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Chapter397 – It is actually simple to ask thefarmers to return their fields

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Time passes very fast. It was Lunar New Year.This year, the Feng family did not flaunt their wealth. But the district hadspent a lot of money on fireworks. Feng Yu and Li Na had only met 2 timesduring this period. The both of them had purposely not met each other. The district was too small. Any small incident thathappened will be known throughout the districtwithin half a day, and it will bediscussed among the residents for days.

The Feng family was the district’s wealthiestfamily. News and information about the Feng family had been circulating aroundthe district. Li Na still does not wanther family to know about her relationship with Feng Yu.

The instructions from Bing City had arrived atthe district. It was about the leasing of farmlands in Russia.

Wen Deguang had known about this beforehand andhad asked his men to spread the news. He wants to know how many farmers werewilling to apply. He had wanted more people to go to Russia. The more peoplethat went there, the lesser the farmers will be here in the district. This way,the district can let those remainingfarmers farm more fields. They would be able to utilize farming machines andincrease their efficiency.

After the information was passed down to theDistrict office, Wen Deguang asked the District’s evening news to air an hour-long segment about the conditions andadvantages of going to Russia to farm.

The next day, there was a constant stream of people that went to the District office toapply.

They were to leave for Russia in April and May and stay there for about 6 months. Theywill be able to return in October. They could also return home during the 6 months periods.The money they would earn was even more.Furthermore, this was organized by the City, andthey heard that the Provincial Government was also involved. The Governmentwill even send people to talk to theRussian Government. All they have to do was to take care of their farms.

This was an attractive offer for those poorfamilies. The District had only assigned a small plot of land to them. Therewere no wastelands for them to cultivate and their family does not have tractors. They were the ones thatwere the most eager to farm in Russia. The higher-ups had said that theDistrict will act as guarantors for they to take a bank loan. Even the tractorscan be paid in installments. This was anopportunity for them to escape poverty.

There were only about 10,000 people and about3,000 families in the District. More than 1,000 people had applied, and some families had applied separately. Forexample, the father applied, the sonapplied, the husband applied, and thewife applied.

There were also some people that came togetherto share the cost of purchasing a tractor and a harvester. They would sharethese machines, and they would save alot. They would be able to lease 50 hectors to 100 hectors in Russia. At thedistrict, each of them was only allowedto use 1 to 2 hectors of land.

Even with 1 to 2 hectors of land in thedistrict, these farmers were able to survive. With such a big plot of land,they would be able to make tens of thousand RMB in a year! In a few years’time, they would be able to become wealthy. Just the interest from their moneywas more than enough to survive.

During the news, the District Chief had saidthat the City will help the people from the districts first. Those thatfulfilled the conditions can go to Russia to earn money! Next month, there willbe a trip to Russia to look at the fields. Even if the farmers were not selected,they could also treat it as a holiday.They had lived most of their lives inLongjiang province and had never been overseas before. The was an opportunityfor them.

Many families were excited, but there were also families that had foughtover this.

“Dad, why are we not applying? Our family canlease at least 100 hectors. Even if we lease 200 hectors of land will also notbe a problem. Think about how much we can earn in a year. Next year, we willhave enough money for the youngest to getmarried.”

“What do you know? The news mentioned thatthose that had cultivated wastelands must return the land to the Governmentbefore they can go to Russia. They called this the returning farmlands to thewilderness policy.

This wasteland was cultivated through theefforts of this father and his sons. Last year, there was flooding, and they had made losses. They knew that thisyear, there will be no more floods. This was the time for them to earn money.Why should they return their land to the government?

“Dad, we had only cultivated dozens ofwastelands. It was still wetlands. If itrains heavier, our land will start ponding. Russia’s land is all good lands. It will be safer for us togrow crops there. Didn’t the District Chief said that if we return those cultivatedland to the government, we will get some compensations?”

“What compensations? Even if they give you 100RMB, it is also considered compensations.There was a flood last year, and thisyear there should not be flooding. If we are able to grow our crops well on ourfarm, we will also have enough money for the youngest’s wedding next year.”

