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Translator: Qiuqiu-chan

Mason, who after more than 30 minutes of aimlessly staring out the window, had been stretching his stiff body when by chance he saw a man in a black hat and raincoat peering around his surroundings suspiciously. No, saying it was by chance wasn’t true.

For the past few days, due to the measures Noah took to make him reflect, Mason had been quietly recovering. Besides watching a movie or television, there was nothing else to do. ‘As a diversion, let’s look for that stalker that has slowly become more of a nuisance every day.’

He stood, staring darkly out the window, while looking in the location that the stalker would most likely appear. Originally, lying in wait for targets was not a livelihood where you could say ‘how easy’. But right now, it wasn’t as if he was waiting outside for four nights or underground. He’d be willing to wait for a year for the target.

It had been a simple and uneventful couple of days, staring out the window. But the moment he had seen a man in a black raincoat snooping around Noah’s mansion, Mason had thought, “So he is that lowlife.”

Actually, it wasn’t just that man who had been snooping around Noah’s house. Persistent paparazzi with no fear, and of course, fans that love Noah. Mason had noticed him because of the strange paper envelope he carried that made him stand out.

A small build and brown hair, while hiding his face. Mason’s keen instincts were working quickly. Before the security guards could chase the stalker off, Mason rushed down to the lower floor.

On the way, Mason ran into Noah who was in the middle of entering the house. However, Noah did not try to grab and stop Mason who was hurriedly running out. He only asked “Where are you going?”

Mason answered, “Just taking a walk.” and rolled his eyes.

“With that leg?” Noah narrowed his eyes and scoffed.

“It is rehabilitation. It wouldn’t do to have any aftereffects¹ .” Mason retorted and laughed in his face.

Mason ran out like the wind to look for the man in the black raincoat. ‘It’s not even raining, what sort of clothes is he wearing?’ While thinking that he ran out, but the raindrops lightly began to come down.

As soon as black raincoat saw the security guards coming towards him, he turned and at a quick pace he ran away in the opposite direction. Mason followed after him.

‘I’m just going to take a look at his face.’ thought Mason. All he wanted to do was confirm who his opponent was. He would leave catching that lowlife to the hyungnim² bodyguards with strong bodies.

Making someone so annoyed! What sort of lowlife is so like a poop fly in the way that he acts. Mason was curious, if it really was a staff member or an actor on the inside, perhaps it might be the face of someone he knows.

Of course, he was also curious as to who the hell was the enemy that had injured Noah’s beautiful fingers.

After thoughtlessly cutting off the unfortunately timed phone call of Vic’s and turning off his phone, Mason firmly pressed a hat down on his head and disappeared into the crowd.

¹- It wouldn’t do to have any aftereffects (from his injury). 

²- He would leave catching that lowlife to the hyungnim (can mean ‘boss’ or ‘respected older brother’, used by younger males to older males that may not be related) bodyguards[…] 

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