I'm the Heroine, but I Want to Hand That Role Over Chapter 2

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Cherries in full bloom at a clear blue sky.

It’s like the heavens are celebrating my entry to this school―― ―

My, exactly like how the heroine from a shoujo manga would appear, I thought, while escaping from reality.

Finally, I'll meet the hero and rival characters. But I don't feel like meeting them, though! I will only see them from afar, ne!

In contrast to the clear blue sky, my feelings were heavy in being driven to Sakuragaoka Academy’s gate which I will attend starting from today while being dragged by my mother.

My brand-new uniform couldn't raise my spirit as of now. Rather ‘is this reality?’ this is only something that invite despair.

Maa, of course, the Heroine of a shoujo manga would wear the uniform. The design was very cute, though.

A white blazer, a light blue ribbon. The skirt plaid in light blue color with a white background. It’s a design that put the color white at the center.

The guys’ uniform design didn’t differ much from the girls’.

I would like to experience a date while wearing uniforms once, or so I secretly thought.

Iya, I won't though, right? I don't plan to be like Rinka.

While I was worrying and being nervous about how to break the flags and watch out for the hero, my mother misunderstood me when she said『You'll be fine, after all you're the daughter of a lady like me』. While I wasn't listening, inside my head I was turning over the setting of 『The World Is Overflowing With Love』.

『The World Is Overflowing With Love』a.k.a. Sekakoi, was a love story about the heroine and the hero that entered a rich high class school.

First of all, the heroine encountered the hero at the entrance ceremony.

In other world, today. Today, I will face the hero.

If I remember correctly, the hero would give a speech as the representative of the new students.

To start with, the first flag will lie in wait there.

I have to avoid that at any cost.

While I was desperately thinking about this, the entrance ceremony has begun.

Are-? How did I made it here…….I have no memory.

Don't tell me, this is the influence of Sekakoi World’s setting!?

As if I will be defeated by such a forceee!

So, just when my fighting spirit was ignited, the hero name's was called out.

“New students Representative, Tojo Subaru”


A gentle, yet imposing voice resounded in the auditorium.

As he walked toward the platform, here and there you could hear various sound of people swallowing their breaths.

Well that's only natural. He is an unbelievable ikemen. After all, he is the hero of a shoujo manga.

With smooth hair and clear eyes and with a smile that always floating on his lips, exactly the picturesque appearance of a Prince-sama.

The Sekakoi readers called him Prince. I read him as Prince in my mind too.

I looked dumbly at him when he went up on stage and thought ‘Aah such a scene to behold’.

What kind of scene would be next already, and when I opened the manga in my head, blood drained from my face.

That’s right. This is where the Prince’s and Rinka's eyes ended up staring at each other. That’s where the next event of the Prince would come.

I must not meet eye-to-eye with that fellow!

Alright, shall I look down?

I softly bowed my head, facing downward.

And then, I gradually become sleepy.

It’s because yesterday I was trying to think about school entrance’s counter plan and hadn’t slept much.

As I was thinking that, I ended up sleeping, and when I noticed, it was already the end of the ceremony speech.

Crap. I was drooling in my sleep. Did someone saw me…..seems not. Thank god.

While stealthily wiping ny drool, I was able to break the school entrance’s first flag so I made a small guts pose.

Good, I'll do my best to continue like this.

Next is a direct confrontation with the Prince. I won't lose.



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