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Chapter 15: Dark and Difficult Days (2)

Enduring the discomfort, Ye Ke placed his hand on top of the trash can and quickly left the place while half-crouched.

Even though the movement of the trash can was only little, it was extremely obvious for the school ground was eerily quiet like a dead city.

Moving to a corner place, Ye Ke pulled out a tactical assault knife.

The tip of the knife penetrated the plastic. Little by little, Ye Ke drew a circular hole. The process took a while longer than expected because the width of the plastic was very thick.

The radius of the hole was about five centimeters long. Although it blocked majority of his field of vision, it was good enough.

He only has this one dagger and a few of those infected surrounding him would surely catch himself in a knot.

At the moment, without any powerful weapons, Ye Ke could only rely on his physical strength, stamina, and skills learned while in the military.

This was the only viable solution he could think of to protect himself from dangers.

Hopefully, the infected monsters won't react too much to the moving green trash which looked like an oversized bucket hat.

The hole Ye Ke cut out finally gave way to fresh air and it gradually cleared his mind.

He recalled in detail the map of the whole campus in his mind.

His dormitory was located on the east side of the school. To the west past the main road is the cafeteria hall, library, and stadium.

In any case, he needed to bypass the teacher's staff room.

God knows how many of them were hiding in there.

Ye Ke walked north and passed through the dining hall. Throughout the way, Ye Ke passed by several internet cafes jutted just outside the dining hall. There were also a few small sized restaurants. Five of them housed frequent students from his dormitory building.

The time going there took a while. He'd only move when he was sure there weren't any of those things. His speed was just as slow, often stopping to observe the surroundings nearby.

Ye Ke hadn't encountered many of the monsters on the way. They were all scattered. Within his sight, he only saw three of them at ten o'clock, two at four o'clock, and four at eight o'clock. 1

Ye Ke moved about them very slowly and quickly moved away from a safe distance. He found that the infected looked like middle-aged people wandering about aimlessly. So long as they hadn't found a prey, their senses weren't stimulated, or the likes, they didn't care much for the outside world. They'd just wander aimlessly in a rather distorted manner.

He had not the slightest idea where the infected were heading towards but regardless, he moved around them rather vigilantly passing through the dining hall then towards the northern parts of the campus grounds and possibly safety.

He moved in a paced manner. He could feel his heart thumping loudly as if ready to break free from his lungs. He dared not breath a sound.

My god… my heart…

Because of the limited view, after turning a corner, Ye Ke saw a back door. He was just about to go there till he saw a dense mass of corpses hidden in the misty white fog.

He quickly stopped all movements and felt his body stiffen. Despite having prepared himself, the image of them still struck the core of his heart. There'd surely be several of the infected crowded past the exit. Not to mention the residential buildings, there were people who chose to run and leave the campus. The unlucky ones are standing there right now.

There were people who'd escaped and chances of them meeting the armed forces were much greater thus increasing their chances of surviving as they had the protection from the armed forces. But at the same time, while they escaped, Ye Ke's sure that they had unconsciously let out at least half of these walking corpses. Not to mention, two days have passed. The amount of the dead who escaped would surely number in the hundreds or thousands.

The thought of it was too much for him to handle. Ye Ke wanted to scold himself from the bottom of his heart for allowing such thoughts to linger. Though he can't really believe his luck that he'd managed to make it thus far but either way, he's in hell. If he goes back, it's hell. If he moves forward to pass the teacher staff room and towards safety, he's also in hell.

He moved slowly backwards.

Thump ~


It would seem that he bumped into something behind him. Ye Ke did not retreat right away. Instead, he turned around and slightly lifted the trash can up.

What he saw was a pair of shoes. A Nike limited edition.


Ye Ke bit his lip and clenched his fist.

Brother, did you need to come over?

Ye Ke cried in despair. A few of the walking corpses, or zombies as he liked to call it slowly made their way over upon hearing a slight thumping sound which echoed in the air. Two pairs of eyes would be fine for him. He can escape easily with the trash can, but if dozens of pairs of eyes came to examine the trash can, he would be done for.

Within a minute or two, he'd find himself encircled by those things. They'd watch the trash can like a monkey in a zoo. If it were to move it'd surely alert them. Escape would be futile.

Waiting around beating the bush was useless. He needed to brave himself. With a deep breath, Ye Ke quickly took off running as fast as he could to escape from the hordes.

  1. Clock positioning method used to determine the direction of the zombies. Twelve o'clock is straight ahead.
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