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Chapter 10

The noisy crowd surrounded the basketball court. The entire circle of people around made the others unable to see clearly on what was happening inside, but the loud voice continued to flow out.

"Who hit him?! Who hit him?! Damn you! I didn’t do it on purpose, okay?!"

"It was obvious that you intentionally swing your hand when you were about to grab the ball!"

"Nonsense! I absolutely didn’t! I have nothing to do with it!"

The game was instantly stopped, and the senior students who were acting as a provisional referees pulled the students from class four and ten. However, the two parties had already made trouble.

A tall teammate pulled Ning Er behind his back and carefully looked at his condition. While a tall and strong Jiang Chen stood directly in front of class four, with the class ten sports committee member glaring opposite him. Jiang Chen was so angry to the point of wanting to hit the guy’s face, but the referee kept on pulling him and asking him not to beat people.

When the girls of the cheerleading team from class four saw the blood on Ning Er’s face, they almost burst into tears. A little girl even choked and said: "He was hit on his eye ah! How could that person play basketball and wear a ring? Ning Er is bleeding too much, what to do? Hurry, someone send him to the nurse’s office…"

When the sports committee member from class ten heard this, he consciously said: "I just like to wear a ring! Suck it up, it’s not even your ring—AH!"

Before he could speak any further, a rude and decisive fist suddenly burst out from the crowd, it hit him and made him fall down. He had not recovered yet, when the collar of his shirt was grabbed by a person and pulled him up, causing him to stumble three steps forward. When he lowered his head, he saw a handsome boy, staring at him coldly: "I dare you to say it to me again! Who the fuck allowed you to wear a ring?!"

The sports committee member of class ten was taller than Shao Bai Han, with a 190 cm of height. But at that moment, he was stunned by Shao Bai Han that he could not even say a single word.

After a while, someone in class ten yelled: "Why did you hit him, ah!"

Only then did the sports committee member of class ten came back to his senses, he swung his fist and tried to punch Shao Bai Han. However, Shao Bai Han quickly dodged to the side, gave the guy another punch and was beaten down again, and he could barely stabilize his figure. He sneered and licked his fingers. As if he was not afraid of this guy, he said the words one at a time: "You want to fight? Then I’ll give it to you!"

Before they could do anything, the referee quickly pulled them apart from each other.

The class ten sports committee member said a few curse words, listened to the referee and took off of his silver ring.

On the other hand, Shao Bai Han grabbed Ning Er’s hand and pulled him to the front. There was no expression on his face, but it looked so cold that the group of class four didn’t dare ask what he was going to do.

Ning Er, who could barely open his eyes, heard Shao Bai Han’s voice. His voice trembled and asked: "Shao… Shao Bai Han?"

Shao Bai Han licked his own lips. The expression on his face was hard to see, but the fingers touching Ning Er’s face were gentle. He carefully wiped the blood around Ning Er’s eyes, and observed it for a while, before saying: "Fortunately, the wound is not that deep. It scraped your skin a little, but it doesn’t matter, we still have to go to the nurse’s office." With that, he started pulling Ning Er again.

However, the referee on the side said subconsciously: "Wait! Class 10 had violated the rules for four times. This time, he needs to do a free throw."

Shao Bai Han turned his head and said: "Can’t you find someone to help him with the free throw?!"

The referee did not speak. According to the current situation and rules, this was the case.

Ning Er struggled to open his eyes, his long eyelashes were dyed with bloodstain. He gritted his teeth as he wiped the blood on his eyes and said: "I’ll go and make a free throw."

Shao Bai Han turned to look at him, his lips were slightly parted, seeming to want to speak. However, Ning Er’s eyes were determined and after staring at him for a while, Shao Bai Han closed his mouth and walked silently to the side of the basketball court. He stood quietly with class four and watched Ning Er take the ball to the free-throw line.

The first ball was shot into the basketball net.

The second hit the edge, before sliding into the hole.

The class ten gave a howl, while class four cheered.

After the free throws, Shao Bai Han took Ning Er’s hand and went to the nurse’s office.

On the other hand, the students in class four curiously asked: "Ning Er and that Shao Bai Han’s relationship are very good, are they close?"

Jiang Chen waved his hand: "Ning Er and Shao Bai Han grew up together."

