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Translator: Cold Love

Editor: Hot Hate

Caution of the sudden changes in P.O.V

Bringing along with him the tens of dollars that Aunty Zhang gave to him and an identification card, Chen Xi walked out of the Kang Ju district at a loss of what to do and where to go.

This was not the Tian Xuan world, where money would fall almost naturally from the sky, he would need to find a proper income.

Other than stealing and robbing, what other ways could he earn money with a clear conscience?

Going to work?

When he was in university, he worked as an accountant and after graduating, he directly became a coding peasant and earned an salary of 100,000 Yuan which eventually reached 200,000 Yuan and based on his income, he could more or less support the entire household.

However, five years had passed, let's not talk about whether his skills were outdated or not, just based on the hectic and erratic working lifestyle of coding peasants discouraged him.

Sooner or later, Aunty Zhang will leave, and if he continued to work daily at his old job and when that time comes for Aunty Zhang to leave, who would take care of the kid?

Moreover, he was unwilling to leave the little kiddo alone at home.

Hence, after much consideration, the idea of going to work was eliminated by Chen Xi as the pros outweighed the cons.

Chen Xi boarded the bus that was headed towards the city, He decided to carefully think about it.

If he knew that living on Earth was so arduous, he would have brought back a few gems before returning and traded them for money, allowing him to buy a couple of houses.

But his cultivation was lost and his god imprint was damaged, other than his flesh possessing unparalleled toughness, there seemed to be nothing he could defeat right now or do.

Actually, there were many ways Chen Xi could become rich overnight, however, they were all listed under criminal law…

Since he has already decided to return to living the life of a normal human being, naturally, he would refrain from stealing, snatching and illegal things and he would need to base his actions on those ideals.

Why don’t I…

Find a corrupted official and distribute his wealth? He won't have the guts to call the police anyway.

Or should I rob the underworld? Getting rid of the dregs of society should be considered as a type of contribution, right?

And if Worse comes to worst, why don't I go to the Middle East and become a mercenary, directly making big bucks.

Since the Middle East is in turmoil, becoming a bodyguard there should earn big bucks, right?

While thinking about it, Chen Xi's train of thoughts began to veer off from the right path.

He could not be blamed, however. He had lived in the Tian Xuan world for more than 500 years, where the strong prey on the weak and the law of the jungle prevailed; There wasn’t a single shred of law enforcement.

As he was used to using his strength to achieve what he wanted, he felt that he wasn’t able to adapt in the current society upon his sudden return.

It was like a criminal that has been locked away for a long time and when he finally got out of jail, he realized that he was isolated from society and unable to assimilate properly.

After pondering for a while, Chen Xi abruptly realized that there was something wrong with his thoughts.

Anyhow, he was a father and no matter what, he had to live a righteous life in this society, setting up a good example for his daughter.

Forget it, forget it, let's give it some more consideration…

As long as he could earn his first windfall, maybe then would he consider to start a small business with Nian Nian.

As the public bus drove from the city side to the city area, the scenery changed from farmhouses to tall buildings and Skyscrapers.

The buildings on both sides of the road became taller and unknowingly, the road that was laid with cement was now laid with asphalt. Several cars that were waiting for the traffic light congested the roads, coupled with the teeming mass of people passing by the bus stations.

Every street, every skyscraper, and even every bus station were all extremely familiar to the recently returned Chen Xi.

Everything was like 5 years ago, it was as if barely anything had changed.

"Next stop: City Hospital no.2. For those who are alighting, please queue up at the back door…"

As the bus reached a station, it gradually slowed down and an announcement sounded within the interior.

As soon as he heard the announcement, an idea popped into Chen Xi's mind.

He immediately made his way to the back door and squeezed his way out of the crowd and out of the bus.

Once he got off, Chen Xi turned around and glanced at the bus.

Expectedly, the once crowded bus was instantly freed up, there were even a few empty seats to spare.

He began thinking of the basic necessities of life such as medical education…

Medical treatment!

