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At the end of the first period, Yao Xiaowan walked into the classroom calmly.

As soon as she sat down, Ye Qian smelled the smoke on her.

Cutting classes to smoke?

At the thought of such possibility, Ye Qian could not help frowning. In the original plot, Yao Xiaowan, after finding out about Lin Zimo’s deceptions, smoked and drank heavily, which ruined her body.

Now that he was here, Ye Qian didn’t want Yao Xiaowan to have those bad habits.

“Smoking is bad for your health.”

Just as Yao Xiaoman sat down, the person next to her said this.

It was rather baffling.

Habitual reply, “You care about me!”

Just when the bell rang, Ye Qian did not continue to say anything, but he engraved it in his heart.

When Yao Xiaowan spoke out, she remembered that it was because she met a few brothers in the morning. When she spoke to them, they were smoking which made her body smell of smoke.

Did he think she cares about smoking?

Well, who wants him to care?

Peeping at the person sitting next to her who seems to be looking at her carefully.

She mumbled, “I don’t smoke.”

Although the words were not said clearly, Ye Qian could hear it clearly.


Unexpectedly, the other party could hear her, she looked up  and became surprised, Ye Qian was smiling, Yao Xiaowan squeezed her face.

Did this fellow like smiling very much?

She would not admit that he looked very attractive when he smiled.

“Do you like drawing?”

He began to recall that he had painted “Xiao Wan with Big Temper" yesterday. The smile on Ye Qian’s face became larger.

“Are you interested in learning?”

“Who wants to learn something so childish!" Looking at his expression, she could see what he was thinking.


Raising his eyebrows, Ye Qian picked up his pen and began to draw.

Yao Xiaowan looked at him, pouting, she didn't want to look at him, but she couldn't help herself. At first, she just wanted to see what he was drawing. Later, her eyes were slowly attracted by his hands.

Those hands were really the most beautiful hands she has ever seen. It was strange how a boy could have such beautiful hands.

Time flew by, Yao Xiaowan thinking about the puzzling problem, and Ye Qian quietly drawing.

The bell rang.

Yao Xiaowan suddenly regained consciousness.


How could she stare at a guy’s hand and think such silly things?

Ye Qian just finished painting and handed it to Yao Xiaowan.

It was a sketch of Yao Xiaowan, perhaps the time was too short, some parts of the drawing were slightly rough. But with Yao Xiaowan’s level of painting, as well as eyes that had seen countless number of paintings, it could be seen that this was absolutely at a professional level.

This fellow is quite good.


Why does her stare in the painting look like someone with a bad temper?

And there was a word beside it – hmm.

That’s enough.

Ye Qian looked at Yao Xiaowan's, who was about to throw a fit, feeling that her expressions were very interesting.

“Do you like it?”

“I don’t like it!”

“All right.” Ye Qian also did not care.

Yao Xiaowan added with some regret, “I don’t like the expression you painted.”

“But I haven’t seen any of your other expressions.” Ye Qian said innocently.

Yao Xiaowan was so shocked by this sentence that she had nothing to say.

It seemed like that. From the first time they met, she seemed to have been getting angry every time. That was not usually the case.

Looking at Yao Xiaowan, who suddenly looked like a deflated ball, lying softly on the table, it was strange for Ye Qian to look at. What was wrong with her?

After watching her for a long time, she seemed to have fallen asleep again.

So confusing, what was she doing at night, to be so sleepy during the day?

Yao Xiaowan’s nap was over at noon.

As soon as the school bell rang, Yao Xiaowan sat up, without the gentleness she had before, and she suddenly became very excited.

Looking at Yao Xiaowan who left in a hurry, Ye Qian hastily stood up and followed.

In a run-down alley, two groups were confronting each other.

Was this a  gang fight?

Now Lin Zimo had not appeared, the original plot naturally did not describe this paragraph,Ye Qian didn't expect Yao Xiaowan would also participate in such violence, he did not know if there would be casualties.

Becoming worried, he began to stare at her.

Looking at Yao Xiaowan’s eager expression, Ye Qian felt that the girl was not only arrogant, but also silly, just her small physique, a stick could do better.

In fact, this was the first time Yao Xiaowan had participated in such an activity.

Though Yao Xiaowan and those boys see each other as siblings, they would not really treat her as a boy, fighting is a pure man’s thing, she was a girl, not only could she not help, but she may also delay them.

Only this morning when they were discussing this matter, Yao Xiaowan heard them and had to follow them. They began to disagree, and later, with the impatience of Yao Xiaowan, they agreed. They asked her to stand to the end, not move and hide when they started the fight.

“You Brought a sister? Is she a trophy for us?” A boy, whose hair was dyed yellow said frivolously, whistling lightly.

