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Chapter 82 – 3v3 Group Stage (4)

On the first day of the Carnival, each group would play four rounds. The Chinese team 1 was scheduled for two games—the second round against Australia and the fourth round against the US. There was a break period in the middle that Ling Xuefeng, Su Guangmo and Chu Yan used to once again confirm their strategy.

The fourth round officially started at 8:30 in the evening. The matchup of two strong teams, the Us and China, who had the strength to win the championship, was naturally broadcasted live on the main stage. It became the focus of the audience and media of various countries.

The media on the US side said, "Our US team 1 just accidentally lost to the South Korean team. This game must be won, otherwise it will be difficult to qualify for the quarter-finals! This team has Jack, Thomas and Edmund so our hope of killing the Chinese team is great!"

There were only two qualifying places in each group. The US team was really unfavorable this year. First they fought South Korea for half an hour and was counterattacked at the last moment. The second match was against the strong enemy of the Chinese team. If they lost again… it was basically impossible for them to leave the group stage.

South Korea's side said, "The American team's Jack Josh and the Chinese team's Ling Xuefeng are the world's first and second ranked summoner. Thomas is currently the number one elf bard and Su Guangmo is also a world-famous swordsman. The matchup between the two sides is almost at the level of the finals!"

They ignored Chu Yan in their commentary. It was because the domestic psychic assisted play had only recently been developed by the Pure Cleansing team in the past two years. Chu Yan was a low-key person and he hadn't appeared in the world rankings.

“The US team also has Edmund, a very powerful blood kin assassin! Based on the lineup, the probability of the US team winning is greater."

"The US team unexpectedly lost to South Korea before. They will definitely fight back in this game. I also bet that the US team will win."

"There are three world-famous attackers on the US side while China has two attackers and one support. The US has a larger chance of winning."

Media outlets around the world speculated on the outcome of the game and most of them bet that the US team would win.

In the commentary room on the Chinese side, Yu Bing's expression was the same as usual. She glanced at the lineup and said calmly, "The first bard Thomas, the first blood kin summoner Jack Josh and the world-famous killer Edmund… the US team 1 truly has a super luxurious lineup."

"I just observed the score forecast on the American Miracle website. In this game, 98% of the audience predicted that the US team will win while only 2% think that China will win…" Kou Hongyi shook his head and said, "Isn't this looking down too much on our three contestants?"

"From the perspective of the lineup, it is true that the US team has a bigger chance of winning. The popularity of the three players are dominant in the world rankings. The competition is being held in New York so it can be said that the Us team is gathering the three elements of sky, land and people."

There was a pause and Yu Bing suddenly added, "However, I believe that in this game, the final winner will be the Chinese team."

Kou Hongyi asked doubtfully, "Sister Bing, are you that confident?"

"Of course." Yu Bing always looked indifferent but there was a hint of a rare smile on her face.

She wasn't confident in Ling Xuefeng. She was confident in the joint efforts of Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng.

Before the game, Red Fox's vice-captain Yang Muzi had sent her a gossip message. [Sister Bing, I saw Cat God coming to the hotel to meet Captain Ling at dinner time. Captain Ling took him to the Western restaurant to eat and deliberately avoided reporters… What is he doing here?]

Unlike the quiet and gentle Red Fox captain, Liu Xiang, Yang Muzi's personality was lively and active. Whenever she saw something curious, she would send a text message to ask Yu Bing about it.

Yu Bing soon thought of one thing.

In the first three seasons of Miracle, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were the captains of two teams and they played against each other in a combined total of six times. The two of them met at a young age and there seemed to be a strange understanding between them, despite their different tactical ideas. This also cause the two of them to avoid each other six times in the single-elimination battle. They never fought against each other in the arena.

There were countless arguments about who was the best summoner between them in the Miracle forums. This gradually subsided when Li Cangyu led his team to leave.

Now Li Cangyu appeared at the hotel during the World Carnival. Yu Bing believed there was only one possibility— Ling Xuefeng was looking for him as a strategist.

They were definitely the strongest opponents on the field but once they joined hands, they could immediately make up for the flaws in each other.

The combination of two imperfect people made a perfect circle.

Ling Xuefeng was the best at the suppression style but for the same powerful explosive US team, the 'violent suppression' approach was absolutely impossible. Therefore, he found Li Cangyu to seek new ideas from Li Cangyu's unpredictable tactics.