Tian Xuan world was known as the sacred land of cultivation and naturally, the Spirit Qi was extremely dense. Hence, even if a mortal that has no talent for cultivation, they are still immune to all sorts of sickness and possess great longevity.

Numbed to logical thinking, Chen Xi, for a period of time, did not think of utilising medical treatment to earn money. However, once he finally got into this mindset, his logical thinking started to become more active.

As the saying goes, saving a life surpasses the building of a seven story pagoda. At the same time, he could earn money while doing kind deeds.

He could definitely agree with this kind of deal!

thinking up to this point, Chen Xi decided to stand at the entrance of City Hospital No.2 and started to analyse those who walked past him.

Undoubtedly, normal flu and fever have no need for him to intervene, however, he could not cure cancer, aids or other terminal illnesses due to his current damaged cultivation state.

Hence, he decided to set his target on those weird and problematic illnesses.

But, imagination is just a pleasant dream, and reality is much harsher

Standing outside City Hospital no.2, He did not spot any patients with strange illnesses, Chen Xi saw quite a substantial number of con-men.

"Little bro, do you need to see a doctor? What problems do you have? I can help to get a queue number for you…"

"Queue number to consult the retired Lao Qian from City Hospital no.2. He is able to cure all sort of illnesses. Do you want to queue for it?"

Actually, there were a numbered few of different plots that they used to scam people.

One of them would be in charge of attracting customers by using the excuse of getting a queue number to follow behind you. In the first round, normal people would not get tricked as normal human beings possess the most fundamental level of alertness and caution.

When you are queuing for your number, a nurse or a doctor adorned in white robes would come forward with their uniforms and solve your troubles. This was the 2nd con man.

After conversing actively with you, he would regretfully tell you that the queue number has run out.

Meanwhile, the third con man appears and would disguise himself as a patient with similar illness as you. Next, he would cooperate with the 2nd con-man to scam you, if you are still in doubt about it, they would bring you up the floor and the 4th con-man would begin his act.

Anyways, con man 2,3 and 4 only have one purpose, that was trick you into leaving the hospital, and travelled to their so-called clinic which the retired godly old doctor was working at.

Once they had successfully guided you out of the hospital, their plot has basically succeeded.

While searching for his target, Chen Xi lazily spectated the acts performed by the con man.

However, after watching for one hour, he still had not seen one success.

This made Chen Xi sighed with emotion.

As the years passed, even life as a con-man became tougher.

After waiting for a while, he began to suspect if his method was feasible or not.

Even if Chen Xi guards outside the hospital like this, even if he met a patient with a strange illness, they might not believe him.

Let's not talk about the lack of reputation, just based on his looks; How could a 20-year-old looking man be an ancient saint doctor who could cure all illnesses.

Even if he was a saint doctor, who would believe him.

Why not let them consult their problems first before paying?

However, before he even had the chance to get to this line, he might already be chased away.

How worrisome…

What should I do?

When Chen Xi was contemplating how to develop his reputation, he suddenly saw a man and a woman walking out of the hospital.

The woman was roughly 20 years old, coupled with an exceptional temperament and a tinge of maturity. Her snow white legs and the swaying of the black silk dress danced a flirtatious scene.

Such enchanting seductiveness, which, was coupled with her limpid gaze, would cause people to have trains of thoughts wanting to defile her.

But her ice-cold temperament caused people to lack the courage to approach and could only stand quietly at the side and sigh. Such beauty was indeed able to topple kingdoms and flip nations.

Although the woman was beautiful, Chen Xi's gaze was all along on that man. ( E.N: Okay….., 500 years in a foreign environment does things to you, am I right? *wink)

The middle-aged man looked roughly 40 or 50 years old. His walking gesture possessed a certain level of strength and sturdiness. Together with his majestic gait, he looked exceptionally lively and healthy.  (E.N: middle-aged men beware of this predator he may seem young but in fact its a trap, he is 500 Y.O monster)

Despite looking robust and all, Chen Xi knew that he was sick.

And he was severely sick.

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