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Translator: Churnie

Not Edited.
Hearing what An Tong said the figure hidden in the bush said through the team channel: “it’s bad, we are exposed, what should we do?”

“Damn it! I told you not to underestimate these five people! No way, let’s move ahead!” Under the command, the thieves and assassins who were hiding around them showed up, the bright and sharp blades came to the Bobcat team’s members.

“If it is a robbery, at least please say ‘This mountain was opened by me, this tree was planted by me’* something like that~~ so unprofessional conduct~~” An Tong muttered, he pulled out the dagger and stabbed the chest of the assassin closest to him “Gee, you’re more stupid than Cold Wave boss, but still dare to be an assassin, at least Silence learnt from that guy~~~”

(T/N: ‘This mountain was opened by me, this tree was planted by me’  is a famous line from a Chinese drama《隋唐演义》Sui and Tang Dynasty, with a scene of  thieves/robbers).

“Don’t underestimate the enemy, An Tong, they have a lot of people!” Sensitively felt that a lot of people are moving closer to themselves, Black Mark hold the Taumari in his hand, three arrows bursting, a warrior who rushed to the side of Fusu became a white light and flew back to the resurrection point.

“Damn it! How many people are there?” The ants can bite the elephant to death, although the magic in the hand kept going, Fusu was accidentally caught on the back by a feather arrow shot by an archer in the distant.

“Be careful!” Cold Wave’s giant bloody-red sword blocked the feather arrow that followed, he pulled the feather arrow on Fusu’s back and took a bottle of healing potion from the space bag to pour it down to Fusu.

“Shit! There are at least thousands of people! Have we been beaten as BOSS?” An Tong scolding hatefully while using the dagger to hold on the knight’s long sword on the side, the blade on the left hand slanting over, drilling away from the knight’s tight armor, inserted into the other’s unprotected soft neck.

The two people Black Mark and Falling To The Silence leaning back against each other, Falling To The Silence’s machete Vega Storm knocked all the enemies who were one meter away from them, and Black Mark’s Taomari aimed at the archers and sorcerers in the distance, the two men almost second-killed them, the bodies around them fell in pieces like harvested wheat, and their white soul light flew up into the sky like fireworks.

The crazy slaughter effectively shocked all the attackers, the number of people besieged by the two people was significantly reduced, but at the same time the pressure on An Tong and Fusu’s sides suddenly increased, Cold Wave’s copper wall* could not be broken for a short time so the attacker focused their firepower on the less attacking Thief and the less defensive Sorcerer in the Bobcat.

(T/N: 铜墙铁壁  copper wall (idiom) mean; impenetrable defense)  

The attackers fell down one by one, but the other party seemed to be iron hearted to kill them all, human sea tactics, the people advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave*, the healing potions that were carried had been drunk and the armor was also scarred, eventually, the Bobcat team has reached the point where the mountain and river running out of the water** —— The first to fall was An Tong, he was hit on the body by more than 10 big fireballs at the same time, the burnt body fell to Fusu’s feet and the soul light flew out. Followed by Cold Wave, although he has the highest defensive power, but under the circumstance lack of treatment, death is only a matter of time. When the two teammates fell at their feet, Falling To The Silence’s anger broke out and the figure of the assassin was integrated into the air, the next second, a man trying to get close to Fusu screamed and fell to the ground.

(T/N: *前赴后继  to advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave (idiom) mean: The people in front go up, and the people behind them go up. The waves followed by waves. Describe the march forward continuously.

**山穷水尽 mountain and river running out of water (idiom); at the end of the line; nowhere to go) 

In the Bobcat team, Falling To The Silence’s attacking power is the strongest, by this time the crazy assassin has completely abandoned the stealth assassination and directly slashes all the close enemies one by one, but he is not Cold Wave after all, the result of giving up the stealth attack was that he ended up having to face the distant countless magical attacks and arrows.

Fusu used the hexagonal ice barrier to freeze himself, looking coldly at the approaching attackers and the attacks that are raining on the ice barriers, he slowly raised his right hand and the monocle on the bridge of his nose was taken down to put in the pocket, then he raised his arms clearly and quickly humming the long spell.

“The captured engraving
Soul Eater blew the horn of the last day
From the abyss of slumber
Chanting the disillusioned Carols
Begin with the beginning of the original sin
End with the end of the bloodlines
Unlock the Devil’s last legacy
The residual of the darkness screaming
The seal of the Silent Blade
The curse of liberating the eyes of the unbounded
Carrying the wrath of the ancient Souls
The cataclysm of the endless emptiness is here
Destroy all the souls of all living things in the world
—— Death Withered”

The dark green robe is windless voluntarily and the flag is generally hunting and fluttering. The black and purple light spreads to the outside in a spherical shape with the elf sorcerer as the center, with the silent despair, all the lives wherever they go together with the flowers and trees withered and died. The light of the soul that follows one another is particularly stand out in the black light, as if it falls into the water of the hot magma, it is scattered splashing…

Relying on the blocking of the Light Arrow standing in front of him, with holding a white harp he constantly exerts healing to himself, finally the black and purple ball of light gradually disappearing, Black Mark looked at his tattered light armor, secretly twitched his mouth, “Fusu this lunatic! In the end, he chose this kind of attack which can’t differentiate the enemy and me, he choose self-destruction* move~ luckily I ran far enough, luckily I am a Demon, and luckily i’ll still healed… ”

(T/n:  同归于尽 self-destruction: to die in such a way that somebody (or something) else also perishes; to take somebody down with oneself to end in mutual destruction.)