According to Yang Muzi, Cat God and Captain Ling stayed in the restaurant for a long time. Li Cangyu ate very fast so it was impossible for them to be eating for so long. The two people had obviously been chatting in the restaurant.

After defeating Australia, Ling Xuefeng calmly stepped down and immediately took his teammates to prepare for the next game, apparently to continue discussing tactics. Yu Bing was almost certain that Captain Ling had already received an idea from Cat God.

The real commander of the game was actually Li Cangyu.

He was the strategist hidden behind Ling Xuefeng.

Therefore, Yu Bing was confident in the Chinese team winning.

In her eyes, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu were the leading great gods of the domestic Miracle League. If the two men couldn't beat the US team after joining hands then the level of entire Chinese Miracle League would have to be reconsidered.


The game on the biggest main stage was being broadcasted live. The New York live host introduced the six players and their current world rankings.

Jack Josh, the vice-captain of the US ICE team and the world's strongest blood kin summoner.

Ling Xuefeng, the captain of the Wind Colour team and the world's strongest demon summoner.

The appearance of these two people alone was enough to make the summoning fans around the world scream with excitement!

In addition, the US team had the very popular elf archer Thomas and the calm killer Edmund. The temporary team was composed of three ace players, making the screams at the venue reach the peak, almost piercing the human eardrums.

Many local fans raised fluorescent signs to support the US players. The popularity of the Chinese team at the away game was somewhat pitiful. There were only a few Chinese people screaming and their voices were drowned out by the crowd.

Fortunately, the three Chinese team players were very calm and weren't disturbed by the outside world. In particular, Ling Xuefeng maintained his handsome abstinent face as he tapped at the keyboard.

Li Cangyu saw this familiar action and couldn't help smiling. He would quickly tap the keyboard before every game. It was to check if there were any faults in the keyboard while also letting his fingers adapt to the fast attack rhythm.

His fingers were long, powerful and steady, proving he wasn't nervous at all.

Ling Xuefeng seemed to sense Li Cangyu's gaze and suddenly looked below the stage. The VIP seats were very close to the players' soundproof room. The glare of the lights would blur people's eyes when looking down but Ling Xuefeng immediately locked onto Li Cangyu's position in the crowd. He nodded at Li Cangyu and gave a 'rest assured' look.

Li Cangyu smiled and nodded back at him.

Ling Xuefeng soon turned around and continued preparing for the game, his face blank. The meeting of the two people across the stage was fleeting. No one noticed this simple eye exchange where a mental message was exchanged.


The game would soon begin. Both players logged into the match room and a two minute cooldown started.

All data was reset and in this two minute preparation period, the players had to re-add their stat points and choose their equipment. The players on both sides were fast. Once the confirmation button was pressed, the guide transferred the final data of each contestant to the big screen.

Yu Bing found that Su Guangmo's equipment had changed and immediately said, "Su Guangmo changed his weapon to the Sword of Judgment."

Kou Hongyi pulled out a separate screenshot of the weapon and explained, "The Sword of Judgment is highly aggressive and comes with the 'Additional 200% enhancement of Light and Shadow Rotation' effect. The disadvantage is that it is quite heavy. Using this weapon will sacrifice some agility. Su Guangmo is very good at moving quickly. Now that he is using the Sword of Judgment, it will be difficult to take advantage of running quickly. What does this mean?"

The advantage of a swordsman lay in their agile positioning and rapid attacks. Su Guangmo chose such a heavy weapon. His attack might be enhanced but his movements would become heavy. In a high pressure game, this amounted to death.

“Captain Ling also changed his weapon." Ling Xuefeng's final data appeared on the screen, causing Yu Bing to frown slightly. "Demon Curse, this is the most aggressive weapon of a demon summoner. All pet magic attacks will be greatly enhanced but at the expense of reducing the master's defense."

The two weapons caused a number of spectators to be fearful.

Su Guangmo abandoned the advantage of his fast positioning by carrying a heavy sword while Ling Xuefeng increased his attack but reduced his defense. A summoner's defense was already very weak. Wasn't Ling Xuefeng afraid of being killed by the other side?

