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Holding a pair of girl’s shoes while visiting the market felt pretty strange.

At the corner of the market, I spotted a shoemaker uncle who was watching a mobile television. After he saw me, he revealed a ‘nobody understands my loneliness’ expression.

I noticed that he was watching a soccer match on his mobile TV. It was the Chinese national football team facing a pacific island nation that I’ve never heard of.

After I saw the score, I understood the shoemaker’s sorrow.

The shoemaker took the shoes and after a quick glance, said: “It’s easy to fix, but come back tomorrow to pick it up.I’m not in the mood to fix it today.”

Suddenly the shoemaker’s entire body shook and he cursed loudly: “Fuck! The goalpost again! Can’t you guys just not aim at the damn posts!”

I sympathetically walked away from this crazed fan of the Chinese team, I hope the national team’s defeat wouldn’t affect him repairing the class leader’s shoes.

Next, I had to head to the supermarket to buy snacks.

Eunuch Cao once said to me: Girls like snacks like how guys like smoking and alcohol.

He even treated it as his foundation and wanted to share the ‘Pavlov pick up experiment’ method that he learned online.

Anyone who studied biology should know from the Soviet Union, who discovered the conditioned reflex.

In Pavlov’s experiment, every time he rung the bell, the dog would think it’s time to eat and start drooling even if there was no food.

That’s why Eunuch Cao believes that he can use the fact that girls loves snacks and put Pavlov’s doctrine into practice.

It would go something like this: Every day you would give snacks to the girl you like. Until she develops a conditioned reflex where every time she sees you, she would think of snacks. Then she would transfer her love of snacks to you and she wouldn’t be able to distinguish if she likes snacks or you. Then you would have successfully achieved your goal.

I thought that idea was incredibly stupid. The biggest flaw is how would you get her to take your snacks? If she hated you, obviously she wouldn’t take your snacks.

But now that I’ve been ordered to bring back some snacks, I was filled with a feeling of superiority since it felt kind of like the Pavlov experiment.

I should buy a lot and pick ones that look delicious.

Maybe it’s because those two cooked for me, so I also want to give them some food?

Since primitive times, exchanging food has always been a fundamental etiquette, maybe it’s already a part of our DNA.

It’s definitely not trying to because I’m trying to implement the ‘Pavlov pick up experiment’!

Now that I think about it, I haven’t implemented my womanizer plan either.

Today was a good opportunity to pretend to woo the class leader in front of Xiao Qin and make her give up.

But, I did come for visitation, and if I provoke Xiao Qin, who knows what she’ll do to the class leader.

Let’s postpone the plan for a few days and continue next Monday.

I was deep in thought while walking in between two rows of lilac trees.

Some of the flower buds already blossomed with purple petals, spreading a calming aroma.

At this time, there were many uncles and aunties walking their dogs. Once they saw me, they immediately put up their guard and only their dogs nudged towards me.

From the distance, a young person who really stood out from the crowd walked towards me.

His head was lowered as if he had something bother him. He constantly clenched his teeth, knitted his brows with a twisted facial expression as if an invisible man was constantly bursting his chrysanthemum from behind.

But honestly, he doesn’t look that bad, at least he looks more like a good person compared to me. If there was a fashionable girl embracing his arms, the surrounding people would say that they’re the perfect couple.

Walking alone on the streets with that kind of expression on the weekends, did he just get dumped?

Haha, I’m happy! This is retribution for dating! Based on his looks, he’s either the same age as me or only a year older. This is why you shouldn’t date early!

I was just taking joy from his misfortune and discovered that the person who walked out of the shadows was wearing a green outdoor jacket.

His physique was also excellent and his height was near mine.

This guy, he matches the description of the panty thief! Is it actually him?

His head was always lowered, deep in thought. He didn’t notice me, but when he walked by, I purposely bumped into his shoulders.

He angrily raised his head and we both stopped.

I suddenly realized that his face was extremely familiar.

When he saw me, his face turned deathly pale.

He started to panic as if he just saw a ghost.

His scared expression reminded of who he was!

Isn’t he the peaked cap guy’s boss, the leader of the five-man group that I gave a good beating?

Was it just a coincidence? The panty thief started only a couple of days after I gave him a beating. Also, his physique is pretty similar to mines and he wears outdoor jackets….

So he’s the panty thief?

Didn’t peaked cap guy say that you wanted to retire from the life of crime due to stress?

Is this how you retire? Is this how you relive stress!? It’s even more embarrassing than the white-collar workers that go to supermarkets to smash packets of instant ramen!

I don’t mind if you’re the panty thief, but how dare you have the same figure as me when seen from behind! First get plastic surgery, remove some of your bones, then come out and commit crimes! I was constantly wrongly accused of the crimes you committed!

I’m definitely going to give you a beating!!

When I just raised my fist, the boss guy turned around and ran. (Maybe I’ll call him panty thief or outdoor jacket dude since he already retired) His speed probably set a world record.

How can I let my prey run? I started chasing after him while screaming:

“Stop! Stop, damn it!”

The outdoor jacket dude obviously didn’t listen and kept running like a madman.

The people on the streets hurriedly paved a path for the two of us while standing on the side, watching anxiously.

I heard some parts of their conversations.

“The Tu Family’s son is being chased! They might start fighting!”

Was outdoor jacket dude’s last name Tu? Does he live nearby? If that was the case, if he accidentally stole Xiao Qin’s underwear, wouldn’t he not even know how he died?

“Who’s the one chasing him? Wasn’t Shao GuanZhu pretty good at martial arts? How is he still being chased?”

Shao GuanZhu? What kind of mixed name is that?

“Sigh, maybe he’s a senior form the mafia, look at his ferocious appearance! Its probably because Shao GuanZhu wanted to leave, but the mafia wouldn’t let him, so they came looking for him…”

You’re the mafia! Your whole family’s the mafia! The Shao GuanZhu that you guys are talking about is actually the head of a gang of hoodlums and he also steals panties without any shame!

The outdoor jacket dude, aka Tu Shao GuanZhu, definitely lives nearby, so he would be more familiar of the surrounding areas. He saw that he couldn’t shake me off, so he ran into a narrow alley, and after a few turns he disappeared.

I was upset, raised my head and aimlessly looked at the faraway buildings in my line of sight.

There was a KFC in the distance, and above the KFC was a neon sign that wrote ‘Jing Victory Taekwondo’.

The first thing I though was did ‘Tu Shao GuanZhu’ escape to the taekwondo dojo? Is he the owner’s son?

Since it wrote ‘Jing Victory Taekwondo’, then the owner’s given name should be Jing. Doesn’t anyone who has something to do with Korea have the last name Jing?

Whatever, I still have to buy some snacks. I’ll let you off today since I’ve gotten enough clues.

Actually, does the panty thief have anything to do with Shu Zhe being thrown into the river?

Does the outdoor jacket dude’s actions count as transitioning from evil to good? At least his actions aren’t as bad as before?

No, didn’t he move to an entirely different path? From a ruffian to a pervert!

According to the peaked cap guy, didn’t the outdoor jacket dude retire after he was beaten due to stress?

Doesn’t that mean I created a pervert that steals panties?

“Even though I didn’t directly commit the crime, I was the direct cause.”

If that’s true, that means I do have some relation to the girls who’ve had their panties stolen.

That means it’s not wrong for them to despise me.

I remembered the address of this dojo, I have to clear up this situation and solve the problems between me and the outdoor jacket dude.

Let’s go buy some snacks.

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