"No wonder, they are so close."

From the basketball court to the nurse’s office, Shao Bai Han tightened his lips and didn’t speak along the way.

The blood on Ning Er’s eyes had already dried. That time when his classmate passed the ball to him and he went to the other basket, he was stopped by one of the class ten team members. This sports committee member of class ten was tall and strong, and Ning Er felt like there was a big mountain in front of him. At that moment, he unconsciously remembered a fake action that Shao Bai Han had taught him. He did it once, and did not expect that the guy actually did not notice it and was shaken by him.

Then the guy stretched out his hand and squatted, and tried to grab the ball from his hand. But instead, he accidentally punched Ning Er’s face.

The sharp silver ring made a long gash on Ning Er’s eyelids. It bled a lot, but it was not that deep, only the skin was cut.

Ning Er’s wrist was tightly grasped by Shao Bai Han. He actually wanted to talk to Shao Bai Han and tell him that he was okay, but seeing the latter’s cold face, he couldn’t open his mouth and could only be pulled forward by him.

In the nurse’s office, the doctor just simply looked at it because there was another student who got sprained. He glanced at Shao Bai Han and said: "His wound is not that deep, you can use an alcohol to help him disinfect it."

Shao Bai Han nodded.

The doctor gave the alcohol, the cotton ball and the tweezers to Shao Bai Han, then turned to look after another injured student.

Ning Er sat on the bed in the nurse’s office and Shao Bai Han also sat beside him.

His voice was stiff: "Close your eyes."

The cold Shao Bai Han seemed to stun his childhood friend, and in response, closed his eyes.

The next moment, a cold alcohol touched the wound. Ning Er flinched and let out a muffled painful sound, causing Shao Bai Han to move carefully.

The tall and handsome boy carefully wiped the wound and each one was extremely gentle. When Shao Bai Han wiped the wound on the corner of Ning Er’s right eye, the movement was somewhat awkward.

With the help of sunlight, Ning Er saw this scene. He pondered for a moment, and then slightly raised his head, face up, so that Shao Bai Han could wipe it properly.

The bright sunlight shone through the window, dyeing the teenager’s hair into bright gold. The long eyelashes quivered gently because the alcohol was stinging, and Ning Er’s full lips were like a floating layer of watercolor, as if tempting someone to kiss him gently.

Shao Bai Han’s face instantly flushed, and the hand that was holding the tweezers started shaking.

And then, Ning Er suddenly heard: "You… what are you doing?! Why am I the one wiping it?! Wipe it yourself! I don’t care about you!"

Ning Er was stunned and opened his eyes abruptly, only to see Shao Bai Han covering his own face single handedly. He angrily threw the tweezers and cotton ball on the metal plate, then strode away. Shao Bai Han forcefully opened the door and then slammed it shut.

The doctor muttered: "Boys nowadays are ill-tempered."

Ning Er: "……"

What the hell did he do?

Ning Er stared at the tweezers and the cotton ball on the metal plate, a little puzzled.

On Friday’s basketball game, Ning Er made two free throws and scored two points for class four.

The two classes were equal in strength, but the class four won on the last match.

However, the class four didn’t get to celebrate for a few minutes. The sports committee member of class four went up and took out a ball. He turned it around to see, and suddenly cried out at his classmates: "Class 6… it’s class 6."

Class four students: "……"

They haven’t reached the semi-finals and yet, they were about to go against class six. The class four was really doomed to not get any rankings!

Ning Er just came back from nurse’s office when he heard about this bitter news, he was shocked. Jiang Chen patted his shoulder: "Don’t worry, Ning Er, winning against class 7 and 10 was already very impressive. Losing to class 6 doesn’t mean we will lose face. Really… really not… wuwu…"

The whole group of students in class four held their head and cried.

After leaving the nurse’s office, Ning Er had never seen Shao Bai Han again. He originally thought that Shao Bai Han was inexplicably angry today and maybe he would not go home with him. However, when Ning Er left the school, he saw a handsome big boy who was standing on the school gate. His hands were in his pockets and his headphones were in his ears, listening to the music.

Seeing Ning Er came out, Shao Bai Han pulled the headphones away and with a very fierce look: "Why so slow?"