Surprisingly, Chu Yan was wearing a defensive outside and chose the psychic weapon 'Phantom Staff' which sped up the release of arrays. On the other hand, it also decreased the duration of the arrays.

Yu Bing immediately determined in her heart that the tactical maker of this game must be Li Cangyu.

Cat God's commanding style was very unpredictable, the witty cat always making people guess his actions.

Even if her tactical ideas were very high, Yu Bing couldn't guess what types of tricks these three people were playing. After a moment of silence, she gave up on guessing the tactic developed by the witty Cat God and simply said, "They must've chose these weapons due to a special tactical plan for the US team. The game will start soon so let us wait and see."

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Chapter 83 – China VS USA (1)

The match finally began and the players on both sides appeared on the City Square map.

This map was officially selected and was fair to all competitors. As soon as his character appeared, Su Guangmo raised the heavy Sword of Judgment and bravely rushed forward. Ling Xuefeng and Chu Yan followed closely, the three forming an equilateral triangle.

They arrived at the central fountain and couldn't find any other people. It was because the blood kin race had the general 'Nightfall' skill to keep themselves invisible. Obviously, the opposite side's blood kin summoner and blood kin killer turned themselves invisible as soon as they entered the map. Their positions couldn't be determined.

Ling Xuefeng wasn't in a hurry as his eyes scanned the surrounding environment. The three of them had just arrived at the fountain and the two sides refreshed at approximately the same distance from the central fountain. In other words, the three players on the opposite side should also have arrived at the fountain. The other party chose to use stealth for a surprise attack. They would first kill one person to establish a numbers advantage so it all depended on who they would kill.

Generally, a blood kin killer would go around the back when killing. It was because a killer had a damage bonus when attacking from behind. There was the fountain in the middle of the two teams. If they wanted a surprise attack, they could only go around from the stone statue next to it and this would take approximately five seconds.

Ling Xuefeng glanced at the stone statue on Chu Yan's side, his fingers pressed against the keyboard as he waited for the other side to appear.

They really chose Chu Yan!

Pick the soft persimmon first, this was a truth that everyone knew. Su Guangmo's defense was high and Ling Xuefeng's demon summoner had a strong survivability. Chu Yan was a fragile demon psychic and was clearly the best one to kill among the three people. In addition, the existence of an auxiliary would interfere with a team battle so it was reasonable to take care of the auxiliary first.

A bloody light suddenly emerged behind Chu Yan, followed by blood spiders and blood snakes. At the same time, a dense rain of arrows was fired from the distance.

These three people were worthy of being the ace players of the US team. Their movements had a neat unity and their firepower was quite terrible. Chu Yan was controlled by Jack's blood spider, while the killer and archer used explosive skills. Chu Yan's blood fall halfway in an instant!

"He only has half blood let. One more wave will wipe him out!" The commander Jack was hot-blooded. He liked this feeling of crushing the opponent and killing them in one breath. It was extremely handsome!

The teammates around him immediately followed his instructions.

The blood kin killer used the most powerful attack skills, Death Mark and Fatal Blow!

The killer's Death Mark would mark the target of the assassination. Then the Fatal Blow skill would deal double damage to the marked target. These moves would surely kill the psychic!

In addition, Jack opened a big move— Blood Snake Dance!

This was the strongest single attack skill of the blood kin pet, the blood snake. The red blood snake quickly wrapped around the enemy and used its body to strangle the target!

Thomas wasn't idle. He pulled the long bow in his hand and aimed the precise Seize Life Shot at Chu Yan!

The black, red and green lights lit up Chu Yan's body. Many domestic audience members were somewhat sad. The suppression of the US team was really terrible. The trio joined hands and it seemed certain that Chu Yan would die.

At the venue in New York, many viewers started to cheer in advance. The three trump cards of the US were going to take the head of the unknown psychic of the Chinese team!


The expected 'First Blood' announcement didn't appear on the big screen.

The crowd was shocked. The trio's big move didn't kill Chu Yan and actually restored 15% of his blood!

—Psychic Barrier!

On the map, Chu Yan, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng all had a dark purple spherical barrier around them.

It was the psychic's big move!

The effect of Psychic Barrier was very simple. It transferred all adverse statuses to the opponents while transferring all beneficial statuses to the caster. In addition, it would rebound all attacks.

