Golden Age Of Phoenix: Tyrant's First Class Virtuous Imperial Concubine Chapter 118 - That Night She Replaced Her

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Throughout the night, Nan Yan had not asked, nor had Zhu Feng mentioned a word regarding Yong Province's military defeat.

In the morning, Zhu Feng had woken up earlier than usual.

Nan Yan had a worried look on her face while going back to Shou An Palace.

The minute she entered the palace door, she saw Xia Yunting approaching. She hurriedly knelt. "This servant greets Zhaoyi."

Xia Yunting had two black circles under her eyes, it would seem that she did not sleep well last night. As soon as she came over, she hastily asked, “You didn't come back last night, where were you?”

“This servant just came back from Wu Ying Palace after serving His Highness last night.”

“Last night? How did you serve him?"

Nan Yan was confused. Xia Yunting didn't need to serve His Highness, so why would she suddenly want to know about that?

As she thought about it, she quickly realised something.

That night… Could it be that— Had Xia Yunting taken her place to serve Zhu Feng?

Her heart felt as if it had been pierced by a needle and her breathing became unstable. But forcing out a smile, she still said, "To answer Zhaoyi, this servant simply brews and serves His Highness tea whenever he wants.”

Hearing Nan Yan say so, Xia Yunting’s face became slightly better. Satisfied, she spoke again, “I’m worried about you. You have not yet recovered, why did His Highness let you serve him last night?"

Nan Yan smiled and shook her head. “Zhaoyi should not concern herself. This servant is already alright.” Now that she had explained, she uttered, "It seems that this servant has disturbed and caused Zhaoyi to not have a good rest. This servant shall move back to the Lateral Courts today.”

Xia Yunting immediately shouted, "No!” Seeing Nan Yan paused, Xia Yunting quickly smiled again and said, “You were beaten so badly, how could your wounds be healed so quickly? You should stay and let me take good care of you. At least let your body be well before you leaving.”


“Don't refuse. It is settled then,” Xia Yunting said, pulling her back to Chun Xi Palace.

Under her enthusiastic dissuasion, Nan Yan promised to stay for another two days.

Xia Yunting returned to Shou An palace because she didn’t sleep well last night. With a feeling of agitation, sitting on the couch, she started grieving.

Fulan knew what she was thinking and whispered to her, "Master, please don’t be impatient. His Highness only hasn’t come over for one night. That’s all."

Xia Yunting looked up at her. "I’m not worried about that.”

“Then, what is Master worried about?”


Even Xia Yunting, herself, couldn’t say for sure. She could only try to suppress her anxious feeling.

Fulan looked at her, then said softly: “May this slave speak freely? Si Nan Yan also looks restless. Even she must know how Master looks forward to His Highness coming here to Shou An Palace day and night. Yet she went to serve last night and hasn’t even persuaded His Highness to visit."


Xia Yunting’s eyebrows were screwed even tighter.

She was silent for a moment before saying, “Don’t talk nonsense. Nan Yan is my sister."

Just then, Xique came in from outside and said, "Yu Gonggong is here.”

Xia Yunting quickly stood up. She saw Yu Gonggong come in and she hastily smiled.

“Yu Gonggong.”

Yu Gonggong greeted her, then ordered the little eunuch behind him to come forward with a tray. Xia Yunting saw that there was a coral bracelet with a bright red color on the tray.

Xia Yunting laughed, "What a bright thing.”

Yu Gonggong spoke, “This thing was a gift from Meng Country. His Highness is specially awarding it."

Xia Yunting’s eyes lit up, “Is this a special reward only for me?”

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