“Dad, then what about your grandson’s highschool’s expenses? What about second brother’s daughter’s kindergartenexpenses? The youngest will be getting married, andhe also needs a house. His house will also need furniture and home appliances.Just look at Huan Zi. He is poor and had gotten married. Both his wife and himhad been quarreling over money every day.His wife has been blaming him for earning so little.”

The youngest son said: “Dad, I want to followelder brother and second brother to go and farm in Russia. Both you and mumhave health issues. We should just return the land to the government and takethe compensations. Your field in the District can be rented out to others. Justthe rental alone will be sufficient for both you and mum. We will go to Russiaand farm there. There is so much land, andwith the eldest brother and second brother’sskills, we will not make losses. That Blackie Lee is also applying. Do youthink that we are worse off than him?”

The father lowered his head and snubbed hiscigarette. He lit another cigarette at looked at his two elder sons: “Does bothyour wives agree to let you farm there?”

The both of them nodded. There were many peoplefrom the district applying to go over to Russia. They could take care of eachother there. Furthermore, this was headed by the City Government. They would beprotected. This was an excellentopportunity for them!

“Then the 3 of them can go. But I will notreturn the cultivated land and your fields. I will farm by myself!”

Wen Deguang looked at the report in his hands.This report was compiled from all the villages. There were a total of 70 plushouseholds with cultivated land. The cultivatedland amounted to over 900 hectors. This was not a small figure.

When Wen Deguang was still a village head, hehad also cultivated wastelands. He had no choice. He had bought a tractor, and he needsto earn more money. But when he was promoted to the deputy chief of theDistrict office, he had given his cultivated land to 2 poor families in his village.Now, he needed to take back those land. It was too difficult for him to do so.

Luckily Feng Yu had given Wen Deguang some suggestions, andthe higher-ups will also give somecompensations for the farmers to return their lands.

“The few of you are from the 3rd village, I also know what thefew of you have in common. The cultivated land behind 3rd villagebelongs to the few of you? Don’t panic. I am not giving you fines. Now thehigher-ups had issued a regulation, stating that cultivating wastelands isagainst the law. The few of you should return those land to the government.Stop panicking. Let me finish first. I saw that the few of you had applied togo to Russia. Let me tell you something, but keep it to yourselves. In Russia,you are allowed to cultivate wastelands too. The rental for those wastelands ishalf of those fields. You do not need to pay anything during the first year and50% rental for the second year. If the few of you agrees to return your land tothe government, then the higher-ups will allow you all to cultivate wastelandsin Russia. This will be more profitable than leasing those ready fields.”

Many people tried to interrupt Wen Deguang whenhe was talking, but he stopped them. He needs to finish what he had to say inone go. If not, this discussion will go on forever.

Huh? We can also cultivate wastelands in Russia,and it was permitted by the government?Although we still need to rent those lands, the rental was much cheaper. The rental saved every year was a considerable amount.

“District Chief, if we return our cultivatedland here, how much land are we allowed to cultivate in Russia?” Someone asked.


Double? All of them were excited. If they wereallowed to cultivate double the area of the land, then they would be able toearn much more. Especially if they signed 8 years lease. After the first 2years, those cultivated lands will be the same as those ordinary fields, and theyonly need to pay half the rent. It was agood deal!

“District Chief, we had discussed, and we agreed. But I had heard that there arecompensations when we return those land?” These people will not let go of anyopportunity to get more money!

“The government will be compensating all of you10 RMB for every hector. The City and District will compensate another 10 RMB.You think it is too low? If you think the compensation is too low, then you cancarry on farming there. In Summer, when the new regulation takes effect, don’tblame me for bringing people to confiscate those lands!” Wen Deguang hadfinished using the soft approach, andnow, he was using the hard method. As forthe compensation amount, he was the one who decided it.

“District Chief, what are you talking about? Wehad not mentioned anything about not returning those lands. If the rest agreed,we would also agree!”

“Remember what all of you said today. If youchange your minds later, don’t blame me for taking actions against all of you!”

Wen Deguang looked at those people leaving hisoffice, and he smiled. It was as whatFeng Yu said. It was easy to get these people to return their lands.

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