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Chapter 22. Thump Thump Thump

Go home?

To Lord Jellyfish's home?

Hua Ji was stunned. Bringing up Lord Jellyfish's home, his first though was that beach in Hawaii, that night when he had no choice but to flee from that bat spirit. However, he quickly threw out that thought. Lord Jellyfish's home would surely not be the beach. It should be somewhere deeper in the ocean?

Hold on…… he, a fox, running to the deep ocean. He'd surely die, wouldn't he? = =

Hua Ji smartly didn't instantly reject, rather he smilingly asked, "Lord Jellyfish's home? Where is it?"

Lord Jellyfish said, "The North Pole."

"……" Hua Ji's lips twitched faintly. He drily said, "Lord Jellyfish, why would your home be in the North Pole?"

"It's quieter there."After a pause, Lord Jellyfish's tone became clear and cold. "However, it's not peaceful in recent years."

Hua Ji blanked. "Not peaceful?"

"The Earth's climate is changing, the snow in the North Pole is decreasing. If there's no ice in the spring, there's no road. The creatures that live on the ice have no way of reaching land and as a result, many died." Lord Jellyfish calmly said, "The number of humans are also slowly increasing. When ice melts in the spring, the ships are able to pass."

Hua Ji didn't know what to say and could only silently listen.

"Do you want to go take a look with me? Perhaps after not too long, the North Pole would completely become the five continents' back garden, a refuge for innumerable ships. The polar bear and artic fox would disappear forever."

Lord Jellyfish extended a small tentacle and gently stroked the hair by Hua Ji's ear. Maybe it was just Hua Ji's imagination, but at this moment, Lord Jellyfish's tone seemed to have become gentler.

"The artic fox lives there, it looks quite similar to your original form. However, those foxes are all white, the foxes living closer to the North Pole are all blueish-gray. ."

Lord Jellyfish's water stream flowed down from the back of Hua Ji's neck, as if a soft yet cool hand had brushed past. Hua Ji's entire body had stiffened.

In this moment, his mind was a field of white, all sensations vanished without a trace. All that remained was that cool sensation of flowing water down his spine and the faintest of breaths on his back. He foolishly stood there, without any reaction - or rather, he didn't dare have any reaction.

Even though his body could be controlled, the speed of his blood flow could be controlled, there was one thing that couldn't. His heart, as if betraying him, raced.

This was really…… the most terrible situation.

This melancholic yet love-struck Lord Jellyfish was too f*cking endearing QAQ

T-this had to be against the rules–!!

Lord Jellyfish discovered that the little fox's heartbeat sped up and felt confused. Why did this happen? He prodded again with a tentacle but the little fox still had no reaction. Aiya, Lord Jellyfish suddenly discovered the little fox's face was scarlet!

This was a faintly glowing red, like the red clouds on the edge of the horizon or like the rays of light during twilight that fell into the ocean. It was intoxicating, and you couldn't help but want to take a bite.

Alright, Lord Jellyfish was going to do just that. The flowing water looked just like translucent jelly, gently covering Hua Ji's cheek. Hua Ji sucked in a cold breath - what was Lord Jellyfish trying to do!?

At this moment, Director Yu called out to Hua Ji from a short distance away. After calling for a few times without any response, Director Yu's brow wrinkled. Beside him, Li Shun Hua snatched up a megaphone and suddenly roared, "Damned fox!!"

Hua Ji's body trembled and he regained his senses in an instant.

He glanced around and discovered everyone was looking at him with mystified expressions, then noticed Director Yu's dark expression. He hurriedly jogged over and said in a self-ridiculing tone, "Sorry, Sorry, what's the matter, Director?"

He nonchalantly brushed at his cheek, as if wiping away sweat. However, nobody here was stupid; when they saw Hua Ji's face was covered with water, all of their expressions changed.

This is sweat? Wasn't he sweating too much? Furthermore, didn't his assistant give him a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat?

Then, that is to say……. he's crying?

Director Yu was also stunned. The admonishment that was about to spill from his lips was swallowed back in. He coughed, glancing at Hua Ji, with 'tears spilling down his cheeks' and attempted to make his tone more amiable. "The next scene is the big fight against the Devil Sect Sect Leader. You go and prepare for it."

