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Chapter 665, Experts who came out of nowhere

Ye Qingyu was inevitably lamenting when he heard what was said.

Ever since he took over the Light Palace, he learned more about the military and state information coming from the various channels of the Snow Empire, and began to understand many things that were not as visible as before. As a result, he also knew more inside stories. When Zhang San was still the head of military supply, although he was considered as having an important role in Youyan Pass, but his evaluation was always bad. He was known to deduct soldiers' salaries, having secret ties with other residences, giving gifts as bribery, and can be said to be the largest black spot among the entire Youyan Pass. Many people found it strange why the Youyan War God Lu Zhaoge would allow such a person to be in charge of military supply in the first place. It was impossible for Lu Zhaoge to not know about it.

Ye Qingyu was also one who had such thoughts.

It was also because of this that he had a certain view of the Youyan military God Lu Zhaoge.

But now, Ye Qingyu finally understood the role that Zhang San played——If Lu Zhaoge was the War God pillar of the Light formation, then Zhang San was the dark left hand after the light, who fought for the interest of the Youyan military in a foul way when resources degenerated. At that time, the empire's situation was not good, and the Left Minister deliberately docked the military supply division of Youyan Pass. It was in a state where its income did not cover its expenditure. And Lu Zhaoge's high-principled and open ways many times made it difficult to counter such a trivial but realistic problem. The soldier's salary that Zhang San took was, in fact, something that had saved up and used secretly to support the Youyan army.

Although he seemed to rely on help from the Left Minister, seemingly colluded with other sects, and was corrupted, but it was also the existence of Zhang San, who had become a buffer for the Youyan army and other forces.

Zhang San had volunteered to become a demon.

In this world, there was not just black or white.

Some people may be condemned by thousands of people, scolded by the world, but if people understood the full story, they would be made aware of their good intentions.

Ye Qingyu cast a glance at the incredibly sorrowful Lu Zhaoge. He certainly understood that for the Youyan War God, Zhang San was not only a general who secretly helped maintain the supply for the army, but also his close brother on the battlefield.

Before his brother's death, he had failed to make public of his deeds, and he was unable to receive the glory that he should have after his death. This debt, like a huge boulder, heavily pressed onto Lu Zhaoge's heart.

After a brief silence.

"According to the news received in Snow capital and the bulletin board along the way, the Snow Ground Demon Court has been in a very stable state, why would there all of a sudden be demon clan experts causing disturbance?" Ye Qingyu asked.

Lu Zhaoge and Liu Yuqing shook their heads one after the other.

This time the incident had happened too suddenly. The military had not received the slightest news so there was no preparation made at all.

After the battle, the high ranking military officers of the military council pavilion had all gathered at the Pass Lord's residence to discuss and explore the causes and clues of the demon unrest. But till now, there still was no good news.

"Those old monsters possess unbelievable powers. How did they cross the boundary and the defense line without us realizing at all." [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing put down the teapot, flicked his flowing sleeves, and a clear sketch of the map of Youyan Pass appeared before everyone. "Now that the world has greatly changed, the yuan qi tide is rapidly surging. The cultivation base of martial arts within Heaven Wasteland Domain is also frantically growing. Under such great changes, the formations and defenses that have been operating around Youyang Pass for decades are unable to keep up. Previously, we have done a lot of remedial work, changed and repaired a lot of formations, but it is still not enough!"

"Yes, but this time the attack really came too abruptly. Moreover, during the battle we found that the Demon Race experts that attacked this time were not on the previous military watch list. This is too unusual. The empire has always been extremely vigilant against the Snow Ground Demon Court. The experts of the Demon Court above the Bitter Sea boundary will be recorded. And they were also extremely wary towards some particularly tough demon experts, but this time these monsters... seemed to have appeared out of thin air and had never appeared in this world before, so they easily avoided all kinds of detection and appeared in Youyan Pass..." Ye Congyu added, his face crossed with puzzlement.

"When their plan failed, they calmly retreated, and we could not trace where they went. We have carefully checked the streets and houses a few times already and the checkpoints were heavily guarded, but we still could not find a trace of those demons." Lu Zhaoge revealed a grave expression, "But I have a feeling that those demon experts are still lurking in the city."

Ye Qingyu nodded.

The situation was clearly not great.

The presence of such top experts was indeed a great threat to Youyan Pass.

He needed to think of a way to pull out these threats.

He took a closer look at the topographic map, which had been marked with numerous labels, and formed a plan in mind.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu was worried about Liu Suifeng. He stood up and said, "Pass lLrd Lu, take me to see General Liu."

Lu Zhaoge nodded when he heard this, "Suifeng is recuperating in my house at the moment, I will take you there."

In the back garden of the Pass Lord's residence.

In a quiet fenced courtyard, there were several yellow huts standing side by side.

Ye Qingyu, Lu Zhaoge, Liu Yuqing, Ye Congyun, and the others came to the door of the hut in the middle.

It was in this hut that Lu Zhaoge had rested when he was seriously injured a year ago.

Today, the person recuperating inside was Liu Suifeng.

Before Ye Qingyu had yet entered through the door, he already sensed a strong demonic aura emitting from the house.

He knitted his brows in a frown.

Such a strong demonic aura was definitely left behind by an old demon of at least the peak of the Heaven Ascension boundary. Liu Suifeng must have suffered a lot.

