King Arthur is my Waifu Chapter 27 - Attolis Secret (2)

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Chapter 27: Attolis' Secret (2)

Kailar quickly rose up and gasped for breath whilst wiping his face. He turned his head and watched the golden-haired knight apprentice emerge from the river water.

Sighing, Kailar walked to the edge of the river water.

"I-I-I will definitely be there in the next time…" Attolis' face reddened, suddenly kissed the color of red like a spring rose. She was ashamed of her cowardly action shown thus far.

"It's fine. Don't worry." Kailar waved his hand and pulled off his clothing. "When facing a foe much stronger than you and you yourself know you are unable to defeat your opponent with bare strength, it is much better to face them in the battle of wits as opposed to brute force. Don't you think this is what fighting truly is, isn't it? Intelligence. The most important thing needed to win in a battle."

Kailar stripped himself off in a blink of an eye. They were all of the same sex so there was no need to be shy.

Blush quickly seared through Attolis' cheeks. "Y-y-you… d-d-despicable! How despicably rude. You actually… you actually dare in front of a gi—" She paused. "To actually strip in front of me… despicable! Quickly put on your clothes!"

Kailar paid no heed nor did he hear Attolis' fuming complaints. He'd just casually whistled about as he hung his wet clothes on the tree branches to dry.

"What's wrong?" His brows tightened. "Quickly take off your clothings. You'll catch a cold regardless if it's summer. No matter how strong you are, you aren't immune to sickness. Take them off."

"Did you receive medical knowledge from Merlin?"

This world's knowledge of medical health was lacking and paled to compare to the modern world. At most, it could be compared to the Dark Ages when history lost all knowledge of the ancient world till the coming of the Renaissance or the Age of Enlightenment.

At most, their medical knowledge was like that of a witch doctor.

Though the people of this world feared not the ghosts nor gods, they don't even understand proper and basic hygiene etiquettes. It truly is a cause for concern. They believed in the natural cycle of life. They grow old then they die. They don't believe in diseases or that it's synonymous with death.

People who were able to a cure a disease was a skill on par with stealing a life right out of Death's hands. It was rare.

Kailar shook his head and smiled bitterly. He'd suddenly realized the myriads of things needed to do in the near future. The creation of an intelligence unit, spread of medical knowledge, logistics, and management… ah, yes… he'd also need to teach math, reading, music, and art…

Rome wasn't built in a day and if he's able to build a country as prosperous as the Roman Empire, his lifetime accomplishments would be enough.

After hanging his clothes overhead the tree branches, Kailar jumped into the river water and began swimming.

"Attolis, go and hang your clothes over there. Let's go and catch a few fish underwater. Our lunch will be settled.

"Kai, don't you have magic to dry off clothings instantly?" Attolis asked, cheeks flushed the color of deep red.

"Huh? ಠ_ಠ Why would I have that kind of skill?" Kailar shook his head and turned towards Gawain. "Hey, Gawain, hand me a dagger!"

"Sure!" Gawain tossed the dagger over.

Seeing Kailar and Gawain determined on hunting a few fish for lunch, the blushing Attolis bit her lip. "I'll go and change my clothes."

Kailar watched Attolis hide in the bushes far away. He shook his head and sighed. There'd be dangers lurking over there but as he trusted Attolis' strength, he did not stop her. Turning his focus on the river water, Kailar stabbed the water. Five or six fish wriggled as he threw them onto the bank.

On the other side, Gawain had been grilling the fishes caught by Kailar. He expertly handled them all with ease, using another dagger to break the skin and remove its internal organs before sticking them onto wooden stick ready for grilling.

Kailar stopped when he thought he'd caught enough for three people. He tossed the dagger back into the bank while walking towards a bush.

"Hey, Attolis, time to eat," he said, "Oh, after dinner, we'll be on our way." Kailar lurched, gazing at the shaken Attolis.

"….." Suddenly, no words escaped out of his mouth.

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