Hua Ji nodded, turning around to head off to prepare. Director Yu didn't feel reassured and added another sentence, "Remember the shift in emotions, don't be too abrupt."

Hua Ji lifted the corners of his lips into a smile. Unfortunately, Lord Jellyfish was spread out over his cheeks and made his smile look incredibly forced. When this sight entered Director Yu's eyes, it affirmed to him that just now, Hua Ji had indeed cried his eyes out= =

Director Yu felt mystified. What happened to him?

Hua Ji slapped his face while adjusting his emotions.

When filming, the scenes were never filmed sequentially. Since the bedroom set was already set-up, it made sense that all the films set in the bedroom should be filmed all at once. The next scene was a big scene, the Devil Sect's Mid-Autumn Celebration. To appease the people, the Devil Sect Sect Leader hosted a Mid-Autumn Banquet and formally announced to the entire sect his intentions to take Ye Qing Qing as his wife while the Male Lead led the Righteous path cultivators to besiege the Devil Sect. At the same time, the Head Elder in the Devil Sect attempted to stage a coup d'etat on the Sect Leader and rise to the position himself. The people from all three sides met in the main hall, and after a scuffle, started fighting!

As the Devil Sect Sect Leader's trusted aide and the Devil Sect's Head Manager Feng Hui Xue, even though he was thrown into the dungeon by the Sect Leader, he still the person who understood the Sect Leader best. The Head Elder visited the dungeons to attempt to win over Feng Hui Xue and find out the Sect Leader's weakness. Feng Hui Xue also agreed to help overthrow the Sect Leader.

However, when the three sides started fighting, Feng Hui Xue died for the Sect Leader.

For this scene, Hua Ji changed into a fiery-red robe. His long hair wasn't tied up, instead left to trail over his back; his entire person seemed gloomy and cold. He closed his eyes and sat by the side, immersing himself in Feng Hui Xue's mind-set, attempting to calm his disorderly feelings.

While Lord Jellyfish's words made his heart speed up, at the same time it left him with a strange feeling.

What did Lord Jellyfish mean by that? Did he really want to bring him to the North Pole for a vacation? Wait, hold on, this wasn't the time to think about this!

Hua Ji sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes. His eyelashes were long and beautiful, and his pupils were suffused with a light that made them look like a flower in full bloom; they bewildered the soul and enraptured all living things. He stood up and waited quietly outside the room.

Inside the room, the Head Elder said, "Last year's Mid-Autumn Celebrations, Manager Feng was the one who arranged the banquet. Alas, a year has passed and yet he is not here anymore.

The Devil Sect Sect Leader's expression subtly darkened.

The Head Elder said, "Speaking of this, Sect Leader had brought a woman back out of nowhere. Manager Feng was worried about Sect Leader's safety and thus his reaction was a bit intense. This is also understandable~ Now, he also knows his wrongs, so why not let him out?"

The Devil Sect Sect Leader's expression warmed up a bit. He glanced at Ye Qing Qing beside him and said, "Seeing as it's Elder who's asking and also because of Qing Qing[1], someone come, let Feng Hui Xue out."

One of the bodyguards bowed and left. Hua Ji listened to the people inside speaking their lines. When the Head Elder and the Devil Sect Sect Leader started arguing, he took a big step and walked into the hall, directly prostrating himself in the middle of the open ground. The fiery-red sleeves of his robes spread around him on the flagstone ground. He lifted his head and the paleness of his complexion contrasted deeply with the brilliant red of his clothes, making him seem even more enchanting.

"Sect Leader!"

He smiled.

"Hui Xue greets the Sect Leader. Thanking the Sect Leader for showing mercy."

[1] – It makes perfect sense in Chinese but the phrase used here, 看在长老和青青的面子上, is very clunky when translated to English. The meaning of the phrase roughly means ‘in respect/out of respect for you/your status, I will do this one thing/I will relent and not be so harsh’. However, it is very, very strange when translated to English so I had to paraphrase and try my best.

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