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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Extra Story, Chapter 113: The Carnivores’ Banquet

Author’s Note: An after story from Marielle’s point of view.

It is just about half a year after Yuuri’s birthing.

I, Marielle Blanche, am sitting in the secondary residence in Solkalis, with nothing but free time.

"Hmm, Marle’s due date’ll be comin’ ’round soon, yeah? Ain’t it about time we should be headin’ to Mareba?"

Levy sat cross-legged atop the sofa, downing her wine cup.

There are many points of poor manners visible here. Well, I am also sprawled out, chewing on dried meat though.

"I suppose so. However, we have the [Teleporter] installed for Mareba, so we can arrive there quite quickly."

"Guess so. Been a while since we’ve gotten together anyway; I’d kinda like to laze around a while more."

We, who had been going around the nearby cities, spreading healing techniques that don’t rely on faith, had returned to Solkalis and, along with Miss Remy, the three of us were holding a drinking party.

It is a bit sad that it is just us women. I have also gotten to a very marriageable age.

"Haa, I am envious of those with men."

"Little Asuto was pretty cute."

"Perhaps I gave up on Sir Haster a bit too quickly?"

"Stop right there, yeah? Ya want Yuuri to come and kill ya?"

Naturally I would not want to take her on… With her magic power and battle abilities, I would have absolutely no way to win.

"Leaving that aside… Aren’t you two cutting loose a bit too much?"

"Think so?"

"This is normal; perfectly normal."

Besides, this is a party of only women who know our dispositions, so we can act with a bit less restraint…

"Downing alcohol while your underwear is in clear view is definitely going too far! And Miss Mary, don’t gnaw on dried meat while you’re lying down! Can’t you see how bad this is getting with everything you’re doing?!"

"Ya’ll worry too much, Remyyy"

"The only ones here are us girls; it is not an issue."

"Lettin’ down the defenses a bit is somethin’ guys actually like, y’know?"

"If it was an innocent defenselessness like Yuuri, then that would be one thing. But when women your age act this way, it just makes you seem like old maids."

"O-old maids?!"

I am still only twenty years old though!

Even Levy is only twenty-four… Well, I suppose referring to her that way is not an issue?

"I’m saying you should worry a bit about how people see you! That’s exactly why you don’t have any guys around."

"Th-that is an entirely separate…!"

I panicked a bit having it suddenly pointed out, but… Come to think of it, there have not been many men calling out to me lately, have there?

"Now that you mention it, in the past year here… Nay, even longer, I have not been hit on, have I?"

"If we’re talkin’ ’bout that, then even I… Eh? But hadn’t there been plenty of people ’bout two years ago?"

"I had also frequently been asked out around the time of the labyrinth conquering, but…"

I realized that within the two years here, the men trying to pick me up came to an abrupt halt.

What might this mean?

"If you’re oozing sloppiness as much as you two, then even men are going to shy away, don’t you think?"

"Remy, even I ain’t gonna go out in front of people lookin’ like this, y’know?"

"I-indeed. Even I have some common sense."

"There’s no way you can hide it all with a quick patch-up job. Men are surprisingly observant about things like this, alright?"

"I-is this truly so—?!"

More importantly, why have I suddenly slackened in these two years? That is the problem!

If I do not determine the cause, then any efforts to correct it will land me back in the same place.

"The issue at hand, then, is why we have let loose so much in these past two years."

"That kind of analysis and response thing is Yuuri’s job; I ain’t good at this stuff."

"Think about it seriously! This problem involves you as well!"

I have traveled to various places together with Levy in these two years, but… In that time I thoroughly realized the abnormality of Yuuri and company.

Yuuri, who can develop magic for many situations, and Sir Haster who develops magic tools.

The ability to adapt and invent that comes with them makes things so simple that, once it has been experienced, nothing can replace it.

"The biggest problem is that nobody else can see you. In other words, since you’ve been traveling, with just the two of you, I suppose you’ve become insensitive to the public gaze?"