Two groups of people, only Yao Xiaowan, a girl, was standing at the end, looked very conspicuous.

Yao Xiaoean instantly got angry, but before she started cursing, the eldest man on their side spoke first.

“Yo~ TM clean your mouth!”

“Oh, I’m so scared.", people around began to laugh.

His Words were not speculative, and it provoked the other group.

This kind of group fight between impulsive teenagers, where there was any technology, to directly pull a gun or fist, and knew where to hit painfully, they were totally brutal.

Ye Qian had been staring at Yao Xiaowan. Maybe they thought it was a shame to beat a girl. Maybe they really thought she was a trophy. Anyway, no one caused Yao Xiaowan any trouble.

Unfortunately, Yao Xiaowan was a reckless girl. Especially at the beginning with yellow haired guy, she still remembered it. When she picked up the stick, she didn’t know who had left it on the ground. Yao Xiaowan kept looking at the Yellow haired man. When he and others were together on the ground, she took the opportunity to throw the stick at him.

“Oh!” With a wail, Huang Mao rolled down from the man he had been hitting on the ground, and his expression was filled with pain.

“Is everything ok?"

“It’s all right, you step aside!” The teenager who was tangled with Huang Mao said and rushed to someone else.

Yao Xiaowan could not obey, she just wanted to give Huang Mao a taste of his medicine, a glance back showed that he had stood up, probably dizzy, to take Yao Xiaowan down.

Yao Xiaowan watched the stick get closer and closer to her, she could not move in time.


It didn't fall on Yao Xiaoman’s head, but suddenly, on an outstretched arm, while Yao Xiaowan was strongly pulled behind him.

“Will you not hide!?”

If it hadn’t been Ye Qian who had been looking at her, it would have been too late to stop it.

Moving his arm, he became silent. It would  have hit her on the head. Ye Qian could hardly imagine the consequences.

Looking at Yao Xiaowan with a cold face, Ye Qian was a little angry.

He turned around and kicked Huang Mao in the stomach, followed by a kick to his side, this time he could not get up completely.

Yao Xiaowan, who had already recovered, was shocked by Ye Qian's skills.

Ye Qian expressionlessly and began pulled her away.

Hey, how did he suddenly appear?

Yao Xiaowan wanted to ask, but she was a little angry when she remembered his ruthlessness and his expressionless face. She was a little scared.

Looking at their hands together, Yao Xiaowan blushed slightly.


Didn't he block it with his arm just now?

"Ye Qian!" You… ” Quickly she stepped forward to look at his arm, but found that Ye Qian’s face was unusually pale.


“I, I’ll go to the hospital with you.”


Ye Qian called his driver to come get them.

“Get in the car."

“…” It was terrible to see Ye Qian like this!

Well, she said it.

Looking at the solemn expression of Yao Xiaowan, the mood of Ye Qian became better.

She did not know what had pleased him, watching Ye Qian relax, Yao Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief.

At the hospital, the conclusion of the examination was a bone fracture, a cast was put on his hand.

It’s was over. It was already past the afternoon class. As for Yao Xiaowan, it made no difference whether she went to school or not.

“I saved you. How are you going to thank me?”

“Thank you.”

“That’s it?” Ye Qian deliberately moved himself so injured arm would be hit.

“How do you want me to thank you?”

“Can you cook?”

“… Yes. “

“Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

"The Supermarket.”

“Why to the supermarket?”

"To Buy food.” Ye Qian had an expression she didn’t understand.

It couldn't be what she was thinking. “Don’t tell me, it’s for me to cook.”

“What about it?”


Yao Xiaowan tried to calm herself, you can't hit him because he is half disabled, endure!

Deep breaths.

Ye Qian was doing this deliberately. He just needed a reasonable reason to take Yao Xiaowan to his home.

He checked Yao Xiaowan’s situation. Although there was not much information available, there were still some original plots that had not been mentioned.

For example, Yao Xiaowan's family only had one parent. Their mother died early, their father married a new wife and gave birth to a son. She was not deeply emotional towards her daughter, and cared even less about her when she had a son. Yao Xiaowan did not want to stay in that house, so she moved out to live alone. Her father had some objections, but as for her stepmother, she was too happy. How could she have objected? She was more reluctant to see her husband’s deceased wife’s daughter, especially Yao Xiaowan, who resembled her mother than to spend a little money every month.

For Yao Xiaowan, who had lived alone for a long time, cooking was not a problem.

Ye Qian snapped out of his thoughts.

Yao Xiaowan, had calmed down.


“Do you have anything to eat?”


“Is there anything you don’t eat?”

“Probably not.”

Probably not!

Ungraceful. Without asking him again, Yao Xiaowan recalled the doctor’s words and decided on her own.


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