Therefore, Jack, Edmund and Thomas' big moves didn't kill the psychic but decreased their own blood instead. The blood kin summoner and assassin's attacks came with a blood-sucking effect… this beneficial effect was naturally transferred to Chu Yan so Chu Yan's blood volume wasn't reduced.

This change caused many of the audience members to be stunned. However, Li Cangyu seemed to have expected it. He smiled slightly and said, "This is the consequence of underestimating a psychic."

A psychic might be a fragile support but as long as they released their skills, they could sometimes be more powerful than a healer!


In the commentator's room, Yu Bing thought of the weapons replacement at the start of the game and immediately explained, "Psychic Barrier, it is a skill with the shortest casting time. The casting time is one second and the duration is five seconds. However, the use of Phantom Staff might've reduced the duration to four seconds but the advantage is that Psychic Barrier can be released instantly!"

Kou Hongyi finally reacted. "I get it! Chu Yan chose the Phantom Staff so that he can instantly release Psychic Barrier in a critical moment, bouncing off the other side's big moves!"

The commentators could figure it out so the three contestants of the US team naturally discovered it instantly.

Most of a psychic's skills needed to be read and once the casting was interrupted, the skill would fail to be released. Previously, they thought the psychic couldn't use any skills. A psychic who was interrupted by the assassin wouldn't be able to release their skills. The three people had played too smoothly and ignored the other player's Phantom Staff weapon.

"Stop!" Jack Josh quickly issued a new order. The other side had the Psychic Barrier. Any attack skills would just rebound so they had to wait for the barrier effect to end.

However, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng didn't wait in the same place. Before Chu Yan was hit, Su Guangmo had chased after the other side's archer while Ling Xuefeng quickly summoned his pets and placed them in the right positions.

Once the three Americans recovered their spirits, they were surprised to find that the demon skeleton infantry and banshee were present and laid out in very bizarre positions.

"Spread out!" Jack Josh was immediately alert but his words were one beat too late.

Witch Demon's Curse!

A banshee's Charm could pull a person in front of her but the Witch Demon's Curse… could bring all opponents in front of her.

Skeleton Explosion!

Ling Xuefeng's placement of the banshee was very tricky. It brought all three people in front of the skeleton infantry and followed up with Skeleton Explosion, collectively destroying 15% of their blood.

It wasn't over yet!

Su Guangmo had long been waiting. After he saw that Ling Xuefeng successfully pulled the opposite three people over, he decisively used the swordsman's most powerful attack, Light and Shadow Rotation.

The white sword light surrounded the swordsman, rising and descending. It separated the surrounding air as the Sword of Judgment cut at the three people on the opposite side!

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese team used the opportunity of the Psychic Barrier to decisively counterattack. The blood volume of the three American players was collectively reduced to 65%!

Chu Yan took advantage of Captain Ling controlling the three opponents to immediately turn and run to a distance where he couldn't be attacked.

Yu Bing suppressed her excited mood as she said, "Sure enough, their weapons selection was based on a tactic. The Sword of Judgment might slow Su Guangmo's speed but once he released Light and Shadow Rotation, the damage was increased by 200%! The skill dealt a hard hit and it will be very difficult for the enemies to endure."

"Captain Ling's Demon Curse weapon also increases his pet attacks. You can see the damage caused by blowing up the skeleton was very high. The cooperation of the two people instantly suppressed the blood volume of the three people on the opposite side!" Kou Hongyi exclaimed excitedly, "This is really a beautiful counterattack!"


They were being beaten and then counterattacked. The disadvantageous situation had been successfully reversed.

Under the stage, Xiao Han couldn't help thinking that the Chinese team's psychic had 65% blood while the swordsman and summoner were full of blood. Meanwhile, the blood on the US team was at 65% for all three players. Wasn't the possibility that the Chinese team would win quite high.

As soon as he thought this, he saw that Psychic Barrier ended and Jack Josh opened the blood kin summoner's big move, Blood Bat Festival!

The blood bats sprang up and rushed at the opposite trio.

This was the most extensive attack of a blood kin summoner and had a blood-sucking effect.

The big move successfully hit and the blood-sucking effect restored Jack Josh's blood to the safety line of 80%. At the same time, Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng's blood dropped to 80%. Chu Yan was too far away and wasn't hit by this big move.

