I Was Just an Only Child Boy, Now I Became One of a Four Quadruplet Sisters Chapter 40

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Side Story:Child of the Night.

I am placing the daughters + brother here for me honestly but also a reminder, I guess.

Nishi Yotsutsuji daughters.

The first daughter is Asahi (朝日)(Morning sun)(Friendly Athletic,Ponytail

The second daughter is Mahiru (真昼)(Midday)(Independent,Shoulder length bob haircut)

Third daughter named Yuudachi(夕立)(Evening Shower)(Long Hair)

The fourth daughter is Yoru.(夜留)(Night)(Aloof, Shoulder length bangs waved.)

The older brother Souji.(奏時) Btw she is always using (私) from now on.

Author: Toharumina ()


Yoru= Night so It's Yoru's chapter aka Yoru's Pov.

"Hey, Mahiru. . .Is it alright if I talk to you for abit?"

"Eh,umm, Yea sure.What is it you want to talk about?"

"Uhh. . . .Well that. . . .Me making. . . .Please tell me how to make friends."


Monday morning is here,and it's the last lesson.I was sitting at my desk looking out the window thinking about what Mahiru told me yesterday about how to make friends.

One thing I was taught.

Was how to greet people.

("Even close friends are polite! So be sure to greet the people close to your seat!")

Mahiru says that,but. . .

How could I do that after I made that declaration on the first day,Wouldn't they already have a bad impression of me?. . .

I'm kinda starting to hate myself a little for making that statement.

I wonder if I could even make friends in the same class. . . I wonder if I could. . .

No that's stupid.I can't just be going a saying high to other people in other classes.And I don't know if having friends in other classes means much.

Even if I can make friends in other classes,I'll remain alone in this classroom.

And outside of my classroom I have Asahi, Mahiru and Yuu already.That's plenty of people,and I don't want to engage with many others outside of the classroom.

I wonder who my first friend will be.

I wonder if I could demand somebody for friendship in this classroom.

. . . .That's no good,I could only imagine how bad that would go down.

I declared I would get friends the last time I met Yuu in her room,but as it is it's not possible for me to live up to that. . . .


I’ve been so deep in thoughts that class has already finished.

It's pretty late it seems.The writings on the whiteboard has already been erased.

Ahh crap,I didn't take notes at all. . .

What should I do now.

I can't just ask my sisters for help.All of the classes have different materials.

Although looking around,there are many students who doze off and forgot to take notes.Although the difference is that they are hastily copying notes from friends.

. . . .I see,these are one of the kind of occasions that requires friends.

Should I make a small request for this.

Well,wouldn't this be a great situation to make friends.If so then how. . . .!?

"Umm,Nishi Yotsutsuji.Do you want to use it?"


I raised my face up after I heard a little voice.There was a girl who I never even tried to learn their name.With a "Umm" and presented me a notebook.

"Umm. . .What. . ."

"Because you seemed trouble.Is it not okay?"

"But Me and you aren't friends."

"Well then,would it be okay if we were friends? I am Hoozuki Aoi(鬼灯葵).Please treat me well.Although I think you already know that,I do sit right next to you."

". . . .Sorry,but I forgot. . ."

"Ehh- – . . .That's cruel.Well,I guess it'll be fine if you remember me now."

After saying that she held out her hand to me.

So suddenly a chance to make a friend appeared.

". . . . .I am Nishi Yotsutsuji Yoru. Please treat me well."

I slowly extended my hand, and once I touched her hand she grabbed it a vigorously shook it up and down.

"Yea, Please treat me well!"

". . . .W-well,I guess I'll copy these. T-hank. . . . .Thank you. . ."

I was so embarrassed about it,I hung my head low and murmured that with a low voice.


Waa! Cheers rose around the class.

Eh,What?This uproar. . . .

Then I heard.

"Finally the princess is here!"

"I was here!For the first time she talked to somebody other than her sisters!"

"Her face turned red,So cute!"

"I'll never get tired of seeing it."

But my reputation. . . .

. . .I have a feeling I am being treated like a Tsundere,I have to deny it.

( とりあえず、私が何かツンデレ扱いされていることは気に食わないから否定しておこう。)(TN:more about that last part.)

"I'm not coming out or anythidg! !"

I fumbled my words. . .

I felt my cheeks getting hot and looked down quickly trying to hide.

There was silence for a moment, Then a huge uproar happened.

And then being called "cute" started to be heard. . . .

". . . What's going on?. . . ."

The calls did not stop.I was shamelessly put in this situation until my sisters finally came to pick me up for lunch.It was embarrassing. . .

(コールは中々止まず、私は姉達が昼食の迎えに来るまで、羞恥に悶えた。)(TN:I don’t know if it’s saying that or”The calls do not stop.I was shamelessly put in these situations until my sisters finally come to pick me up for lunch.It’s embarrassing. . .” Because why would there be lunch if its the end of the day.)


That didn’t go the way I thought it would go,nor as fast.But it was cute so it’s fine. I guess Yoru became the mascot for the class. The cute Tsundere of class 2 or something,what ever the class’s number is.Talking to Mahiru didn’t really give her the tactic to get friends,but at least it made her more outgoing to the idea.

Next chapter in 2-4 or so days.

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