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12/16/2018 Translator: Blue

Everlasting Sword God - Chapter 13 - Dream Sword Manor

Under the direction of Shen Zhenyi, Chu Huoluo pushed his wheelchair across the garden. They walked over a stone bridge, through a small corridor, and then entered the eastern courtyard.

While walking, they saw several servants who looked at them with shock and then quickly bowed respectfully.

The Third Son was the pride of the sect. He was finally willing to do down the back hill and reside in the Abandoned Sword Villa once more.

"It seems much more desolate here than the West Courtyard." Chu Huoluo found the ground unkempt and overgrown with weeds. She was a little angry. "Didn't your eldest brother say it was all cleaned up?"

Shen Zhenyi smiled. "Don't worry, it was like this when I was living here too."

No one was allowed to enter this area. Only about every half a year did someone come to clean it up a little. Although he hadn't lived here in more than a year, this habit was still maintained.

This place looks so lonely! Chu Huo Luo thought in her head. She walked across the road gazing at the unruly grass, pushing Shen Zhenyi all the way to the Dream Sword Manor.

A gold plaque inscribed with the words Dream Sword Manor hung on the open door. The halls were built with polished green bricks. A jade bird cage hung under the eaves, and a parrot shone with bright feathers in the pattern of the stripes on a tiger. Everything was still fairly clean.

"The boy is back! The prince is back! uuuuuuuuuuuu!" The parrot immediately shouted with joy upon seeing Shen Zhenyi. Its voice was hoarse and strange. Chu Huoluo didn't know why Shen Zhenyi kept something like that around.

Shen Zhenyi seemed to know what Chu Huoluo was thinking and explained. "Back then, my swordsmanship was like a bird. And I was like a cage. I kept this bird around to entertain me. If you haven't noticed, it's a little bit empty here."

Chu Huoluo couldn't understand this guy at all. Shen Zhenyi taught her things, most of which she didn't understand, but memorized anyway. But this?

How could swordsmanship be a bird? How can a person be a cage? Whatever. Ordinary people can't understand geniuses anyways.

"How about now?" She could tell Shen Zhenyi had more to say, and she was curious.


Shen Zhenyi murmured and waved his hand, the door of the jade cage burst open. The tiger-striped parrot flew out happily, but only hovered in the air, chattering for a while, not flying far.

"Now, I've broken down the basics and taken a step back from all of the complications. But real swordsmanship is a vast sea filled with leaping fish and high-flying birds. It's just the art of the sword, but I need to find another place to improve my skills.

Chu Huoluo didn't understand very much, feeling that talking with the Third Prince about this subject just gave her headaches. The difference in IQs made people feel pretty small and unable to keep up when discussing things with him.

Chu Huoluo pushed Shen Zhenyi into the Dream Sword Manor, only to find that there was almost nothing there. She wondered whether this was the natural preference of Shen Zhenyi. While she was day-dreaming, a sentence entered her ears.

"You can go back now."

"Go back?"

She looked around. Besides the two of them, there wasn't anyone else present. Shen Zhenyi couldn't even move. How could she leave him here alone?

"I was fine in the back hill, too." Shen Zhenyi softly reminded her.

For Shen Shenyi, who it seemed could do everything, it seemed that the severing of meridians and crippling of legs and feet had never been a problem. He lived alone in the White Tower of the back hill quite comfortably.

"But... You just left seclusion from the back hill. Now you don't have to shut yourself up in the Dream Sword Manor."

Chu Huoluo suddenly realized that she knew nothing about Shen Zhenyi's life. How on earth did he grow up with such a temper? Has he lived alone since childhood?

"Please leave."

Shen Zhenyi didn't feel like explaining. With a gentle wave of his hand, Chu Huoluo found herself in a strange state like she was drifting through clouds and fog. When she snapped back into reality, she was already somehow standing outside of the Dream Sword Manor.


The gate closed.

The parrot flew around her head, cawing like it was laughing at her.

Chu Huoluo pouted and stamped her foot, watching the light shine in the Dream Sword Manor. Then she turned around and helplessly left.

Shen Zhenyi listened to her footsteps as they gradually faded away and then showed a small smile. He calmly went into the hall. Stretching out his right hand, he lit the ancient copper lamp in the corner.

He stood up.

So he could actually stand up?

The wheelchair was left alone in the middle of the hall. He then moved forward.

Shen Zhenyi's movements were light, like walking on clouds. But every step was infused with Sword Qi which flowed through his meridians like a sharp sword. It pulsed and pumped from his knees to his toes.

Ordinary people would experience an intolerable pain. But it was nothing to Shen Zhenyi. His face remained unchanged with an expression of indifference.

He looked very lonely walking back and forth in the shabby room making a circle in the Dream Sword Manor.

The faster he moved, the more stable he became. A high-ranking martial-arts practitioner would be surprised at this event. Even a glimpse of this moment would be enough to give insight into a brilliant technique that could be handed down from generation to generation.

But for Shen Zhenyi, it was just like normally walking.

The sky gradually darkened, the sun set, the moon rose into the sky, its pure silver light shone over the Nine Hells.

Under the moonlight, Shen Zhenyi's figure in white clothes moved unpredictably. The shadows on the walls flew around in a disordered frenzy.

The brilliance of the moonlight, as if pulled in by Shen Zhenyi's gravity, formed the image of a glittering and translucent sword on the ground.

It gradually became more and more clear.


Sorry guys, my grades haven't been what I want them to be, and finals is next week. I'll keep translating and uploading though.

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