Chu Yan obviously ran out of range of the battle to temporarily save his live. If the US team wanted to continue chasing Chu Yan, they would have to bypass the blocking of Su and Ling…

At this time, Thomas sent a distress signal.

He was caught by Su Guangmo!

Tan Shitian, the most outstanding bard in China, had once given an interview. When asked about the contestant he hated the most, he bluntly replied, "I dislike Captain Su the most. Once I am chased by Su Guangmo, I can't release my skills."

When Bai Xuan was chased by Xie Shurong, he also wanted to climb into the computer and wring the neck of the opposite swordsman through the cable. Once a melee got close to a remote class, especially the fast attacking swordsman, it was really 'can't take care of their life.'

Thomas had been standing far away and happily firing dark arrows. Then Ling Xuefeng's pet skill pulled him over so that Su Guangmo immediately chased him.

Jack Josh didn't care about him and said instead, "Edmund, go and kill the psychic. I will take care of Ling Xuefeng. Thomas, don't worry. The swordsman's weapon is heavy so you can kite him!"

This was undoubtedly the calmest decision in the current situation.

The three US players dispersed and chased the three Chinese players. Li Cangyu watched the game from the audience and couldn't help giving Jack Josh a thumbs up.

The most taboo thing in the arena was a commander who didn't know how to adapt. The US team wanted to kill the psychic and this idea wasn't wrong. It was only that Chu Yan's weapon rarely appeared in a match and they hadn't realized it. Psychic Barrier was used and they were hit with a wave of counterattacks. Jack Josh immediately gave up his previous strategy and changed to a 1v1 single player mode.

He singled out Ling Xuefeng, who he wasn't afraid of annoying.

It might be annoying for Thomas to be entangled with Su Guangmo but an elf could move fast and he wouldn't die for a while if he ran quickly.

Thus, the remaining assassin would have to take care of the psychic as soon as possible to create the 3v2 advantage.


Yu Bing saw this and couldn't help saying, "Jack Josh is very smart. This type of one on one play is actually very bad for the Chinese team. The two summoners know each other well and Captain Ling won't be able to quickly free himself to save his teammates."

Kou Hongyi was also worried. "The match between a terran swordsman and elf archer is often seen in China, since Tan Shitian often meets with Su Guangmo. Thomas certainly has the ability to drag this battle on for 10 minutes so Chu Yan is in danger."

Jack Josh fought Ling Xuefeng, Thomas fought Su Guangmo and the assassin would go to kill the psychic. It really would be hard to save Chu Yan.

The 3v3 team battle was changed to a 1v1 match by Jack Josh. The two world-class summoners called their pets to kill each other and couldn't be distracted. The swordsman and archer were running around the map. There wouldn't be any wins or losses in a minute. Meanwhile, the auxiliary Chu Yan had to face the blood kin killer and would definitely be in a disadvantageous situation.

Chu Yan's blood decreased while the killer relied on blood-sucking skills to gradually restore his blood…

How could this situation be reversed?

The hearts of the domestic audience were in their throats.

Just then, Yu Bing's eyes lit up. She found that Su Guangmo was chasing Thomas around the whole map. Thomas shot a few arrows from time to time at Su Guangmo while Su Guangmo would also occasionally attack to decrease blood. The two of them ran through several statues and unwittingly entered Chu Yan's vicinity!

Thomas just realized he was near his teammate when Su Guangmo suddenly let him go and used Spirit Lock directly on the assassin's back!

Edmund, who was trying to kill Chu Yan, was hit by this skill. Chu Yan immediately jumped out of attack range and started casting a skill.

Frost Array!

The assassin Edmund and archer Thomas were frozen in place by this array.

The cooldown of Su Guangmo's Light and Shadow Rotation had just ended and he didn't hesitate to use it again. The white sword light swept like a gust of wind and the bonus 200% effect of the weapon doubled the power of this move. The two enemies instantly fell to residual blood!

Jack Josh wanted to rescue them but it was too late. He was standing too far away with Ling Xuefeng, not to mention that he couldn't get away.

Jack Josh was entangled with Ling Xuefeng?

Perhaps it was Ling Xuefeng who dragged Jack Josh away in order to let Su Guangmo and Chu Yan complete a beautiful move!

