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Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 58

After this, Shang Jin’s interest flagged, and even rode the rollercoaster without expression.

“What happened to you?”

Shang Jin shook his head and couldn’t say whether he was frustrated or happy. If you said that he lost in character to someone else, then fine, but to lose in appearance, how could he be reconciled. But in turn, this also meant that Ye Zhou was attracted to his character.

Ye Zhou took out the lunch box from his bag and said, “I picked the strawberries in the two pots and washed them this morning. Eat them?”

Shang Jin looked at the lunch box and suddenly released his tension. “Your aesthetic is really unique.”

A blonde princess was affixed to the transparent lid and strawberry stickers framed her. This style didn’t match with a grown man.

“You’re so annoying!” Ye Zhou shoved the box into his hands and explained, “I thought Youyou would come so I specially bought these stickers.”

Speaking of Youyou, Shang Jin was a little worried. He walked over to a bench and sat down, saying, “We’ll pick up Youyou early in the afternoon.” Usually her little mouth couldn’t stop talking, but she was very quiet in the car today. Sometimes, this kind of quiet child was more worrisome than a noisy one.

“Sure, anyways, playing here and there, it’s all similar.” Ye Zhou leaned back in the chair and the sunlight pricked through his closed eyes. He just wanted to sit on the Ferris wheel today that he didn’t ride last time.

Shang Jin had little interest in these places. He’d proposed it because Ye Zhou and Tang Dongdong had come during the grand opening. If he didn’t come with Ye Zhou once, he’d always have an indescribable feeling of not being able to compare.

After eating half the box of strawberries, Ye Zhou was being lulled to sleep from basking in the sun. He yawned and pushed Shang Jin. “Let’s go to the haunted house and cool down.”

There weren’t many people in the haunted house at noon, with only seven people in this round, including Ye Zhou and Shang Jin. The majority of them were boys with only two girls.

One of the younger sisters hid behind her boyfriend. The boyfriend clasped the girl’s hand and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

Ye Zhou looked at Shang Jin and somewhat regretted that Shang Jin wasn’t afraid.

Shang Jin misunderstood his ‘craving’ look and said, “They’re all fake. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of these?”

Ye Zhou immediately black-lined. He glared at Shang Jin and said, “I think you should really be alone for a lifetime.” This was also because Ye Zhou wasn’t afraid of these things. If it were a girl and her boyfriend had said such a thing in an exaggerated sarcastic tone before she entered the haunted house, she’d definitely leave him behind over summer vacation.

Shang Jin shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then I’m really sorry. The goods have been sold and can’t be returned.”

“Can’t you say a comforting word or two like I did before?”

“You’re not so weak. What would I comfort you on?” Entering the haunting house, they were surrounded by darkness. Shang Jin pulled Ye Zhou’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Zhou passively let Shang Jin pull him forward. He didn’t know why, but hearing Shang Jin’s remark, he actually felt happier than if he’d heard comforting words.

Could this be the so-called ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’?

“What can you see in this darkness?” This was the first time Shang Jin came into a haunted house. He’d thought that he’d see a lot of skeleton props or monster corpses, but he didn’t expect that after entering, there was only darkness and more darkness. “This music is too bad.”

“Are you taking it as seeing a movie? Still want Dolby surround sound.” Ye Zhou moved his hands and replaced it with a ten-finger clasp. Shang Jin scratched his palm with his thumb, and Ye Zhou felt like a feather directly scratched his heart, his entire body feeling itchy, but he didn’t know where it itched. “Don’t move around.”

Shang Jin chuckled and pulled him forward, finally coming to a place with a little light.

The gloomy music was replaced by thunder. Ye Zhou was familiar with the scene here and he prompted, “Lower your head, be carefully of bumping it.”

“What?” Shang Jin just asked, only to hear a scream coming from the front.

The originally orderly team fell into chaos. The young couple at the front desperately bolted forward. The team at the back began to scramble and the screams spread. In less than a minute, only Ye Zhou and Shang Jin were left standing together.

With a flash of light, Shang Jin looked at the limb prop shaking over his head. He reached out and blocked it for a moment, then held it and said, “What does this do?”

Ye Zhou hit him with his free hand and said, “Let go of it. Who knows what’s the quality of this prop. What if you broke it?”

” It’s pretty bad if it breaks from a light touch.”

After the ‘bloody’ operation room was a dark corridor.

This time, there was no music in the corridor, and they could only hear the quiet sound of the two people’s footsteps.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps increased by one, and Ye Zhou seemed to feel a tug on his clothes. He was now holding hands with Shang Jin, and Shang Jin was holding his mobile phone in the other hand. The extra hand was definitely not Shang Jin’s.

He stopped and dragged Shang Jin to a standstill. Turning his head, he said puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“Just now, someone pulled my clothes.” Ye Zhou glanced backwards and couldn’t see anything at all in the pitch-black hallway.

