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Well as the people on my Discord Server already know, my mother and father pushed for me to start writing again. So, I have begun writing and posting. The novel is called "," the main genre's are  Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi. There might be more at some point once I've fully decided on the complete direction for the novel. Please check it out. Thanks folks!

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Side note: I'm sorry I haven't been posting new chapters on my normal days. I lost my mother on the 8th of Oct. and shortly thereafter my father on the 26th, due to a drunk driver. It's got me a little messed up. I will try to go back to my normal release schedule soon.

“Hitomi, aren't you mad? Uh, why are you so close?” (Ling)

Ling asked blushing slightly while not daring to look Hitomi in the eye. He was fully prepared to be thrown out. Instead, he was given more attention. He was very confused!

Ling is afraid of not having the chance to understand what Hitomi is thinking. Hitomi raised her head to look at Ling when he gently asked her those questions. While thinking about what he had said earlier, someone knocked on the door behind them interrupting Hitomi’s thoughts. ‘It should be that Lolicon, right?’ Hitomi thought, while attempting to raise herself up from Ling. Obviously, such a weak loli must be arousing, is she trying to kill him?

Thinking ‘Hmph,’ Hitomi was finally able to lever herself out of Ling’s lap. She skips to the door to look out of the peephole. The Lolicon is finally back. Opening the door, her eyes widen as sees him standing there with more than ten bags in both of his large hands. For a few moments, Hitomi feels powerless.

“Did you buy all of the things as I asked you? Why are there so many? Aren’t you tired from carrying so many bags all this way?”

Hitomi asked as she reached out for the bags. Although, she didn’t say too much, she is still somewhat embarrassed. After all, he was asked to do all of this by himself. Not to mention, how embarrassing it would be for a boy to go into a lingerie store to buy underwear and being surrounded by so many people on the street carrying such things. She started taking the bags from his hands and when she got to the fifth bag her brow started wrinkling. Obviously, her body had been strengthened by System, so why are five bags so heavy?

The young man apparently notice her strange look and stopped handing her the bags. He walked past her, heading toward the living room and started setting the bags on the coffee table. After he had placed all the bags on the coffee table, he turned his attention to her and headed back toward her. Bending down, he held out his hand.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t have the strength to carry those to make a fool out of me.” (Hitomi)

I complained while I handed him the bags as I walk past him. Seriously, the temptation of an observant boy like him to a girl with a delicate heart like me is almost fatal. To be honest, I might have pretended to be angry with him, but actually I’m quite moved. A boy who is so attentive should be able to tell someone that he cares a lot. Should…

“Want to have a look? To buy you all of these clothes, I had to run all over the city to all the high-end stores one-by-one!”

While saying this, he picked up a black and white bag from the coffee table with his left hand and wipes away nonexistent sweat with his right.

What is in the black and white bag is a very short gray dress with a multi-layered ruffled skirt. I couldn’t read what brand it was supposed to be. Back when I was a male otaku, my concept of good clothes to wear only included not torn or dirty. The cost is only thing that helped me understand the quality of this dress. 4800 yuan and there are more than ten of them on the coffee table!

(TN: 4800 Yuan is around $700 US.)

“I-I don't have that much money.” (Hitomi)

I said after hearing him say how much the dress cost. Trembling, I take a few involuntary steps backwards while biting my lip. At the same moment, Ling’s cool expression underwent a dramatic change, one part confusion, two parts fear and seven parts incredulous.

I truly don't have that much money right now! Just rounding down to a price of 4000 yuan each, the ten dresses laid out here cost 40,000 yuan is not something I can afford! What I asked for was simple. Why would he buy something so expensive? I’m not the child of some extravagantly rich parents where they can afford to buy items like these! Is this boy here to cause me problems?

“No, I didn't mean for you to pay me for them. I wanted to…”

“Oh, so you want me to owe you a lot of money so you can force me to go out with you, you Lolicon?!” (Hitomi)

I asked, interrupting him before he could finish what he was saying, giving my interpretation of what he meant. Although, if this is really the case, I also recognize that it wouldn’t be an issue if I used my own strength to flee. He has no way to force me either, but this will give me a bad reputation. If my reputation is bad, how can I find someone else I like to be willing to treat me gently? If this is the case, I have to…

“No, I’m giving you all these clothes. Just think of it as this month’s contribution.”

He suddenly said interrupting my overactive imagination. It was exhilarating as a death sentence reprieve.

“Aren’t you a young lady yourself? I was worried these clothes might be too shabby for you. I took into consideration of what I saw of your previous gothic lolita dress. It was custom made out very high quality material. It shouldn’t have cost any less than five digits.”

(TN: When he asked if she was a young lady he meant did she come from a noble or rich family basically.)

Listening to his incessant babble, I couldn’t help but space out. Sia gave me that dress and she said that it was her worst dress, no less. I didn’t expect this. I rubbed my temples as my eyebrows wrinkled.

What should I do with this guy?

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