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Chapter 84 – China VS USA (2)

Edmund and Thomas were frozen in place, receiving Su Guangmo's Light and Shadow Rotation. The moment that Frost Array was ended, Chu Yan released Illusion Maze.

The psychic's arrays instantly abolished the fighting power of the two opponents.

This was a psychic. They might seem fragile with no attack power but once they were uncontrolled, they could control the entire field and force the opponent's into a dilemma!

It was the reason why Jack Josh wanted to start off with killing the psychic. Unfortunately, they repeatedly encountered many incidents in the process. He thought the killer could take care of the psychic and didn't expect the opposite side's swordsman to move in a big circle to help from behind. The 1v1 battles was forcibly converted into 2v2.

Su Guangmo didn't have much blood left and a psychic's arrays were limited. The opponents couldn't be controlled all the time. Once the two people were released from the control, Chu Yan certainly wouldn't live for a long time. Therefore, Su Guangmo used all his explosive moves. The Sword of Judgment might be heavy but when he wielded it, he was domineering and extraordinary, directly beating up the fragile archer and assassin!

After the release of the arrays, Chu Yan quickly hid behind a stone statue and ran away.

The audience found that the psychic's ability to escape was really strong!

In the blink of an eye, he walked around several stone statues and came to to the opposite side of the fountain.

The archer and assassin had been beaten to residual blood by Su Guangmo. Similarly, Su and Chu Yan also had residual blood, especially Chu Yan. He had been beaten by the assassin and only had 5% blood left. One last move might cause him to die.

The Frost Array control effect finally ended and the two opponents wanted to chase after the psychic who only had a bit of blood left. They didn't expect that Su Guangmo would suddenly make a fatal mistake with his positioning!

For professional players… this mistake really wasn't common.

"How can he turn his back to the assassin." Yu Bing stared nervously at the screen. Su Guangmo had just decreased the opponents' blood with Light and Shadow Rotation and was between the assassin and archer. At that time, he could stand with the archer and away from the assassin. However, Su Guangmo's mistake meant his position was more towards the assassin's side and… it was actually his back!

Everyone who player an assassin knew what a good chance it was when the target turned their backs to the assassin!

All of an assassin's attacks automatically received extra damage when it came from behind the target.  This was equivalent to Su Guangmo giving his back to the assassin and Edmund was a world-class killer. It was impossible for him to not grasp such a good opportunity.

Kou Hongyi sighed deep in his heart.

Sure enough, Edmund’s actions were very decisive. The sharp blade in his hand stabbed as he used Backstab, Soul Kill and Fatal Blow!

—First Blood!

A blood announcement finally popped out. The two sides had fought for 10 minutes and one person finally died.

Su Guangmo with 20% blood was killed.

Many domestic audiences scolded Su Guangmo in the live broadcast comments, especially Su Guangmo's sunspots.

[He can't even position himself properly. Giving his back to the assassin is too much!] [I have long thought that he wasn't skilled. Who chose him to go to the Carnival and humiliate himself?]

However, many Su Guangmo fans argued quietly: [Captain Su wouldn't make such a low level mistake… he might've unexpectedly missed.] [Is there anyone who hasn't made mistakes? Perhaps he is in a bad state today?] [There is no need to scold him over this…]

On the other hand, Yu Bing was quick to notice a key point.

Due to Su Guangmo's mistake, Edmund and Thomas decisively took the opportunity to kill him. This made Chu Yan successfully break away from their attack range and he headed to Ling Xuefeng and Jack Josh's area.

The difference between Jack Josh and Ling Xuefeng wasn't big. It was a match between masters and one distraction would allow them to be easily killed. Therefore, both of them were very focused. The audience could see that Jack Josh and Ling Xuefeng had both reached the dangerous threshold of 30% blood. Whoever made a mistake was likely to be killed by the other person.

Edmund realized something was wrong and immediately said on the voice channel, "Jack, be careful!"

However, it was a language prompt and couldn't increase the speed at which professional players used skills. Not to mention, Chu Yan chose a weapon that reduce the casting time of his skills. By the time Edmund spoke, he had finished using a skill. Psychic Curse!

This was a psychic's only single target control skill that made the designated target fall into the silenced state for five seconds, not allowing them to use any skills. After changing weapons today, the silence time would be reduced to four seconds but the casting speed was obviously faster.

