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Volume 1 Chapter 8, George’s intentions

“dada,” (sound effect) turning off the bedside lamp, Angela changed into pajamas and move deep into the bedsheets. Even though she tiredly yawned, but she is unable to sleep at this time. Jennifer words repeatedly rang in her head: what are you afraid of?

“It’s not because I am afraid of anything, I’m just not confident. “The little girl stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide, muttering.

speaking of which, even if I succeed I’m a shut-in, even if I failed I’m also a shut-in, Her previous life gives her a unique advantage in some aspects of information,but it also makes her lack of initiative and self-confidence——It’s really difficult for a guy who spends all day at home on the Internet to face the reality boldly. The reason why she secretly wrote the novel scripts is the same, she does not know what the results will be. even though she knows these are top tier works in her previous generation, but she still feels uneasy. After all, this is plagiarism!

Oh, of course, one might say that Angela had not even a bit of a guilty look when she talks to producer Nancy and Editorial Team Leader George in the afternoon. But that’s because she had been push back. you know, 《The Parent Trap》is Nancy Meyers’s self-directed film in 1998. And sending her script to the original author… Only a “genius” like her could come up with, If it hadn’t bounced off when it hit the edge, only would god knows what would happen this afternoon.

Angela turned over and looked straight at the rows of alarm clocks at the end of the bed. It was already 10 o’clock. Usually, she would be asleep at this time but she doesn’t want to fall asleep. Finally, she turnover and climb up to turn on the light and drag out a little cardboard under the bed. Inside, one can see that it is full of messy sheets of papers, some have a few pages, while others only have a page or two.

The little brat pouted and flipped open those sheet’s of paper, If there was another reincarnated person and he saw those things, his chin would probably drop to the ground. 《Heat》, 《The Mummy》,《The Matrix》 and 《Titanic》, etc.. This little girl is simply taking Hollywood’s future blockbuster! But those scripts are neither completed nor finished, and some are only just the beginning. Furthermore, those are not the original scrip formats, it’s mostly the interposed between the novel and the content description.

“Well, 《The Parent trap》 is sold, so what to do with these?” Angela sat on the ground, her head on her curled knees, staring at the work in the box while muttering, writing 《The Parent Trap》 is just to earn some pocket money and these were written when the time she was bored. Then later if needed money, why not pick one of these. So what if you met the original author?

What’s wrong with me, staying up late thinking of these? Angela playfully knocked on her head, some depressing thought, she felt that becoming a girl make her seems to be more of a cowards (缺少豪气) Even if this is plagiarism, so what? It’s not like she copied without her own things in it. Just like 《The Parent Trap》. The original author Nancy Meyers is not very knowledgeable about the UK, that’s why the filming is mostly done while touring around England. Angela is different, her mother is British, she had lived in the UK when she was young. In those minor details and the living habits, she is more credible. She also designed many small gestures for the twins in the play, so saying it is plagiarism is not necessarily correct, even if she copy a play from the scriptwriter, it’s not like the script writer will be starved to death. In fact, they may even write better scripts because of this, that’s why, Angela worried for nothing.

“Sleep! Sleep! There is no point in thinking over it now! there is always a way to move forwards. (车到山前必有路)” with her hoodlum characteristic, Angela’s too lazy to care about the bed lamp, wrapped into the futon and quit caring about anything ells.


George took a deep breath, straightened his tie again to make sure his grooming was neat and then walked out of the elevator, not far from the reception desk was a white man, about thirty-years-old, waving to him.

“Hi, Matthew .”

“Hi, George.”

Both of them had a handshake, Matthew made a gesture of pointing to the door at the end of the corridor: “Come on, everyone’s waiting for you.”

"To tell the truth, Matthew, we have worked together quite sometimes. What do you think about this?” George asked while taking another deep breath.

“Don’t be nervous, George.” Matthew smiled softly, but then he converges again. “It’s quite good. I have read your submission. The director of the board also think so, but……You best mentally prepared.” he said that without giving George any time to think and opened the door to the conference room door.

