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Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Translator: Aeryn
Editor: ReluctantEditor
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Chapter 22 Part 2

For the first time I reached the first independence of the kingdom, the young brothers were still standing on the ground, and the man flew into the clouds.

Jingzhi shook a little. What did the change look like?

After thinking, Ying Jingzhi replied, “I do not understand.”

Taoist Lushan was so sad this time he stood before his attack and played his fingers.

When he heard it, he replied, “Where did you get it? Where did you get it?” “Xiaoyou, you have a cell phone, do not start with us.” Adults do not want to modify quotes. Here it is! ”

Jingzhi did not know what a “black opening” was, and he shook his head and turned it down.

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Lushan Taoist again said, “Old mobile phones can play jihad, yes Xiaoyou, mobile phone, dream dreams and a great era!”

Jingzhi ran quickly and pocketed his pocket. Rushan’s water suddenly appeared and I could not find his cell phone. Soon Ye Jingzhi resumed his cell phone.

Lushan Taoist: “… Xiaoyou?”

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Ying Jingdao, true color: “The new Lushan that gives you a cell phone is not enough for young people to communicate with others.”

Lush did not think: “Use a line on the song! Is it better for Xiaoyou to find the one that suits you?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “I will not use the color to mention.”

Lusan Taoist: “…?” Hello? Is there a heavenly man who does not use the shoes to sing this year? !

Anon-san is very strong and your Jing met him many times. It does not happen anymore.

The cell phone is the same as the appearance of jing, and the jing is also rejected for the first time. .

As moral behavior of metaphysics, Jingzhi is wonderful. So everyone knows that it is amazing.

The Saitama youths, who were afraid of Ye Hao, did not dare approach other people knowing that they did not know their beauty. There are many people in Lushan.

Lushan Road is one of the most powerful political philosophies in the world. He participates in Ye Yao Ye Jingzhi’s Tishi Constituent Assembly every year.

Dying people attend the meeting. Not only days but also places. The Tianshi Congress of World Xuanxue does not need to be identified as a cutting-edge area, and the store in the old store will help you sit and make mirrors.

The Tianshi meeting is sad for a very serious meeting, but the length of time is much better than the people.

I do not know who the Father is in heaven. The goal of the council is to be held for ten days. No one left the room. Everyone is easy and simple. Only 10 pounds (10 kg) in a jean bag.

At this point, there is a washable surface, all Qiankun bags are all dry. The epidemic criminals and feng shui owners who can make valleys begin to bring interesting and interesting things in time.

Within a few years I started with a new book, MP3, MP4, and recently I started to repair my smartphone.

All day, two mobile phones, two online games, is not enough to play! Lushan in Taoism has started a call with Ye Jing.

Jehovah, light and truth, everything. Tianshi Kongress Congressman For 10 days you are very bored. But people will not find it on this floor so that the brain is cool, black and not visible. game. People listen carefully as their left and right ears go down. It is really dangerous.

So every year, when the first side of the document to keep the image of the mirror will “demon know” when afraid to report to the Huhu Children Congress made a solemn atmosphere. Second, people can increase your reflection of your parliament only scary. Sacred Sacrifice in the Masters, Traffic Men’s Cast.

Ye Jingyi tried to rent a mobile phone when he can dance at the Tianshi Convention Hall. You came here but did not get a loan?

Lusans seem to be proud.

You Jingzhi walked by Yuxiu Zhenjun to understand the situation. My wife and spouse go back to finding something or are here: I’m just a town of Qinsan, which is desirable to them in calculating when the glass is discarded. But not thoroughly thought is Qinsan when love, when I realized that the candle is like. Each person will escape reality.

The aristocratic circle power is continually calculated in the sky above the first Chao Phraya Shrine.

Zhenjun high show in the morning said. “Colleagues and the city have genuine Qinsan Purple cover, for we often come up like this, not the way of his secret door can not.

Calculate everyone here at Qingdao together, we still find colleagues in Shanghai Qinsan, our friends look into the side. From the capital all the way to Shenyang Qinsan in the recent Shenyang city of Qin, the capital of XiangYang. He often goes, we will not waste time finding each other, we will not do. There is a great disaster if we sit waiting.
This is how the crowd will spread soon and each one will see it.

Eventually, this place Qishan Taoist may break up on a trip to Saudi Arabia. “Qishan, you are here to strengthen our miracle in Asia, we have come back.