Four seconds was enough for Ling Xuefeng to kill a weakened opponent!

In the 1v1 match, Ling Xuefeng had deliberately saved a big move. Once he saw Chu Yan behind Jack Josh, Ling Xuefeng immediately started casting a big move.

Demon's Wrath!

The most terrible attack pet of the demon summoner was the demon god. Once the demon god was summoned, there was a black mist around it. The black mist spread out and the demon god without a body was like floating black smoke. It wrapped around the opponent, from the soles of the feet to the top of the head. After three seconds, the black smoke dissipated, causing terrible black magic damage!

—Second Blood!

The opposite side's blood kin summoner was killed by the demon god in an instant!

At this time, Ling Xuefeng still had 30% of his blood while the assassin Edmund and archer Thomas only had 20% of their blood.

Ling Xuefeng decisively turned around and summoned his black crows to block their vision!

Immediately afterwards, he summoned the banshee to pull the assassin towards him. Then he surrounded the assassin with skeleton infantry and continuously used Skeleton Explosion, killing the assassin as well!

The situation instantly reversed, the original 2v3 becoming 2v1.

Thomas was the only one alive on the US team and his archer attacked from a long distance. He wanted to take advantage of this to kite Ling Xuefeng. However, the crows blocked his vision. Once he circled around and tried to shoot at Ling Xuefeng, he found waiting for him… Psychic Barrier.

That's right. Chu Yan's Psychic Barrier had been cooling down for a long time and it could finally be used, bouncing back all the damage!

Thomas was speechless. Thanks to Psychic Barrier, he couldn't beat the other person,. He had to turn around and control the distance while waiting for Psychic Barrier to end so he could hit Ling Xuefeng. Unfortunately, Ling Xuefeng wouldn't give him such an opportunity.

Chu Yan only had 5% blood and he also had little blue left. He couldn't use any more arrays. In addition, Ling Xuefeng's blue was only enough to use one skill. He had to kill Thomas with one blow or there would be endless troubles.

The archer was so far away and an ordinary attack wasn't enough. What would Captain Ling do? The audience who got up early in the morning to watch the game were anxious.

Then a scene occurred that was unexpected for everyone.

Ling Xuefeng summoned: the undead!

This pet was a common pet that all summoners had. It was rarely seen on the field because it had an adverse effect.

The undead summoning consumed the least blue but no summoner would call the undead to kill people.

The undead only had one effect. Once the opponent's blood volume was less than 20%, it allowed the opponent to die with the summoner.

Yes, it was a 'die together' skill!

Ling Xuefeng's blue was only enough to summon the undead so he decisively called it to take Thomas away. This man, he was so domineering even when dying!

All three people of the American team were destroyed and the Chinese team's Chu Yan survived!

The golden 'Winner!' appeared on the screens of the Chinese team. However, the audience couldn't recover for a long time. The domestic audience was stunned while even Yu Bing and Kou Hongyi were silent for a moment.


On the playing field, Su Guangmo died first because of an error. Jack Josh was controlled by Chu Yan, allowing Ling Xuefeng to kill him. Then Edmund was killed by Ling Xuefeng, leaving the residual blood Thomas behind. Ling Xuefeng politely pulled him to die together.

Finally, the Chinese team only had the 5% blood Chu Yan left.

Chu Yan had been the target of the American team from the beginning but in the end… Su Guangmo and Ling Xuefeng both died while Chu Yan was alive!

The people who scolded Su Guangmo finally noticed that something was wrong.

[In other words, Captain Su made a mistake. In retrospect, Chu Yan only had 5% blood left at the time. If Su Guangmo hadn't made the mistake, Thomas would've left and Chu Yan wouldn't died in a few seconds!]

[Yes, if Chu Yan died, Captain Su and Captain Ling wouldn't be able to win the 2v3. In the case of Captain Ling and Jack Josh's one on one, Captain Su's role obviously isn't as strong as Chu Yan's support arrays.]

[Then he deliberately made a mistake and swapped his death for Chu Yan's survival?]

[If so… Su Guangmo truly is a movie emperor!]


Yu Bing arranged her thoughts and finally calmed down.

Li Cangyu's tactical arrangements were really strong. The game was finished but she had to think about it for a long time!