“Dear Respected Chairman and Directors, I am the head of the editorial team of the film subsidiary, George Wales and I believe you have read my submission, which I personally think is entirely worthy of the company’s investment.” George, who went straight to the next piece, began the talk after saying the introduction. He was confident, because, sitting on the table is the over 50-year-old man who is the CEO and chairman of Disney film and entertainment company, Michael Eisner. Since he had rushed here personally from Burbank, That means that he does pay great attention to his submission.
As an old Disney employee, George is well aware that while Disney has long occupied the animation piece, it can be said that Disney is the synonym for animation. 《The Little Mermaid》1989 had been Disney’s second youth (第二春), even though, the animation still had many-room for improvements. The current CEO Eisner is a very courageous boss, that’s why he totally believed that Eisner can tell the potential value of 《The Lion King》 and 《The Parent Trap》. Similarly, also be able to see the value of Angela.

Soon after, the meeting comes to an end after George’s Explanation, several directors still had some more questions, so he answered. The directors are satisfied with the explanations from their expressions. But, the biggest decision maker Michael Eisner has not spoken anything since the meeting, just fold his hands and quietly listen to other people’s discussion, making George a little perturbed.

Finally, after the other directors had finished their discussion, the meeting room gradually quiet down. Eisner slowly opened his mouth: “Mr. Wales, your suggestions are very good, whether it is this animation or this film, for Disney is very important, I am very much in favor of investing, but, here is a problem …”
He stared at George: “How are you going to convince Mr. Jared Harris Mason, the boss of Pedro cooperation, to have his dear daughter in filming the movie?"


“Look, George, I know you’re bent on getting results, but haste brings no success (欲速而不达).” Facing the empty room, leaning against the table Michael Eisner patted George on the shoulder. At this time, there is no imposing manner of a boss (BOSS的气势), more like an elder, “I have always told you not to worry and do it slowly. Just like this case, the submission is done very well, I appreciate it. As for that girl… Forget it, I’ve seen her a few times before —— during Mason’s private party, it is a fascinating child, but don’t work on hopeless things.”

“Sure, Mr. Eisner, In fact, after I heard her identity, I had dropped the idea of hitting her.” George also leans on the table, replied with a wry smile.

“Then so be it, I am going back.” Eisner headed to the door, “can’t have them wait too long.”

George nodded, then remembered something and hesitantly to look at him: “about my uncle…”

“I know, I know, I won’t tell Frank about this.” Eisner laughed and walked out of the room.

George escorts him to the lift and then returned to his office while feeling a little lost. It’s such a pity, if only if he could hold out such a dazzling child star, the influence to the movie subsidiary would at least doubled. But, he did not expect that Angela would be one of the top consortium boss’s daughter! God must be kidding me.

“don’t get frustrated, whether it’s an animation or a film, as long as it’s successful, you will be a managing director (总经理) soon.” Matthew walked in and comfort him while spoke half-jokingly:” You know, I am but a vice managing director in the company, you’re rising your position faster than me.”
“give it up, Matthew, you know that I’m not worried about this.” George shrugged.

“Yes, I know,” Matthew said with a smile. “Having ideas to the daughter of Pedro company’s president, what a wonderful idea! Let me think, how would you put it, oh the new Vivien Leigh.”

“Hey, I’m serious.” George glared at him, “Besides, what I did is also for the company’s sake, and you comfort me like this?”

“Yeah, yeah, tonight, my teat, at the Morton bar.” Matthew gave a shrug, “I need to leave now, remember to come on time, I not going to wait for you.”

After watching Matthew leave, George shook his head and pick up the phone on the desk. “Hello, Miss Brant, can you let Nancy pick up the phone?”

“how is it, George are you prepared?” The Nancy’s voice spoke from the phone.

"Yes, from now on, you can already contact the actors or something, but……” George gave a sigh, told the details about the problem. There is no reply, He knows that Nancy is laughing at the other end. But, her reply gives him a shock.

“I still want to try, George.” Nancy’s voice was firm.

“You mean you still to go to Mason’s house?” George was surprised and asked.

“yes, you should understand that there are opportunities if you do something, but there won’t be a second chance if you don’t !”

George was startled by that, he also wants to persuade her to give up, but in the end, all he said was: “well, good luck.”

The moment he puts down the phone, he thought that perhaps she would be successful.

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