Ning Er’s heart thumped, he couldn’t help but to curl up the corner of his mouth as he quickly followed up.

It turned out that Shao Bai Han has changed, not so bad as when he was still a child.

…But what was he mad at today?

Ning Er was confused.

Because the final exam was approaching, the basketball game was no longer held once a week. Instead, the last two days of the ball game were selected on Saturday and Sunday.

The next day, which was clearly the competition day, class four bravely entered the basketball court.

The class six were very calm. Shao Bai Han was standing in the crowd with a cold face while listening to the students around him who were talking.

Ning Er wanted to talk to him, but remembered that Shao Bai Han seemed to be very angry yesterday and that they were opponents today, he retracted his hand and didn’t say hello.

Shao Bai Han looked up and saw Ning Er from the crowd of students, his fingers tightened, but he calmly turned around.

Class six had always respected their opponents. Yesterday, they encountered 2 to 3 classes with very poor levels, and only on the first half did they let their main players play. Now meeting the class four, Shao Bai Han and the four kings walked up to the basketball court.

Jiang Chen whined: "You don’t even give us a way to survive!"

Ning Er felt a little numb on his scalp and silently followed them to the court.

At the beginning of the game, Ning Er vividly felt the difference between the strength of the two classes.

Before playing with class seven and ten, Ning Er still thought that he could feel the rhythm on the field, that class four could grab the ball. But today, the entire class four were led by the nose by class six, and only Jiang Chen could score a few points with fierceness. He was also firmly guarded by two of the four kings and it was too difficult to move.

Ning Er was dizzy. The four kings were quickly passing by, when he followed the ball to the left for a while, it was on the right the next moment.

Then a white shadow flashed past their eyes, took a three steps forward, jumped and with one hand—


Shao Bai Han slammed the ball directly through the basket.

Class 4 vs Class 6


Ten minutes after the game started, the gap became like this.

Ning Er had known that Shao Bai Han was particularly strong. Although he often did 1V1 special training with Shao Bai Han, the latter did not play with him seriously. Now that he was standing on the same court with Shao Bai Han, he suddenly realized that this person… was really handsome.

His sweat fell from his hair. His eyes were so focused, as if he was doing something sacred.

This was Shao Bai Han.

Ning Er thought in a hurry and unconsciously followed the ball under the basket of class six.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was stopped by the four kings. He was carrying the ball with difficulty as he looked up. His other teammates were actually in the other half of the field, and no one followed. Jiang Chen looked for a long time and only saw Ning Er. He hesitated for a while, then shouted loudly: "Ning Er!"

Ning Er squinted his eyes, looked up and saw a ball flying straight to him. He unconsciously caught the ball and stared at Jiang Chen with a shock expression.

Jiang Chen shouted anxiously: "Go to the basket!"

Ning Er came back to his senses, he quickly dribbled the ball and ran to their basket. Just after a few steps, a white figure quickly emerged from his side and blocked him.

Shao Bai Han was wearing a black sports headband on his forehead, and he did not seem to think that he would face Ning Er.

Like in every 1v1 in the past two weeks, Shao Bai Han moved nimbly to make a fake move, he moved his right hand from below and grabbed the ball. However, when he raised his head, his eyes flashed through the collar of Ning Er and saw that the loose neckline was pulled loosely to the side because of the long and intense movement, revealing half of the beautiful and fragile collarbone.

The delicate collarbone was covered with a thin layer of sweat, causing Shao Bai Han’s heart to tremble. His eyes unconsciously lifted up and stared at the full lips.

Then he suddenly remembered the scene in the nurse’s office where the teenager’s slightly raised face seemed to be waiting for his kiss.

After a bit, his whole face was all red.

Ning Er simply took the ball and ran to the side…Actually, he ran over to the side! He was mostly afraid of the sudden silence in the air, as if the entire basketball court was dead.

The cheerleaders in class six stayed in place and did not have any idea on what just happened.

Jiang Chen shouted: "Ning Er, shoot! Shoot the ball!!!"

Ning Er stopped on a reflex and shot, and the ball went it.

Class four VS Class six


The author has something to say:

Shao Bai Han: You… what the hell are you doing?!??!?!

Ning Er: ……??? (What am I doing?)

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