to only have his good looks to depend on, but now he reached the highest peak of fame. His "optimistic and straightforward" way of thinking became a reference and lingered in the barrage.

From that moment on, Kang Ming was proclaimed as the most professional and attractive commentator of Overwatch. All kinds of commentary from various matches and discussion posts were pulled out to make a comparison. The rest weren't as professional, weren't as handsome, and as long as the merits were analyzed individually, Kang Ming was the best.

Yet, this person only paid attention and appeared at Laur's matches; most games that he was invited to were politely rejected.

Yun Yun recalled Kang Ming's Genji from before. He was indeed noble and cool. When he was losing hp, he never shouted into the mic for help. Even when being successively killed, he remained silent.

The enemy three-stack was practically unbeatable.

StarPool, a professional support.

Lao Zhou (Laurent), a Top 500 Genji.

Coming, a Top 500 McCree.

"Is Kang Ming going to take Genji?" Yun Yun glanced at the barrage and denied it, "Kang Ming's Genji is inadequate when compared to Laurent."

The teasing expression "Kang Ming is the greatest noob when playing Genji" did not alert his barrage of his Genji's true level. They were too busy enthusiastically discussing Kang Ming's feat of getting four kills with Dragonblade. The original 300,000 devoted fans wailed in anguish, "My Kangbao's noob Genji is not even one-tenth of Lao Zhou's."

"Genji came to look for you." ZUM warned in the voice chat after recognizing Genji's figure from his sniper lens.

When Genji's red light streaked before his eyes, Yun Yun rapidly shot out the sleep dart and the white mechanical body fell to the ground.

[Match] Coming: …..

"Got slept."

"Could kill Hanzo, but can't kill Ana?"

"Hahaha, isn't that Hanzo?" The barrage comments zipped by his screen but Kang Ming could only see Ana stooping over his body to look at him.

"Don't!" Even if he shouted, he couldn't stop ShadowBlade from performing the combo of shoot, nade, and melee to kill him.

Kang Ming's body laid on the ground for five seconds when the match ended.

"At least you suceeded in holding Ana's attention so we could win the game," Lao Zhou comforted.

Kang Ming didn't feel happy at all. Couldn't the Ana change into a younger and prettier skin? The image of being killed by an elderly mother was too unsightly!

"My bad, I'm sorry," Yun Yun apologized to the teammates in the spawn room. When he abandoned the point to deal with Genji, his teammates couldn't defeat the opponent without his healing.

"Give me Ana." ZUM, who had originally chosen Widowmaker, said decisively while vacating a damage position.

"Guess I'm destined to be Hanzo." Yun Yun commented, "However, Kang Ming's Genji is still inferior to Laurent's."

He turned around and climbed to the second floor, occupying high ground.

Ever since he experienced dying from Ana singlehandedly, Kang Ming resolutely gave up flanking and chose to assist his teammates in the frontlines.


"Fuck." Kang Ming sighed briefly as his death resounded throughout the livestream.

Just a moment ago he was Ana, why did he exchange it for Hanzo? Kang Ming didn't check the enemy's specific team comp, but he recognized the familiar figure when he died.

"I'll take care of Hanzo," Kang Ming huffed. "Lao Zhou, you take care of Genji."

He switched to McCree, then immediately rushed out regardless of whether Lao Zhou approved or not.

"Kang Ming, don't 1v1 ShadowBlade."

Kang Ming ignored the warning. He once killed this Hanzo countless of times in a previous match. Should he be afraid of him?

He rushed directly to the front of the battle and saw Hanzo on the ground, concentrating to the fight ahead and shooting arrows behind cover.

Kang Ming chose to flank around the corner then instantly launched an attack. Unexpectedly, just as his flash bomb was going to come in contact and stun him, Hanzo nimbly jumped out of range and killed him with an arrow.

"I told him not to 1v1…" Lao Zhou sighed. He swept over to StarPool who threw a biotic grenade at ShadowBlade and joined together to kill him.

The audience was distressed and filled with heartache. "My Kang Ming is still so young."

"Suffered the consequences for not listening."

"Shouldn't have done that."

Kang Ming wasn't in the mood to pay attention to the barrage. This Hanzo gave him a completely different feeling from before, the ShadowBlade that he killed easily before seemed like a figment of his imagination.

It wasn't Kang Ming's fault that he dodged the flash bomb, rather, it was ShadowBlade's keen judgement from hearing footsteps earlier.

This technical skill of avoiding harm, even Kang Ming didn't have the confidence to say that he could also do it.

"Lao Zhou, do you know ShadowBlade?"

"Yep." Lao Zhou's nanoboosted Genji collaborated with StarPool and charged through the enemy lines. "He plays Hanzo, Zarya, in fact, and McCree pretty well."

If Lao Zhou, or Laurent, the coach of a domestic top-quality team, claimed that he was pretty good, then that basically equated to "Adjustments. Training. Then he could become a professional player without any problems."