"So ya mean we should hire someone new?"

"With our abilities, hiring someone may be no simple… Nay, should we hire another female, then we could plunge directly back into the same situation."

At that time we always had the eyes of Sir Haster and Alec around, so I also took some relative care of my appearance.

Which would mean the best addition to our party truly would be a man?

"Guess so. If we can grab ourselves a nice boyfriend candidate at the same time, that’d be perfect!"

"Oh, then maybe I’ll try finding myself a boyfriend too."

"Are ya just usin’ us as bait, Remy?!"

But I have heard the chances for forming couples within a party is high.

Nurturing a man that you are seeing, while also deepening your bonds, may be a good plan.

"A speculative purchase; I suppose calling it that sounds bad, but in a sense, Sir Haster was also speculating when he took hold of Yuuri too…"

"Ah-ha, then it’s done decided. Right then, Remy, introduce us to some young, good men, with personality, decent abilities, and roles that work with what we got."

"Are you an idiot—?!"

That is obviously asking far too much, Levy…

"Well, so long as they are compatible with us, that is enough… But at the very least, I would prefer those who fill in the party roles."

"Hrm, in that case… Your own roles would be—"

"Levy as the scout, and I as the healer."

"Which means you’ll want a front-line tank, or attacker."

"I would like both the physical and magic sides covered."

"C’mon, ya really think we’ll get somethin’ that convenient?"

"I don’t want to hear that from you—! Ah, wait…?"

After delivering a retort to Levy, Miss Remy went into some thought.

"Could you perhaps have an idea?"

"Yeah, there’s actually a perfect couple of party vacancies. It’s a three person party, all aged mid-to-late twenties. Their abilities stand out. Looks aren’t bad. As for roles, they’re a physical attacker, tank, and fire class magician."

"Oooh, ain’t that perfect!"

"Their companion scout and healer are getting married, and going into retirement, so they’re in a bit of a pickle apparently."

"That is, once again… Very convenient timing."

"Anyone we might know?"

"They’re pretty famous… "Forest Bear" is their name."



"Augh, gross. Oreas, face away if you’re gonna sneeze."

"Yeah, sorry. I got a sudden chill, like some carnivorous beast was stalking up on us from behind."

"What, caught a cold? Then I’m sure you’ve lost your appetite; gimme that meat."

"No way. Eat your own portion, Kale."


"Ahh, them guys…"

"Oh, might you know them, Levy?"

"We’re acquainted just a smidge. Pretty sure their leader, Jack, was pretty darn stupid."

Levy made a bitter face, but their name is valued as absolutely top class. The Wyvern Killers, Forest Bear.

If I can successfully catch them, then my heart’s desire of having a boyfriend… But I do not want an idiot, do I?

"An idiot is a bit of a problem."

"Oh? That stimulates a desire to take care of the person though. I kinda like that."

"Someone a bit more intellectual and cool is what I go for."

"In that case, Mister Oreas is that type. He’s a bit of a magic nerd, but when he’s serious his personality is kinda like Haster’s."

"That… Is exactly in my strike zone!"

I believe I have drawn a winner. I will not allow this chance to pass.

"Rather than some lanky thang, I’d like someone more dependable-like. Ain’t gotta be as much as Alec though."

"Mister Kale is a tank, and quite reliable you know? He might even be stronger than Alec in physical strength."

"Hohoh, That… Ain’t bad."

Though I am saying this myself… I felt that all three of us got a hungry glint in our eyes at that moment.

"… It’s done decided then."

"It is indeed decided."

"In that case, I’ll contact them right away. Give me Mister Jack."

"Sure thang, sure thang. I ain’t touchin’ him."

"Neither will I."

One week later, a strange rumor spread through Solkalis.

It was said, "The Bears were eaten".

Author’s Note: Run, Bears! Seriously, get out of there?!

Translator’s Note: And that is all from Hakai Me no Yuuri! Thank you again for reading! Half-Dragon Slave Life is next on the translation chopping block.


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