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Chapter 20 - Wanzhen Mountain

XuanHuan 4

Lu Yun put his two hands behind his back, stood by the lake and quietly observed the maid in man's wear.

It was after quite a while that Lu Yun said gently, "So you are the Sheriff of Xuanshui County? "

"Right, my superior."

Although she addressed Lu Yun as her superior, She did not display any inferiority or respect.

"It is you who want to kill me?"

Lu Yun raised the question plainly.

Since the maid had recognized him as the Magistrate of Xuanzhou, it must have something to do with her.

The maid frowned and shook her head, "My superior, why do I bother to do all this if I wanna murder you?"

She then sighed, "Master am I of Xuanshui, I cannot master Xuanshui."


There was disbelief in Lu Yun's face.

"There is another governor in Xuanshui who was the true master of Xuanshui. "

Bitterness could be told from her words, "It's all set up by the Governor."

"The Governor of Xuanshui?"

Lu Yun nodded his head slightly.

The Sheriff was elected as the master of Xuanshui; while the Governor was appointed by the Heavenly Court of Langya to reign over the territory.

And the Governor did have greater power over the Sheriff.

There was once a sheriff of Xuanzhou. But one sheriff was promoted as the Magistrate, hence the Magistrate took place of the Sheriff.

Most masters of cities were dwarfed by the heavenly officers. They had no power but a title.

The maid was shortened by the Governor of Xuanshui, too.

Lu Yun was now fully aware that the maid did not have to go such a long way if she attempted to murder him. Just a finger would work.

"How did you know that I'm coming."

Lu Yun asked again.

"You, as a magistrate, will bring with yourself the seal of Xuanzhou. The seal could regulate the heavenly and earthly power as well as all the cities and towns in Xuanzhou. So the master or a heavenly officer of a city will know it the moment you enter the city with your seal."

The maid explained.

"Still, I'd like to invite you to my residence, only to be set up by Li Youcai, one step ahead of me."

The maid gave a gentle sigh.

"Li Youcai?"

Lu Yun was quite impressed by the interesting name.

"So Li Youcai is the Governor of Xuanshui."

The maid waving her hand, a streak of rainbow unfolded itself to the feet of Lu Yun.

Lu Yun displayed his amazement and then stepped on the rainbow bridge. Moments later was he seen around the maid.

"What a move of genuine immortals. The maid in man's wear is surely way better than the four ghost hunters."

Lu Yun could not help making a compliment.

There was a balmy aroma drifting in the air from the maid, refreshing and pleasing.

"What do you want from me?"

Lu Yun was now sitting in front of the maid, measuring her with great care.

"My name's Moi."

The maid uttered her name after a while of silence.

"Well, that's a beautiful name."

Lu Yun coughed out of embarrassment and squeezed out the few words with effort.

"I want to make a deal with you, Mr. Magistrate."

Moi thought and said, "I'll pull you through the trial by protecting you on the Sacrifice Ceremony on Xuan River, and you help me with Li Youcai."

"It can't be a deal."

Lu Yun shook his head, "No one can kill me on the Sacrifice Ceremony, even without your protection."

Moi remained silent.

"Li Youcai is a heavenly officer and my subordinate. There is no point in bringing him down."

Lu Yun so continued.

"But Li Youcai has the intention to murder you."

Moi bit her lips.

"There have been so many people out there attempting to kill me. It's okay to count him in."

Lu Yun gave a smile.

Moi was silent again, absorbing herself in the thoughts of something.

Given that she was now a shortened master, she had basically no powers.

"But you are the master of Xuanshui, and you must know the ancient tomb here, don't you?"

Suddenly, Lu Yun broke the silence.

"Ancient tomb?"

Moi was startled and then said, "After the Battle of the Immortals one hundred thousand years ago, there were numerous tombs of immortals in the land of immortality. And there is one in Xuanshui."

Lu Yun's eyes lit up.

Now Lu Yun owed his everything to the ancient tombs.

What Lu Yun needed most was an envoy of samsara who had excellent achievements in the tactical deployment.

It was barely impossible for a living man to become the envoy of samsara. So Lu Yun had to seek his chance in an ancient tomb.

"So where is the ancient tomb?"