Meanwhile, his evaluation of Kang Ming's Genji was always "put in more effort."

Kang Ming had been putting in more effort for a full three months, and he could only raise Genji to barely meet Diamond with great difficulty. He always had a poor understanding of time-lapse trajectory.

It was if he was stuck in a bottleneck and would never find a breakthrough.

More specifically, when he witnessed Lao Zhou's Genji get a triple kill.

Among those kills was Hanzo.

Althoug he hadn't played with Laurent for long, he was aware that his mastery of Genji permits Yun Yun to concede.

It wasn't that Laurent was an expert of Genji, but rather he knew exactly what to do with every hero in different fights. Just now, Yun Yun was confident that he could stop Genji's Dragonblade, therefore he was unguarded against Ana's sleep dart.

StarPool's Ana.

Lao Zhou cooperated flawlessly with his support.

"I couldn't sleep him." ZUM's Ana attempted to sleep Genji, but missed.

Yun Yun was killed by McCree after being slept, and as he watched the chaotic scenes through the death replay, he announced, "This is normal."

After all, when Laurent is the enemy, it's easy for him to evade sleep darts.

[Match] ShadowBlade: Let's group up!

The game has ended and the outcome appeared on the screen.

Yun Yun and ZUM joined team chat and asked, "Laurent, StarPool's Ana is so slippery and way better, so can ZUM and I play as talon members to restore the empire?"

The team captain, Kang Ming, became very upset when he heard this.

Could it be his McCree wasn't difficult to deal with?

"Wait a minute." Lao Zhou invited a new teammate and upgraded into a six member group. "I want to try this talon restoring the empire effect."

If you're going by standards, six-stack is the best choice because the cooperation and the way of thinking between strangers don't necessarily reach the same height.

In addition, if random teammates saw their "talon restoring empire" mentality, they would explode.

When a Widowmaker and a Hanzo appear on the same team, a hidden voice line will be activated.

Widowmaker: "Talon could restore your family's empire."

Hanzo: "But at what cost?"

The price that the players discovered was a deduction of 50 SR.

LaurXD, who just joined the team, was a player on the Laur team.

At Lao Zhou's invitation, Kang Ming became a full-time commentator on the Laur team, so he was familiar with the players on the team, especially everyone's playstyle.

In the beginning of the first season, the Laur team swept the e-sports circle. Only the well-known professional team, DeGR, was capable of making the match fifty-fifty. In the first professional match, DeGR played against BO7, had three rounds of overtime, finished 10 matches, and were awarded the slogan "Dawn of A New Era"

Even if Laur was defeated in the end, they still achieved second place and was the default best team in the community.

DeGR would be defeated from a few mistakes, and Laur would only win a little bit.

These well-deserved and wondeful games didn't tire Kang Ming out at all.

The livestreams on both sides were entirely different styles.

Kang Ming's barrage began a heated discussion on the fatalistic rivalry between Laur team and DeGR team, while in Yun Yun's barrage, the atmosphere was still meng and lovely.

"The Talon Empire has no younger brothers to look after. QAQ"

"But there's a good Hanzo. >.<"

The thing about B Station that satisifed Yun Yun the most was the audience. They basically didn't care about the e-sports circle. They simply watched the livestream, complimented him, and didn't leave; it's simplicity and straightforwardness was reassuring.

Yun Yun hadn't known that Laurent was the coach of a professional team for long, but since then he silently decided to avoid too much contact.

The world of e-sports formed a gap so wide in his heart that he didn't have the courage to face it.

Their six-stack were at last matched with opponents of similar strengths. While the Master ranked opponents were competitive, Kang Ming and Yun Yun's team only thought about how to make it work.

Gibraltar's dazzling evening lights loaded in, and the portraits of Hanzo and Widowmaker appeared in the team select.

Consequently, Kang Ming selected Genji.

Resolute, brave, nonnegotiable.

The team's atmosphere suddenly became strange. The tacit understanding was that there were only two damage heroes per game, and Widowmaker and Hanzo have already been locked on. After the appearence of Genji, it seemed awkward.

Widowmaker's icon changed back to default, as if the player was thinking about what hero was appropriate to replace

"No need to change." Lao Zhou didn't believe there was an abnormality in their team comp. "XD, you take McCree so we can be directly 1:4:1."

Fortunately, they were in a group. If these were strangers they would have exploded in under a minute.

Widowmake and Hanzo restore the empire, Genji and McCree charge into battle, and Reinhardt and Ana tremble in fear.

1:4:1, this team comp of one tank, four assault heroes, and one support seemed unlikely to win.

Translator Notes:

there are 6 heroes on a team and everyone usually goes with 2 damage heroes, 2 tanks, and 2 supports.

#-stack – a group

Lao is not apart of Zhou's name, "lao/老" means someone that is "older" and is placed before someone's surname. i left it untranslated because i thought it sounded better than saying Old Zhou.

SR – points that make up season rank

please tell me if you find errors!

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