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Chapter 10 Triggering
"Why?... How can this happen? It should be just being infected and becoming undead, isn't it? How can he mutate?" Ning Wang broaden his eyes because of the huge panic from the shock.

Ba Xiong seems a little stunned too, but after a few minutes, he seems relieved. He says," That is the 'university', and that is only the simplest 'entrance exam' in your first year of university. There are plenty of possibilities exists in this 'university'. And also, plenty opportunities mean plenty risks as well. Probes, now you should have a better understanding for this? So, you must know that I have to kill him! Otherwise, you will all bet your ten years life on him. In case he transferred into a follower, I am afraid even me may not handle this.

After this, he is going to shot on Ming Wei!

"No!" Kuang Yin holds Ba Xiong's gun tightly, and says," You can't do this! He is still alive now at least! Besides, there is also a possibility for him to get the gene strengthened by this mutated T virus, right? As long as he hasn't mutated, there is a hope, isn't it?"

Ba Xiong laughs," How naïve! For the possibility of 0.1%, and you do believe he can be that lucky? Don't you forget, the possibility for him to becoming strong undead is far bigger than he gains the gene strengthened from it. Are you really so bad at calculating this easy ratio? I thought you have seven points of intelligence!?

Ba Xiong has his special skill called "wolf smell", which adds him for 20 points in perceptive effects already for as a second-year student. Considering he has the basic rare skill "investigation" from beginning, he has a possibility to know some basic attributes of people who is weaker than him (But he still can't know the specific skills and equipment). As a result, those people in front of him probably has their attributes information explored clearly.

However, Kuang Yin still don't want to give up, he says," There is still hope right? Even with the least possibility he maybe success still. Are you so sure that he cannot gain the gene strengthen? It is you who said that 'university' has unlimited possibilities exist." "Little boy!" Ba Xiong says," The danger I have experienced is much more than the meals you have ever had. You don't have the right to say anything in front of me, remember? Besides, if not for you are behave fine so far, I have enough reason to throw you to the undead considering you just against me. 'Respect senior' is always the first rule in this 'university' if you want to survive. Do you understand?"

Ming Wei drag Kuang Yin away hurry, and shakes his head, says," Forget it. It's just loss of ten years life at most. It's not a big deal really. I am not really care about die. After grow up for so many years, I have experienced many things already, but only haven't experience death yet. The only thing I feel regret is my 'entrance exam' will fail."

Kuang Hua quizzes a bitter smile, and he can't decide what to say at this moment. He doesn't know if he should feel pity for his own short life or should be admire for Ming Wei's open-minded. However, since Ming Wei already said this, he has nothing more to say now.

Shuangmu Li pats Kuang Yin's shoulder at the right time, and sighs," Well, I think we have to respect your choice now. Don't worry, we will transfer some education points to you after we get back." Shuangmu Li feels a little guilty for this. After all, if he shot a bit earlier before, Ming Wei might not have been bitten by the undead.

"Haha…Then, I have to …Tha…Thank….Ah! Hurts so much….Ah…! I am going to …"


With one gunshot, Ming Wei's head is blow up like a watermelon, and his dark blood spread everywhere.

"One trainee died, 'Teaching assistant' Ba Xiong got one point deducted in the comprehensive evaluation!"

Ba Xiong smile mysteriously, and says," I have got screwed by you rubbish this time."

Shangmu Li looking at Ming Wei's body without head sadly, and says," Mr. Ba, actually, you knew there is something wrong with that man, is that true?"

Ba Xiong answers," Yep."

Ignoring the angry or alert look from those people, Ba Xiong says," Probe, please do remember your identity, and mine as well. You are all 'Probe student' and I am the 'teaching assistant'. My job is to support you to complete a few tasks and getting familiar with rules in the 'university' rather than being body guard you ants-like people."