This was true for the outsiders on the sidelines then what about the American players in the same playing field?

Su Guangmo truly was a movie emperor. When looking back at the video replay, it was discovered that his so-called 'positioning mistake' might've given the assassin a chance to kill him, but it also blocked the archer from chasing Chu Yan.

At that time, he still had a decent amount of blood but his blue was running low. He had finished unleashing all his explosive skills and was ready to die.

With his death, he gave Chu Yan the chance to fight for a few more seconds.

Chu Yan naturally didn't let him down. Captain Chu's escape ability was first-class and he quickly succeeded in escaping the archer's pursuit range. Then he went around behind Jack Josh and used a control skill to help Ling Xuefeng kill Jack.

In the next 2v2 situation, Chu Yan was still on the verge of death so Ling Xuefeng didn't hesitate to consume a large amount of blue to summon the crows and block the opponents' vision. He let Chu Yan move into the distance and exploded his skills on the blood kin assassin.

Then… he summoned the undead and decisively took Thomas to die together.

It was like Li Cangyu said before the game. "The key to this game is the auxiliary. Once Chu Yan dies, we will collapse. Therefore, we must protect Chu Yan."

This tactical idea was made by Li Cangyu. There was a concrete plan established after a careful discussion at the restaurant. However, the scenes at the stadium were always changing and not everything would turn out as expected. Jack Josh dispersed people into a 1v1 situation to kill the auxiliary as soon as possible. In fact, Li Cangyu didn't have much hope at this time. Fortunately, Su Guangmo responded quickly by dragging the opposite archer over to support Chu Yan.

A professional player's responsiveness wasn't bad. As long as a big direction was set, they could be flexible on the field and finally managed to win the match.

However, the process of winning this match was really thrilling. Chu Yan was the only one alive and he had 5% of his blood left. He seemed like he would die at any moment but he survived until the end and won this difficult two points for the Chinese team!


The match lasted for nearly half an hour and there were many highlights in the process. The players on both sides were very capable and adapted to the situation, playing well. After organizing their thoughts, the commentators started to patiently explain to the audience.

The more the audience heard, the more shocked they were. Such strange tactical ideas truly wasn't Captain Ling's style.

Yu Bing finished analyzing the game and then gave a rare smile. "Maybe everyone is confused since this tactical arrangement isn't like the style of Captain Ling, Captain Su or Captain Chu Yan. My guess is that there is a behind the scenes strategist on the Chinese side. However, I didn't get their permission so I won't disclose their identity."

The audience became curious by Yu Bing's words and started to speculate about the behind the scenes strategist.

Was it Tan Shitian? Captain Lou Wushuang? It didn't seem like them either.

Many people couldn't guess and there were viewers who felt that Yu Bing was deliberately acting like she knew an inside story.


On-site, the referee confirmed the score and Ling Xuefeng's hands finally left the keyboard. He moved with Su Guangmo and Chu Yan to shake hands with the US team.

Thomas stared bitterly at Ling Xuefeng. Apparently he was very depressed about being forced to 'die together' at the end.

Jack Josh also had an unconvinced expression on his face. He shook Ling Xuefeng's hand and declared proudly, "I won't lose to you if we fight again next year."

Ling Xuefeng nodded calmly but in his heart, he was thinking, 'Next year don't expect too much either. Once my Cat God comes back, you will cry even more.'

Ling Xuefeng returned to the soundproof room where the rest of the Chinese team was located and once again looked at the VIP seats under the stage. His eyes were once again on Li Cangyu's position and there was a connection.

Ling Xuefeng's lips curved slightly and his eyes softened. He nodded slight at Li Cangyu, as if to say, 'I successfully completed your tactical arrangement and we won.'

It was the real 'we'. Li Cangyu might not have played but his tactical arrangement was put into action by Ling Xuefeng. He took the idea and they won the game together.

Li Cangyu smiled and gave Ling Xuefeng a thumbs up.

Xiao Han saw his master's thumbs up and was stunned. He followed his master's gaze and found that Ling Xuefeng was looking over here.

It was strange that across the stage, their eyes were completely locked on the other person, not allowing any outsiders to intruder…

Xiao Han scratched his head in confusion, thinking, 'Isn't Master's relationship with Ling Xuefeng really good?'

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