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Yan Feng’s eyelids suddenly shuddered but the next second he revealed a polite smile: “It turned out to be Mr. Yi, please come in.”

Yi Chenyan did not say anything. He only passed Yan Feng swiftly and went straight in. Then Li Ye, who was behind him, smiled at Yan Feng, pulled him out by saying:
“Mr. Yan, you accompany me out for a walk.”
The meaning of these words is that Yi Chenyan wants to talk to Yu Siyuan alone.
Yan Feng ,while closing the door, had a bad feeling.

“Chenyan, how come you are here?”

Yu Siyuan’s face was showing joy, Yi Chenyan seems to get along very well with everyone but in fact, he had kept a certain distance. Lots of people want to hold his thigh but he is biased to no one and his real friends in the circle are only a few.

“Have you seen Yang Jue?”
Yi Chenyan’s face did not have a smile.
Yu Siyuan feels wronged, how can he suddenly mention Yang Jue?
“Well, of course I have seen President Yang, but not many times.” Yu Siyuan lowered his eyes a little.

Yang Jue is the current CEO of Shang Yi, and it is difficult for ordinary people to see him. In addition to being in the company, Yu Siyuan occasionally met Yang Jue when attending certain banquet activities.
Thinking of that, Yu Siyuan raised his eyes and looked at Yi Chenyan.

Yi Chenyan was not a professional actor when he first debuted, nor was he in the media, but later met his former boss Yang Peng. Yang Peng helped him all the way, and now Yi Chenyan has become one of Shang Yi’s shareholders.

“What about his brother?” Yi Chenyan asked again.
There is also a backing behind Yu Siyuan, otherwise he wouldn’t do such a wayward and brainless thing. Yi Chenyan feels that instead of reminding him of something that is not meaningful , it is better to go straight to the point.

Anyway, the news of the crew will be passed to Yang Jue sooner or later. Yang Jue will come forward and Yu Siyuan will know Yang Anyu’s identity sooner or later.

Why does he keep asking about Yang's family?
Yang? Yu Siyuan jumped his eyebrows and began to feel uneasy. He shook his head. “I have only heard of Master Yang Jiaxiao. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to meet.”

“Actually, you have already seen him.”

When Yi Chenyan said that his eyes were cold.
Yu Siyuan was stunned and his heart was even more alarmed, his palms also showed cold sweat.
“Grow a brain and don’t do anything extra.”
“Ha…” Yu Siyuan squeezed his white lips and clenched his hand into a fist.

This was his last shoot of “Boxer”. Although Yang Anyu would leave after the filming, Yu Siyuan was unhappy in the heart, didn’t want Yang Anyu to show off the limelight, that’s why gave him a lesson. If he fell from the roof, it would be a fracture. At that time, Yang Anyu would needed to be hospitalized for a few months. Naturally, there would be a new substitute to replace the kid.

He knows that Yang Anyu was only slightly injured. If he is Yang Jue's brother…
Even Yi Chenyan has come forward for him!

The purpose has been reached, Yi Chenyan thought lazily, and soon left.

Yang Anyu rested for two days, then completed his own parts and left the “Boxer” crew.
However, when he was still in the hospital, he received a text message from the strange number before.

[Have good health.]*

It was a concise content. Yang Anyu was stunned. This time, he did not reply to the text message, but called directly.
Unfortunately, at the end of the phone, either no one answered or shut down.


S City, Wanxin Jingyuan.

Yi Chenyan was a busy man. After the “Boxer” shoot was finished, he flew to the C city. His time at home is always very short and of course it is even more impossible to stay with Yang Anyu.

After he had dinner, Yang Anyu wore his headphones and listened a song while cleaning up his room. The sound that haunts the ear is low and elegant, full of magnetism, and Yang Anyu is familiar with it.

Almost all pieces in his mobile phone are Yi Chenyan’s songs.

However, because Yi Chenyan sang at the age of twenty, and this was still his first album, the place where the songs took turns, the sound line was not smooth enough and there was a little tremor when the treble was high.
But it was because of these small problems that Yang Anyu felt real, and his mouth rose, as if he saw the young Yi Chen, the big boy who had worked hard, sincerely, and dreamed.

Suddenly, a diary of the original owner fell to the ground.
Yang Anyu hurriedly picked it up and planned to close it. But then a photo dropped from it, the original owner and a woman with a smile.

Yang Anyu thought about it, this is the original owner and his mother. The original things in the room, he will not move them, Yang Anyu intends to re-put the photo into the diary, but his eyes inadvertently saw a line of words –

[I am so happy, he actually agreed!]

The original owner is a young master, but the words are very delicate, and the writings of the two of them are the same, it is amazing. Yang Anyu looked at the date again, it’s the beginning of this year, that is the day when the original owner and Yi Chenyan registered to get married.