Without thinking it over too much, he pushed the door open, and right away saw the deathly pale and haggard Liu Suifeng lying on the bed.

The burly and resolute Liu Suifeng, who was like an iron tower, had his face twisted with a painful expression, faintly twitching. Although unconscious, he was still clenching his teeth, and beads of cold sweat was trickling down from his forehead. But he did not groan out because of pain.

His left arm had been severed from the shoulder, and the upper part was wrapped in black mist, giving off a strong stench.

The black mist, like the maggots of the bone, was constantly extracting the yuan qi and life force within Liu Suifeng's body. The bones and flesh close to the broken arm were rotten, and even with Liu Suifeng's Bitter Sea stage cultivation base he unexpectedly was unable to grow out an arm again.

Ye Qingyu trotted over to the bed, lightly swept his eyes over Liu Suifeng's body, and found that the black demonic aura had already, through the wound of his severed arm, began to gradually erode his entire body. It seemed that Liu Suifeng had already taken a lot of pills and elixirs and detoxifying herbal medicine, which was helping him remove the demon poison, and coupled with Liu Suifeng's yuan qi cultivation he was just able to protect his heart.

If it were a few days later, the last bit of Liu Suifeng's yuan qi would have been eroded by the demonic aura and his life would be in danger.

Ye Qingyu went to the bed and gently brushed his palms across Liu Siufeng's body.

An invisible body of qi lifted up the upper body of Liu Suifeng, so that he sat up with his back facing him.

Then he slowly activated the [Supreme Ice Flame] in his dantian, turning it into a cold air current that spread from the dantian to the palm of his hand. His palm exuded a soft white halo of light. Given his current cultivation level, he was able to perfectly control the [Supreme Ice Flame] and not let a hint of chill leak out.

He pressed his right palm against Liu Suifeng's back, and a soft white halo enveloped Liu Suifeng's body.

Under Ye Qingyu's control, the [Supreme Ice Flame] penetrated into the body of Liu Suifeng a little at a time, like a stream of water. Where it passed, the black demonic aura within Liu Suifeng's body was washed away, accumulating around the wound on his severed arm.

On the other side, Lu Zhaoge's and the other people's faces lit up.

When Lu Zhaoge was wounded back then, it was also Ye Qingyu who helped him removed the dark force and treated Lu Zhaoge's injury. Ye Qingyu's healing ability was unrivalled and this time Liu Suifeng should also be able to survive.

After a full ten minutes.

Liu Suifeng's deathly pale face finally revealed a tinge of blood red colour. His scrunched up brows also gradually relaxed, his breathing gradually grew steadier, and he no longer clenched his teeth.

The yuan qi in his body also began to run on its own to repair the damaged meridians in his body.

The wound on Liu Suifeng's left shoulder was covered with a thin layer of ice crystals, confining the black demonic aura that had accumulated around the wound.


A light sound.

The [Supreme Ice Flame] forced the last of the demonic aura within Liu Suifeng's body to the left shoulder wound. White ice crystals cloaked around the black demonic aura and dropped from his wound into Ye Qingyu's left palm.

Studying the ice crystals in his left palm, Ye Qingyu slowly withdrew the [Supreme Ice Flame] from Liu Suifeng's body.

He did not retrieve his hand, and instead instilled a stream of strong and pure yuan qi into Liu Suifeng, moisturizing the almost dried up meridians in his body.

The damaged meridians rapidly recovered under Ye Qingyu's yuan qi, the wound on his left shoulder restored normal flesh and blood, the demonic aura dissipated, a majestic life force broke out, and pink flesh and skin began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye until a new left arm was grown completely.

"It's good now, General Liu's origin was poisoned by demon toxin, so he is temporarily unconscious. After a little while, he should be fine."

Ye Qingyu looked at the newly grown left arm of Liu Suifeng, lightly smiled, and retracted his right palm.

Upon seeing this, Ye Congyun stepped forward, held Liu Suifeng's body, and slowly lowered him onto the bed.

Lu Zhaoge and Liu Yuqing saw that Liu Suifeng was breathing smoothly and a calm expression was on his face. They finally were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Lord Ye. If not for you General Liu would have still be in danger. I thank Palace Lord Ye on behalf of General Liu," emotionally moved, Lu Zhaoge bowed to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu shook his head. "Pass Lord is too polite, General Liu had taken care of me in the past, it is only right that I treat his wound."

With that, he lowered his head to observe the white ice crystals in his palm.

The black demon toxins within the ice crystals had condensed together, and the mighty force was wrapped in the thin white ice crystals, like an ancient beast trapped in a cage.

There was a hint of solemnity in his eyes, and a vast ocean-like consciousness power, like invisible waves, spread all around.

With his present cultivation level, the release of his consciousness power could be done quietly and undetectably.

He concentrated his mind and calmed his emotions. The consciousness power was like a tumbling tide, and where it passed, it provided a panoramic view of Youyan Pass.

Detecting the demonic qi that was wrapped in [Supreme Ice Flame], Ye Qingyu faintly sensed it coming from an inn in the Northwest corner of the city.

"That's where it is."

The corners of his mouth pulled back in a faint arc, and a flash of light erupted in his eyes.

In the next moment, he suddenly reached out, his five fingers like a claw, making a grabbing motion in the air——

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