"To be honest, I am a little regret for taking the task of being a 'teaching assistant' already. Your quality is quite low for the whole grade. Last year when I was at this period, we were already fighting heavily with those worms in the scenarios in the 'Star River'. Looking at you now, you are so emotional with such little trouble." Ba Xiong disdains them very much, and continues," Let me repeat for the last time, the first and foremost rule to surviving in the 'university' is to respect your senior schoolmate, that's me. Do you think everyone would be as nice as me? You must be day dreaming. Well, I will finish here, let's moving now."

Just at the moment when the crowd is going to leave, a weak voice coming out, "Wai…Wait for a second…"

Qianqian Qian says," Look… This…this is taking out from his jacket…"

Everyone follows her words and find a picture. A photo of a dog with blood all over it. The man she was talking at is the undead man whose head has been blow up by Shuangmu Li.

"What is this for? It is just a dog." Summer Liu says, and he is willing to leave this dangerous place as soon as he can.

Qianqian Qian explains hurriedly," No… Not like that…It is the hidden mission…"

"Hidden mission?"

Ba Xiong snatches the picture of the dog, and he receives the tips immediately.

"You have got a special item: the photo of guide dog Mary."

"The Hidden mission be triggered: save guide dog Mary."

"Mission description: the blind man Mark and his guide dog Mary have lost in the crowd, and they have very good relationship. Poor Mary, she might in danger at any time. People with kind heart please offer help for finding the guide dog Mary. God will bless everyone with a good heart."

"Mission requirement: Find and rescue guide dog Mary within one hour."

"Mission reward: ??"

"Failure penalty: None."

"Accept or not?"

After reading that, Ba Xiong shows a weird smile, and says," Should I say you are really lucky today? Or should I say you are so bad luck?"

"What?" Shuangmu Li asks," What happened? What is the problem with that picture?"

"And what is the problem with that hidden mission?" asks Ning Wang.

Ba Xiong looks around, and points at a shadow place not far away and says, " I will explain it to you at that hidden safe place there."

After everyone covered safely in the shadow, Ba Xiong begins to explain," Hidden mission is one of the several known special tasks in the 'scenario exam' in the 'university. These known special tasks are 'Hidden mission', 'Principal mission', 'Regional mission', 'Revenge mission', and 'Part-time mission'. Leave others for the moment, let me explain about the 'Hidden mission' now. This is a kind of special task which may triggered by an accident. In principle, any event has the possibility to trigger a hidden mission, but actually it's possibility is very small. The shared character of hidden missions is that the mission reward is never known at the beginning, and the failure penalty can be heavy or light. That means you can be very rich within one night or becoming very poor after completing your hidden mission. Besides, the difficult level is usually very high for all the hidden mission, and even may leads to a series of following missions. Thinking basically, it is totally a gambling with high risks as well as unknown reword rate. However, it would also be a pity to give it up, because it is really rare to find. It is easy to make people struggling for weather to accept or give up because of the very high risks. So I said before, I am not sure if I should congratulate you for this or feel pity for you. To my opinion, since there's no failure penalty for this hidden mission, I think it is made for compensate you probe this time."

Everyone is digesting what Ba Xiong just said, and they come to a conclusion.

"It is a tasteless food, but still a pity to abandon it." Ning Wang says.

"It is not really true, but you can say like that. After all, it is too similar to gambling." Ba Xiong says," Of course, I said before that I am just the 'teaching assistant', so I have no right to intervene your decisions. It is your right to decide whether to accept it or give it up. You can have some time to discuss this now." After this word, he crosses his arms in front of his chest, and leaning on the side wall.

If not for the limits of the 'Dean', actually he would like to try for himself and experience the simplest 'entrance exam'. In fact, this can only exit in his imagination because he knows clearly that if he intervenes into the tasks in 'entrance exam', the 'Dean' would raise the difficulty level of the task immediately. The result for that maybe he can gain nothing and even lost six points in his comprehensive evaluation because once the difficulty level been raised, none of these probe students can survive for sure.

Besides, 'Dean' may probably punish him by adding some special 'award' into this task. If it real happens, Ba Xiong would be so regret for his action.

Of course, if he operates strictly according to the rules, he can gain huge benefits from this 'entrance exam' for being a 'teaching assistant'.

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