“What about our men?” The unknown voice in the team channel sounded.
“Our men are dead, the sorcerer finally blew himself up… The archer seems to have run away….”
“Bastard! So many people can’t kill five people!”
“We really did our best! Who knows those guys are so abnormal!”
“Forget it, you should go back to the original resurrection point and don’t bump into them with their resurrection point in the city.”

Shaking his dimly head and paled face An Tong crawled out of the resurrection point, he looked at the same weak teammates around him. “Shit! What kind of hatred does this have to do with us? Dare to do it! Let me know who he is, Laozi must kill him ten times!”

“Where’s Ah Yao?” Falling To The Silence looked around and asked, he rubbed his forehead trying to get rid of the state of dizziness. The only spell that he was able to use at the end of his life, he almost witnessed the whole process, it is impossible for Black Mark to survive an attack in that indiscriminate range.

“I don’t know.” Cold Wave said with the sullen face. “Maybe he is fine, maybe not resurrected with us at the same resurrection point.”

“Aih? Boss, do you mean that Ah Yao probably not die?” An Tong looked at Cold Wave disbelievingly, the situation just now is impossible to imagine exactly how to escape from the resurrection.
“I’ll go to find him.” Falling To The Silence’s heart is covered with a layer of haze, he knows the power of Fusu’s spell very well, if Black Mark is not dead, he must be seriously injured to be unable to move, If he is dead, it is even worse…. In another resurrection point, in the unlikely event of a large number of people who had previously attacked them, he alone might have been killed to level 0.

“Don’t be impulsive, Silence.” Interrupted the assassin’s contemplation, Cold Wave calmly called out the system menu, confirming his current coordinates. Thinking about the countermeasures.

“If he is okay he will notify us, but if he has something and does not ask us for help, it means that he does not want us to be in danger.” Fusu calmly said.

Silence’s eyes were swept gently over Fusu, the chill which penetrate the bones almost made the smile on the Elf sorcerer’s face can hardly be maintained, a huge sense of oppression that came out in an instant made the other three people’s hands sweat.

  ”I am going with you!” An Tong can’t sit still, jumped up from the ground, and said to Silence.

“Don’t be impulsive!” After using death withered attack, plus having resurrected, Fusu is weak even he has no power to lift his eyelids. “Don’t you think there is something wrong?”

Look at the puzzled eyes of everyone, Fusu couldn’t help but scold “You see..none of us have been punished by death!!” In order for players to cherish their lives in the game, the death penalty is set to be extremely strict. Unless there are special circumstances, a death will be punished by lowering 10% of the same level. Which means a 10th level death will drop one level at a time, a level 20th death will drop two at a time, and so on. The higher the level of death, the more severe the punishment will be.

“Thus, there is no downgrade.” After the other party said that An Tong hurriedly calling up the system menu, at first glance sure enough it was not a problem, “Is it a system BUG?”

Fusu rolled his eyes and scolded weakly: “You’ve been dead once, is your brain has become a pig’s brain? How can it be a system BUG? This 80% credit to Black Mark!!” The sorcerer eased the tone and continued to explain to several people, “I guess it is the new skill that he learned since he came back from Resiutta. My death withered was taught to me by the Lich Ludwig when I was in the transmission array, it is not impossible for him to teach Black Mark this skill of exempting death punishment.”

Some inferences are well-founded and Cold Wave also nodded in agreement: “I also think that Black Mark shouldn’t be in a danger right now.”

“I’ll go to find him.” Silence drop the next sentence that’s exactly the same as before and stubbornly turned and left. He knows all these reasons, but there are times when feelings can’t be replaced by reason, no matter how he wants to find him, he wants to confirm with his own eyes that the other person is unharmed.

An Tong wanted to keep up, but he was stopped by Cold Wave. “it’s more convenient if Silence alone, if there’s danger it’s easy to escape”. They have never seen Silence so worried about a person, even if he has been eager to go to his members, he’s definitely not going to take a blind risk like this —— Black Mark, he should be really has a very special existence for Silence…

At this time Black Mark was weakly relied on a tree, still holding the white harp on his hand, Fusu’s speculation was not wrong, he just saw that the Bobcat squad was bound to be buried by the enemy’s human sea tactics, so he fled in advance to come back to play the Requiem —— this is the song recorded by Ludwig’s in his Bard’s Notes, which can be used to listen to the peace of the soul, to exempt from death punishment, at the cost of the player is losing half of the attribute points, the effect lasts for one day. “Silence you asshole, you didn’t come back to me, you let me climb back to the town in this weak state?”

“Of course not.” The familiar voice sounded in his ear, there was a smile on Black Mark’s face, he stretched out his arm to the Angel assassin standing in front of him. “Silence, give me a hand.”

“Yes~” The two hands clasped together, Falling To The Silence took Black Mark in his arms and held him. “This is the second time~”

Black Mark stunned for a moment then he remembered that the last time they beat the final boss in the Mirror forest he was so embarrassed that he was taken back to the tent by the latter in this position of holding a child….

Just as the two men smiled, a system prompted the sound of the scenery interrupting the warm atmosphere, it was a thousand miles away and only a short sentence written above, but it changed Black Mark’s face after reading it : “The Building-The-City Order was stolen by Six Ways of Reincarnation.”


ow..ow…it seems we have a surprise. What’s with Six Ways??

it took me 3 days to finish this chapter. i can finish it in one day but it’s impossible to sit whole day? i’ve distracted so much by social media 😀

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