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Chapter 42 - A Bloody Rainy Night

XuanHuan 5

The sweet moment did not linger for long on the hall of the Magistrate's Mansion.
Moments later, there drifted in the screams and warcries.
"The Blood Bats are here." Nie Tian stepped out of the hall, followed by Mo Ruxi.
It was at this point that the greater part of dark night sky was lit up by a lightening bolt.
Ensued a deafening sound of thunder and a pouring wash of rain.
"It's bound to be a bloody rainy night." Nie Tian looked up into the sky, with his eyes sparking with coldness.
The vengeance for father's death three years ago would be settled tonight.
"Ruxi, follow me." Nie Tian strode out and into the torrential rain.
Mo Ruxi kept close to Nie Tian.
Each corridor of the Magistrate's Mansion was now echoing with the shouts and yells.
Clearly, both sides had been engaged.
Nie Tian came to the first corridor with Mo Ruxi, where Nie Wenyuan was leading three men of the Nies in fighting the Bloody Bats.
The Bloody Bats was divided into four groups. And those confronted Nie Wenyuan were a dozen of Vital Spirits, among whom there was a Vital Spirits at the ninth level.
"Bastards of the Bloody Bats, meet your death." As Nie Wenyuan yelled, his vital power welled up. He released a fierce palm attack against a man in black with the Bloody Bats who was on the forefront.
Very powerful was the strike of a Phenomenality.
"Ah." The man in black was caught in the middle. He screamed distressingly and died on spot.
"Well done." Nie Tian put on a cold smile, jumped up and released his Warrior God Punch, targeting at a Vital Spirits at the third level.
"Bang." Amid the dull sound, the man in black was knocked over and against the column of the corridor, only to bring it down. He caught his last breath when he slipped onto the ground.
Although Nie Tian was a Vital Spirits at the second level, but his absolute power was so intimidating that a strike with full strength would suffice to kill an ordinary Vital Spirits at the fourth level within a second.
Despite of the loss of two men for the Bloody Bats, they launched even more fierce counterattacks.
These guys were desperadoes themselves. Bloody and death would not shrink but madden them.
"Ah." A deacon of the Nies got attacked and gave out a scream.
"Family Master, you leave first. I'll take care of here." Considering that the Bloody Bats were not afraid of death, Nie Wenyuan shouted to Nie Tian, for fear that he should get hurt.
"Nie Wenyuan, protect Mo Ruxi." Nie Tian would not listen to him. He growled and greeted the violent attack of the Bloody Bats.
It had been three years. Now that the murderers were standing right in front, how could Nie Tian back down?
"Arrogant Brat, you are dicing with death." The Bloody Bats laughed wildly at someone who met them directly. Four or five of them took actions at the same time, and then several Vital Spirits came for Nie Tian.
These guys were Vital Spirits at the fourth or fifth level. And the joint attack did impose a great pressure.
Nie Tian would not give it a second thought. He manoeuvred the Leaf and Swan Step to craftily avoid the offenses. He leaned forward, reached out his hand and caught the neck of a man in black.
"Die you!" Roaring, Nie Tian exerted his strength and twisted his neck off like a hawkbill.
All the men in black was shocked and pulled back without even knowing it.
It went out of their expectations that Nie Tian were even crazier than they were.
"Who's next?" Nie Tian looked up and cried out. The twitched and wry face in the rain did become a Deicide in bloods.
"Son of a bitch. You are looking for your destruction. Sinister Wolf Punch." The most powerful Vital Spirits at the ninth level among the men in black gave out a cry and released a punch. Then a black wolf head appeared and bombed Nie Tian.
"Family Master!" Nie Wenyuan knew Nie Tian was in danger. He yelled and used his vital power again. His Vital Spirit appeared, and it was a Ghost-Headed Broadsword.
Different from those of other Kung Fu learners, the Vital Spirit of Nie Wenyuan was not a virtual image but an entity. It was basically like a Spirit Weapon in hand.
The ability to transform the Vital Spirit separated a Phenomenality from a Vital Spirits.
And the entity was much more powerful than a virtual presence. The pressure was more than an ordinary Vital Spirits could bear.
"Leave me alone. Finish him." Nie Tian cried furiously the moment Nie Wenyuan was ready to attack.
"Aye." At this critical moment, Nie Wenyuan chose to trust Nie Tian. The Ghost-Headed Broadsword swept through the air, left a streak of terrifying sword light and came all the way for the Vital Spirits at the ninth level.
The attacks hit the target almost at the same time.
Nie Tian got struck by the black wolf head. He was forced a few steps back but he kept his balance when he stomped on the ground, coughing his blood out.
Taking the brunt of a Vital Spirits at the ninth level would necessarily hurt Nie Tian, regardless of his tough body.
"Ah." Meanwhile, the man in black got struck by the sword light of Nie Wenyuan. There appeared an appalling blood mark on his chest. The wound was so deep that his bones could be seen. He was now bleeding heavily.
"Kill them up." With the cultivation of the ninth level of Vital Spirits, the sword attack of Nie Wenyuan did not finish him. He covered his wound and gave out a furious yell.
"March." The maddened men in black flooded in.
"Back off." Nie Tian shouted, drew his Welkin Sword, exerted his Warrior God Slash and pulled back.