Luisan Taoist: “…”

I do not know if the old man has an MMP conviction he is wrong.

What happened in the world of metal was Yu Yi’s ambiguity. He ran for movies and television in the morning and began filming after finishing makeup. His play less today includes 5 games, 2 games in the morning and 3 games in the evening.

He sat down as a bench for the end of the show, tied with Si Yang Rubber Band. He is so you like the role supporting a little lunch, because of the removal of your cosmetics without helping him and the third of the Faro in six hours not to get between Georgia, the costume, you can wait for loyalty. Go But then sacrificed.

The two protagonists continue to visit the city in this film after the calm after the film.

This film has been created in recent years and for the development of Koh Chang government tourism and the use of ancient capital of Chang’an, cultural resources manager, the filmmaking of Jinan recently. Jin Chao and Tang were filmed in Chinese films.

When I walked into the street, Suzaku Zhao was not. I saw many people sitting on the staff on the street. Fans looked inside the crew and looked inside the dirt. This world is filled with bricks and ends with tiles like sharks.

Crew “back door” Basalt? “Officials waved him to ask Jin and wanted to sit on the building.

Yan Jiawei kiss

The guy told the fat staff: “I see that,” Oh, but your big investment movie is a big box office, really look good dressed ……. “Read for a long time. And look at the face of the local people during Gia’s conclusions: “What is a useful guy?”

This sentence cannot rule out that Jia Jin is a former walk, the first time I play a role, I don't know what it was. He did not refuse to laugh and ask. "What happened to your team? I saw yesterday’s boots, what happened today? ”

The fat man sighed, complained: "Hitchman spoke about it last night, overtime, you can lower the ceiling, did not see, so the ceiling groaned, we slipped into several hundred thousand. No one in the hall, if he attacked, could finish. Almost all of our ceilings are made of foam and plastic, but also mixed with cement, Zazhuo gets the news. ”

Yang Jia wrinkles wrinkles: “I did not check in my head?”

The fat man shook his head! "How to do all this, the group of requisites again, to say what to say, it suddenly broke the ceiling, as well as the entire hacked committee, it will not leave a laugh, Who could be a broken ceiling? We had to overcome what ended the Qin dynasty in the Qin dynasty, and keep King Xiang Yu, powerful souls unable to enter. like a broken ceiling.

Talk about the heads of suspicious rumors about the road one by one.

Jin Jia poor man in the crew is only far away, but soon he saw heavy trucks on the other side of the road opened Suzaku more than a dozen children and strong men with large stones. Coming out of the crew door, gently put everything on the truck.

In the middle of this large stone there are many small markers that are obviously trying to break one by one to send. But without success. But at the edge of the stone, the law does not track broken bones, not new, broken ones. This indicates that the slate is immediately separated, which means that the slate document does not matter.

Zhao Jia was stunned and carefully looked at the stone.

As if it was a huge hand from the sky falling on this rock, and then suddenly put it in a flask, breaking it, as a result of which it collapsed.

Zhao Jia looked a bit and finally left his eyes and looked at the crew.

The crew come and go, and many people clear the debris on the ground.

Maybe because the ceiling is falling, the mood of the crew is not very good, and the environment is dirty, the crew feels that ghosts make people uncomfortable. However, in Zhao Jia’s eyes, this type of black smoke is limited to low air and air and without sound.
… nothing to do with ghosts, is it really random?

Is it evil? Can convergence sound and not be detected?

No explanation for everything.

After a long meeting, Yang Jia went out and went to the next place, when he returned, the crew was clean. The shy, screaming actor is again on the seventh or eighth in the temples, standing in a black knit shirt, waiting in the hallway.

The director’s whistle can be heard clearly even at the door: “Chen is not dependent on your mother at home, and then, when all I give you is a group of requisites!”

It was a cumbersome problem, and the crew decided to start.

However, the next moment, the director simply shouted, "Start," Jin Jia, to open his eyes to see how he knocks on the ceiling again!

Unlike other studio accidents, the ceiling collapsed in response, as if it had been hit by a broken image, striking it.

This time no one, but both are broken.

The crew died, and even the director did not say a word.

After a minute, I don't know who shouted "Pisces", then this team suddenly shook a lot of employees who ran, frightened, cursed director cursed: Leave me back! What are the features, group details – this is not very good! Group requisites disappear more than you work in how the ceiling falls … ”

The Author has something to say: miao miao miao

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