Later, he turned over the pages again, and a whole diary was almost a blank book, only with a few pages written. The original Young Master will record once in a while but only a few lines at a time.
Yang Anyu couldn’t help but grin. It really fits the young man’s lazy temper.

[Can we be happy?]

Yang Anyu was a little bit concerned about this page because the word “happiness” was crossed out in red fiercely shows that the original owner was in a big pain.

Yang Anyu rubbed his temples, lots of memories began to get confused. He may not even know enough about the original owner of the body.

For a long period of time, the pages were blank. The last date was when the original owner was in a car accident.

[I want him to look at me, even if it’s only one look! 
If I can stand at the same height with him, if…]

Seeing this, Yang Anyu could not help but feel that the original owner really liked Yi Chenyan. If you can stand at the same height as Yi Chenyan, you would… get to know more about his inner world.

“A lot of words are in my heart, it is difficult to speak; many times I face you, I can only speak without words…”

At this time, Yang Anyu who was wearing headphones just heard these lyrics.
Yi Chenyan’s first album is called “Silent Words”* (《無言以辰》), the meaning of the title of the song was the opposite of the meaning of the name “Yi Chenyan”.

At that time, Yi Chenyan, who was twenty years old, sang the song with a overage maturity, softly and slowly into the bottom of the heart.

In fact, Yi Chenyan's star route was not smooth sailing. He had been in a very rough two years.
 His father died early. Because the family had debts, Yi Chenyan entered to the entertainment circle. The singer debuted and the first brokerage company that he signed was not famous.

Later, when Yi Chenyan accidentally injured his voice, he missed the chance to sing the theme song for a famous movie. At that time, with the overall decline of the recording industry, Yi Chenyan, who could not sing for the time being, fell into a trough.

Unexpectedly, his mother died because of an illness at this time, he ushered in a huge blow, until he met Shang Yang, who was determined to be an actor.

Closing the original master’s diary, Yang Anyu put it back to its original position. Not only because Yi Chenyan is the reincarnation of the general; now, Yang Anyu really wants to know more about this Movie Emperor.

When it's not for show, Yi Chen's real smile is really handsome and charming.


The next day, Shang Yi Media, Yang Jue's office.

“Yang Anyu, you… you say it again!” Yang Jue stared at him, his brows were wrinkled together.
Yang Anyu greeted the eyes that are about to spurt fire. He was still very calm: “Brother, I want to be a star, can you hold me?”
“No!” Yang Jue directly answered.

Cheng Yu College, in the past the school was all about Yang Anyu’s bad rumors, so bad that everyone is not willing to take care of him, they even walk in a hurry to avoid him, lest they get into trouble.

But nowadays, these rumors are almost gone.
Yang Anyu arrives at school on time every day. He will sit in the front row and listen carefully. He is also very careful about the practice of vocal and dance. In the performance class, the teacher often arranges some interactive games and impromptu performances. Yang Anyu also actively participate, so the teacher has greatly changed his opinion about him.

The classmates also gradually played with him, more and more girls began to pay attention to him slowly. Some of them were courageous. They would come, smile and then ask for his number.
 Yang Anyu secretly feels that the status of women in modern society has improved a lot. Most of them are lively and cheerful, independent and self-confident. Compared with ancient times, this kind of atmosphere is very good.
Only some girls are too bold, not only the content of the phone text message is very explicit, but also enthusiasm for him when he comes up, and some people even said that they can do bed exercise, so Yang Anyu is quite embarrassed.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, in the class of film performance art, the teacher was giving lectures, and Yang Anyu, who wrote somethings to the notebook, was a bit abnormal today. He sighed then put down his pen and didn’t mind listening the lecture.

He was rejected by his brother Yang Jue cruelly.

Yang Jue did not agree with Yang Anyu getting into the entertainment circle. The ruthless brother clearly stated that as long as he did not make any big troubles, since he would lose the face of Yang's family, he could eat and die in school.

After graduating, Yang Anyu can also take a job in the company, continue to eat and die, or save the younger brother to the circle and suppress him.
After that, he sent Tang Guo to pick up Yang Anyu everyday to go to school and take him back, must be fixed on Yang Anyu, and he was not allowed to rush to the film city.
As for Yang Anyu mistakenly entering into the crew as a substitute, it will never happen for the second time.

Yang Anyu picked up the pen and secretly painted an angry villain on the book. He felt that Yang Jue had always been too prejudiced against himself.
Hey, who told the original owner to be like this?! He was too rebellious, and he quarreled a lot with Yang Jue. The tenacious image of the second ancestor brother was deep in the heart of this brother.

After class, Guo Lixu from the next class ran over and handed a registration form to Yang Anyu.
“The Voice of Tomorrow?”
Yang Anyu took a look, in a bit of a daze.

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