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Chapter 19: Fantasy Cinnabar Mole (Part 2)

       Once in a good mood, the breakfast on the table also looked more appetizing. Gu Bai also understood his taste very well from the memory of the original host, he picked up all his favorites. In a single breakfast, he ate quite a lot, attracting the frequent sidelong glances from the waiting servants.
  Gu Bai looked at him eating in relish and also couldn't help but feel gluttonous. He was only Mozong's little disciple, although he's not starved, the food isn't as good as the sect leader's.
  For just a table of breakfast, there's already more than a dozen dishes, it's like a royal court banquet. In the previous world as Nie family's young master, everything he ate and wore were all first class and it already made his stomach become picky.
  At this moment, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Furthermore, he only ate on one mantou* in his morning rush. His stomach immediately rebelled and made growling sounds.

*steamed bun

  The sound isn't that loud, but it's particularly noticeable in a room where even a single needle can be heard. Don't mention Qin Shitian, even the servants also quietly stared at him.
  "May sect leader pardon the offense, subordinate was discourteous...." Gu Bai blushed.
  Qin Shitian glanced at him, his cold face slightly revealed a soft smile that was undetectable, then he held a plate of pastries right in front of him and coldly said, "Rewarding you."
  "Thank sect leader!"
  Gu Bai's face revealed great joy, quickly thanking him. Bestowed by the great devil leader, be it leftovers or even something that's already been taken a bite out of, you have to go on and eat it, let alone this dish that hasn't been touched.
  After accepting the plate, Gu Bai was ready to retreat. No matter how big the courage is, he doesn't dare to eat in front of Qin Shitian. The only person who can eat at the same table with Qin Shitian is Mo Haige, if it's other people, then they simply don't want to live anymore.
  Seeing the action of unwilling to leave, Qin Shitian suddenly thought of Mo Haige’s rejection just now, and couldn’t help but coldly said, “Just eat here!”
  Gu Bai was startled by him. He secretly mentioned in his heart that Qin Shitian is indeed moody. He had to obey and obediently ate while standing in front of him.
  He observed Qin Shitian's expression while eating. The appearance of his puffed up cheeks and casting little glances resemble a little squirrel, very funny. It slightly improved Qin Shitian's expression.
  "Is it that delicious?" Seeing Gu Bai's eating appearance, Qin Shitian who had already watched him for a while, couldn’t help but suddenly open his mouth.
  "Oh, delicious!"
  Gu Bai nodded without any hesitation, both cheeks were stuffed with food. With puffed up cheeks, he nodded like a little chick pecking on grains.
  Mozong's existence is greater than those countries, the cooks in Mozong are naturally top-notch. The ingredients are rich in spiritual energy, a lot more high grade than those ordinary things, the taste is excellent.
  This is simply better than the top cuisines he has eaten in the past. Gu Bai’s face revealed a look of satisfaction, even his eyes are bent*.

* The 'eye smile''

  This look made Qin Shitian's mood very good, he unexpectedly* reached out his hand and pinched his face. Gu Bai was stunned for a moment, then he smiled back, not dodging.

*demons and gods at work (idiom) unexplained/supernatural event

  "You don't seem to be afraid of benzun?"
  Already accustomed to Mo Haige's alienation and disgust, the sudden feeling of being close to someone made Qin Haotian's heart slightly taken aback. The touch of the soft and warm skin his hand makes him like it very much.
  Seeing his expression, Gu Bai guessed that he has some temper. He licked his lips and looked up at him slightly, squinting his eyes with a look of admiration and loyalty.
  "Xiaoren* isn't afraid of sect leader, only venerate sect leader. Xiaoren has pledged loyalty to sect leader and therefore not afraid of sect leader. Whatever sect leader orders xiaoren to do, xiaoren is willing!"

*a self-humbling 'I' or 'Me' used to express modesty and lower status. The opposite of Daren.
Literal translation is 'small person'

  These are entirely words from the bottom of the heart. Ah Jiu’s wish is to protect this sect leader. Even if Qin Shitian wants to kill him, he still has to thank him.
  It's not that Qin Shitian has never heard similar words of loyalty, but when it's spoken by Gu Bai, coupled with his pure eyes, it strangely made people feel at ease.
  This kind of loyalty and admiration makes his heart feel indescribably soft and comfortable, the cold face softened instantly.
  "Xiaoren? Looking at your emaciated appearance, benzun thinks that you do look like a small person. How will you serve benzun looking like this? You should know that the cultivation of the maidservants are all higher than you. ..."
  "Ah Jiu will definitely work hard to become stronger!"
  Gu Bai's attitude is positive, his eyes are pure, and he has the loyalty of a child.
  Qin Shitian stared at him and couldn't refrain from smiling in his heart.
  This youth who has been in Mozong for five years can still have such pure eyes and keep on proclaiming that he will repay kindness and be devoted to him, interesting, truly interesting. Therefore, it won't be bad to keep him by his side, just pretend that it's an amusement.
  "Alright, in that case, benzun has no use for your current cultivation, you will serve benzun's daily routine from now on!"
  Qin Shitian face remained cold, but the tone is very soft.
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