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Chapter 1

The desert was unusual, the weeds overgrown, the rock formations, the irregular ground, almost nowhere to rest, an icy pool of water laid among them, revealing the coolness.

A man, standing on a boulder not far from the river, his clothes lightly wet by the mist, it showed that he stood there for a long time.

“Brother Tong, are you sure the time and place are right?” It's been half an hour!

“How can you question me?”


“You actually!! hehe.”


Ye Qian, a senior employee of the Time and Space Administration and currently carrying out the task of the “NPC” group under the Maintenance Department.

These group names was all because of the bad taste of their boss.

“NPC that can’t be missed” is normal, as well as “Tong-ge, we don’t make a donkey”, “Do not make a goblin”, “I want to destroy the world”, “I am the best in the world” or the festival is broken, or can’t bear to look straight!

The boss said,” long time, always looking for some fun ~ “.

Disgusted to death ah!!!

This time the mission space is a martial arts world, the protagonist is the hero, but the hero was dying early, his mother remarried, he could only wander around, he should have been famous, everyone praised the young man, but now he had become the Country’s coward.

Obviously, it was only the effort of a three-legged cat. It was just a matter of arrogance and many misunderstandings had been mixed. Perhaps the protagonist's halo was gone and it was possible for him to die.

Once again, he was chased and killed by the demon clan. He accidentally fell off the cliff and was taken back by a high-ranking monk who was hiding in the deep forest and took him as an apprentice.

 Since then, the protagonist mode had officially opened. Smart and wise, martial arts, peerless medical skills. After destroying the demon clan, he cured the disease of the No.1 beauty of the world, and returned to the mountain forest with the beauty. Since then, there had been no trace, but only occasionally appeared in the legend.

It's a wonderful story ~

It's a pity…

There was an unexpected variable in this.

A foreign soul came to the world unexpectedly through the gaps of time and space.

The foreign soul from another world was just an ordinary female student who loved to read novels and loved fantasy.

This world happened to be the novel she had read. When she realized where she was, she quickly pointed her attention to the biggest villain in the original book, the demon leader.

This leader’s setting was very much in line with his identity, dressed only in red, evil and arrogant, no wonder the sister liked him. By knowing the original plot, the sister kept trying to stop the cliff incident while using all means to approach the leader of the sect.

The protagonist didn’t get the chance to be threatened by her master. However, under the powerful force of the law of the development of the plot, the cliff incident still occurred, but there was a great deviation in the time and place, resulting in the disappearance of a high-ranking person who should have reached the protagonist.

The key points of the plot were artificially erased, causing space distortion.

This is why Ye Qian appeared here.
His current status was that of the world’s high-ranking people, waiting for the protagonist to fall, let the plot return to the right track.



A teenager dressed in worn linen clothes and several holes in his shoes, kneeling down on the ground. At a glance, although he was seriously injured, but he could not die for the time being, he was not the protagonist.

The man humbly confessed to the protagonist. Who made his character set so cowardly. There was no one around, can only do it myself.

The reason why the original world’s best people received the protagonist was that they suddenly realized that they had succeeded and then did not want to go out of the mountain. Just as the protagonist appeared, he took him back to be an apprentice.

Time flies.

“Brother Tong, what’s the situation outside?”

“The protagonist became famous at the Wulin Conference.”

Well, it must.

“The protagonist cured the disease of the No.1 beauty in the world.”

Well, it should.

“The protagonist led the martial artists to kill the demon leader”

Well, it is so.

“The Sister is dead for being taught the demon arts.”

Well, huh?


” I don’t know where to go.”

Hey, it seemed that the leader and the sister had not yet died.

However, this had nothing to do with him

Although it was necessary to wait until the teacher was dead, it was only after the end of the plot that the task is really over, but now the biggest variable disappeared, the plot will not shift anymore, he didn’t want to stay.

"Leaving this world ahead of time"

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