Shang Jin flashed the light from his phone, but found no trace of anyone. He certainly didn’t doubt that Ye Zhou had an illusion, but pushed Ye Zhou in front of him and said, “You go in front.”

The two people just started walking when the extra footsteps appeared again, as if specifically wanting them to discover it without any intention of hiding.

Shang Jin swept the back with his peripheral vision and suddenly pulled Ye Zhou into his arms, kissing Ye Zhou’s lips before he had a chance to respond.

Ye Zhou was stupefied, finally reacted and began to struggle. “What are you doing?”

Shang Jin conveniently let go of him and very calmly said, “Let’s go.” As if the man who’d just ‘ambushed’ him wasn’t him.

Ye Zhou exhorted, “Can we not do this in public next time? In case someone sees.”

After such an interruption, Ye Zhou also forgot about the footsteps behind, but oddly enough, the footsteps really disappeared after that kiss.

After the two walked out of the haunted house, a traumatized voice suddenly came from the dark, “Scared me to death. Gays are worthy of being gays, not going the usual way and still flirting in a haunted house.”

Another voice ridiculed, “You dressed up as a ghost but didn’t scare anyone, but were scared by others. Aren’t you disgraceful?”

The two people simply ate and began to line up under the Ferris wheel.

Shang Youyou’s school let out at four, and the two people planned to arrive at the school at 3:30.

Next to the Ferris wheel was the carousel where many children flocked and a person dressed up in a costume was selling balloons beside it.

Shang Jin said, “I’m going to go buy a balloon and give it Youyou.”

“Go ahead.” Shang Jin just took two steps when Ye Zhou reminded him, “Buy a cute one.”

Five minutes later, Shang Jin held a pink kitty balloon and said to Ye Zhou, “Tie it to my hand.”

“Forget it. It’s better to tie it to my hand. You have to drive in a while, so it’s better if I take it now.”

In line for half an hour, it was finally their turn.

Maybe it was because they’d basked in the sun all day so they were a bit exhausted. When they came into Ferris wheel, they were solely engrossed in the blowing air conditioner, and there wasn’t a bit of romantic sweet atmosphere at all.

“It’s not even July yet. Why is it so hot?” Ye Zhou drew a napkin from his backpack and handed one to Shang Jin. He also wiped the sweat off his face. Wiping his hands with a wet wipe, he took out the rest of the strawberries. “Let’s take care of these strawberries. If we leave them any longer, they’d spoiled. These were hand-grown by us and can’t be wasted.”

At the highest point, Ye Zhou suddenly remembered that the people in the dorm hadn’t resolved their misunderstanding. He took out his mobile phone and turned on the selfie mode. He took a picture of Shang Jin holding a strawberry and half of his face. Then, he directly sent it to his circle of friends with the location at the amusement park.

Ye Zhou: Amusement Park Tour [photo]

Ye Zhou who seldom sent out friend posts, once he sent it out, the likes and comments came in like waves, one after the other.

Zhou Wendao: Fuck!!

Chen Shao: !!!

Xu Yangjun: Reconciled??

Wen Renxu: Hidden deep enough!

Zhan Xing: Shit, shit, we’ve moved half your stuff!! Quickly switch it back!

Ye Zhou pulled his mouth. These people wouldn’t have changed the dorms again while he was away, right!

Ye Zhou replied to Zhan Xing: Change it back for me!!

Liu Yutian: Changing it right now!

Classmate A: So the Shang Ye number can be used??

Schoolmate B: Thank heavens!

Schoolmate C: Great! Tomorrow I’ll go pray. This time’s exams are like death!

After a large expanse of comments, he saw the last one.

Su Yin: Male God? Ferris wheel? Ye Zhou, you wait for me!

Ye Zhou’s heart thumped. He’d actually forgotten about Su Yin. It seemed that he’d have to explain to her next time that he had no feelings for Tang Dongdong, but that he’d been unable to hold his position and was successfully drawn in by Shang Jin.

Shang Jin finished eating the strawberries and put the box back in his backpack. He looked up and saw Ye Zhou looking down at his phone. He coughed and Ye Zhou didn’t respond. Shang Jin simply sat down next to Ye Zhou. “What are you looking at?”

Ye Zhou smiled. “They didn’t believe that we were already fine yesterday. I just made a friend post today.”

Shang Jin opened his circle of friends and gave Ye Zhou’s post a Like.

Shang Jin, who never praised others, just gave a thumbs-up. After seeing the two friends collaborating, it improved the credibility of Ye Zhou’s photo.

At this point, A Uni’s black exam week that lasted nearly half a month had finally announced its end!

At the same time, the roommates in 403, 404, and 405 also put down their hanging hearts.

Ye Zhou looked at Shang Jin and wondered if, after they returned back today, he should let the dormmates know the truth about his relationship with Shang Jin. After all, they were friends and they had to stay together for two years. Ye Zhou didn’t think to deceive them, and also was unwilling to deceive them.

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