Lu Yun asked hastily.

Lu Yun had examined it all on his way- There was no other ancient tomb other than the one in Chixuan Mountain.

"It was too risky to visit that ancient tomb."

Moi kept silent and then continued, "But I have something for you. It's a different place."

"Something for me? Different place?"

Lu Yun was a little surprised.

"There is a tactical deployment of "Scattered Sunlight and Shattered Snow", one that ranks the level of immortality. It originates from the Big Dipper Deployment in the ancient immortality civilization. It could cost the life or leave a wound on the immortal that entered. That you, as an immortality pursuer of Condensed Qi, should be able to walk out safe and sound says well that you are a master of tactical deployment.

Moi was talking in a serious manner, "The place I just mentioned is completely covered by deployments one after another. If you could pull through them, you get the treasure there."

"You mean Wanzhen Mountain?"

Lu Yun's brows were slightly frowned.

There was a mountain in Xuanshui called Wanzhen that instilled tremendous fear in people. Protected by layers of tactical deployment from its foot to top, the mountain emerged as the top forbidden place in Xuanshui.

With the experience and memories of Yu Ying, sure had Lu Yun heard of Wanzhen Mountain.

"Wanzhen Mountain had been a forbidden place before the very riot in the ancient tomb that ranks above the monarchic level. Given that Golden Immortals might not be able to survive it, how could you be sure that I'll be entitled to obtain the treasure?"

Lu Yun shook his head.

"I'll go with you. And you help me with Li Youcai once you get the treasure there."

Moi replied seriously.

"But do you know what treasure is in the Wanzhen Mountain?"

Lu Yun itched.

Yu Ying once explored Wanzhen Mountain. She managed to defend herself against thirty-six tactical deployments with the Mountain River Pill Spirit Recipe but could not go any further as her life was threatened.

It could be told from Moi's words that she might know what was inside Wanzhen Mountain.

"There was a documentation left by the Ancient Immortal a hundred thousand years ago that an inherent heavenly weapon between the heaven and earth, called Boundary of Deployment, contained millions tens of thousands tactical deployment. And Wanzhen Mountain was quite similar to that specified in the documentation."

"From my point of view, it was after the legendary Boundary of Deployment fell there that the Wanzhen Mountain took the shape."

Moi replied, "You are a master of the tactical deployment and I have my own magic weapons. With joint efforts, we may be able to obtain Boundary of Deployment."

Lu Yun stared at Moi in a serious manner, "Have you heard of 'the Devil's Contract'?"

Moi was first stunned and then said, "If you can't trust me, then we sign the blood contract."

The blood contract was made by blood, breach of which would encroach the defaulting party until it died of exhaustion of vital energies and blood.

"So be it."

Lu Yun nodded.

Lu Yun was himself interested in the Boundary of Deployment.

Tactical deployment and Fengshui were two sides of one integrity. And the former contained too many Fengshui arrangements that were not seen by Lu Yun.

"Master, master. Mr. Sheriff is inviting you for presence."

Directly Lu Yun and Moi sighed up the blood contract, a coarse voice like that of a duck came from afar.

Moi frowned and displayed her unhappiness.

"So you are kept under surveillance?"

For a moment, Lu Yun had the empathy with Moi's destiny.

"Tell me about it."

Moi slightly nodded, "It is a territory of Heavenly Court of Langya, where I have to follow its rules."

Lu Yun could not fully understand Moi's words. Is she suggesting that she could ignore the rules?

It was the rules of the Heavenly Court of Langya that kept him alive till today.

"Monsignor, after you."

For a long while when the guy with the duck's voice heard no response, he shouted again. It was evident that he dared not to put a step in the rear yard of the Mansion. Scattered Sunlight and Shattered Snow was easily accessible for Lu Yun but posed slashing threats to anyone esle.

The guy who brought Lu Yun in was clearly a spy around Moi arranged by Li Youcai.

"Li Youcai can't mean well to me for this visit. Presumably, he may think that you've been dead here."

There was no radical change in Moi's facial expressions, from first to last.

"I personally feel like meeting Mr. Governor who dared to set me up. I wonder what it's like when he saw me alive."

Lu Yun snickered, "I'll go with you."

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