The Bloody Bats was too thirsty for the fight. Death instilled no fear in them. They were like a bunch of mad dogs.
If Nie Tian forced himself to fight, he would got him hurt to drag down these guys.
Nie Wenyuan took one step forward and covered his retreat. The Ghost-Headed Broadsword fell, so did another man in black.
Nie Tian dashed off to the inner yard with Mo Ruxi.
A silver lightening bolt made the night sky glitter, and was followed by a series of thunders and an intenser fall.
Nie Tian and Mo Ruxi arrived at the entrance to the inner yard. There was blood all over. A dozen of bodies lied on the ground, most being men in black with the Bloody Bats and and a few being those with the Magistrate's Mansion.
"Nie Tian. Ruxi." Mo Tai felt relieved to see that Nie Tian and Mo Ruxi were both fine.
"Dad, how you doing here?" Mo Ruxi asked nervously when she saw the blood stains on Mo Tai.
Mo Tai laughed wildly, "I've slain several bastards of the Bloody Bats and got stained with some blood. I'm just fine."
The dozen of men in black on the ground clearly rushed into here from the fourth corridor.
They were the first to make it to the inner yard without impeded access, only to be the most miserable sacrifice.
"Get ready. A lot more of the Bloody Bats are coming." Nie Tian wiped off the blood on the mouth corner, looking even more hostile.
When Nie Tian finished his words, there came the heavy footsteps. The pace looked hasty as their feet splashed the ponds on the ground.
Those who kept guard on the three corridors retreated here one after another. The number of the living was diminished and that of the injured increased.
Then, the Bloody Bats crowded in, like fierce wolves. Maliciousness could be seen from their eyes.
There were not over twenty left on Nie Tian's side. And the Bloody Bats and the Bas were nearly a half their original size, less than thirty men or rather.
The credit should be given to Nie Tian for his ingenious arrangement which enabled them to kill over twenty minions in lower hand.
If they had confronted the Bloody Bats in the beginning, people with the Magistrate's Mansion would have been dead bodies by now.
But even so, Nie Tian knew the odds were against him.
"Nie Tian!" Ba Wuli showed up, stared at Nie Tian with his bloodshot eyes, trying to eat Nie alive any moment he was breathing.
"Ba Wuli, you are with the Bloody Bats. You must be to blame for the murder three years ago," uttered coldly Nie Tian who looked extremely serious.
Nie Tian took one step forward and fixated onto Ba Wuli, "Ba Wuli, I won't allow the murderer of my father to breathe in this world. If I don't finish you today, that will be a shame on a son."
"Hahahha. Nie Tian, you want to kill me? Try harder in your next life." Ba Wuli put on an exaggerated and arrogant smile. From his point of view, the Magistrate's Mansion was doomed to collapse.
Nie Tian smiled coldly and turned around to Mo Tai, "Mr. Magistrate, you handle the rest. And the old bandit is mine."
"Rein in your impulse, Family Master." Nie Wenyuan stepped forward. Although he would agree that Nie Tian was powerful, Ba Wuli was a Vital Spirits at the ninth level, with cultivation that far outreached Ba Ziliang's.
"Never mind. He's only an old bandit. I will kill him." Nie Tian looked resolved and reserved no negotiating ground.
Mo Tai and Nie Wenyuan made eye contact and said simultaneously, "End the fight quick."
"Snort," Xiong Ba put on a cold smile, and said contemptuously, "I'd like to see how a Phenomenality at the third level and another at the first level would end the fight quick."
For a Phenomenality, the gap between each level was unbridgeable like the Pacific.
But since they dared to propose a quick fight, they naturally had something to rely on.
And that was the Boost Pill.
They took it out and administered at the same time.
At the sight of that, several others took the Boost Pill out, raised the head and swallowed the pill.
"The Boost Pill." Xiong Ba looked more than surprised, "Why do you have the Boost Pills?"
It never occurred to Xiong Ba that the Magistrate of Moyang City possess the Boost Pills, and more than one was available to him.
Having administered the Boost Pills, Mo Tai and Nie Wenyuan could feel the rocketing pressure.
Mo Tai sensed a violent blast of power was bumping inside his underbelly and almost crashing it.
Such overwhelming power spurred his will to fight a war.
"Phenomenality at the fourth level... the fifth level!" Mo Tai looked thrilled, for the Boost Pill helped him make a progress by two levels.
Nie Wenyuan was also pleasantly surprised to find that he had reached the third level of Phenomenality.
Others did see a substantial progress in terms of their cultivation.
In particular, several Vital Spirits at the ninth level were so excited that they almost cried when they made it to the Phenomenality.
Admittedly, difficult was too soft a word for a Vital Spirits upgraded to a Phenomenality.
Quite a number of people at the ninth level of Vital Spirits did not get to see any further progress before they died.
But the Boost Pill offered a golden opportunity for them to experience what it was like to be a Phenomenality. They could hardly contain the raptures.
"Finish them," thundered Mo Tai who strode out and picked on Xiong Ba.
Others all came forward, imposing stronger pressures.
Nie Tian turned around and walked away, maintaining a distance from them.
So did Ba Wuli. They would like to fight one on one.
One fought for his father, the other for his son. The battle between the sworn enemies was on!

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