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Zhao Fengyang stared at Song Yan and said, "You are stronger than martial artists of the Advanced Level at the Secret State without even using the Inner Force. With the help of the Inner Force, you may defeat martial artists of the Perfect Level at the Secret State. You have no equal for your age. If you join the Martial Arts Alliance, you are sure to rank in the top ten of Secret List."

"Martial Arts Alliance? Secret List?" Song asked in confusion.

"You never heard of the Martial Arts Alliance?" asked Zhao.

"No, I didn't. And what are the Advanced Level at the Secret State and Perfect Level at the Secret State? I have no idea of them." Song asked curiously.

"You are such an idiot. Brother, let me explain to him in detail." Zhao Xiaoyu said as she rolled her eyes at Song.

With her explaination, Song finally understood the division of strengths of martial arts and the nature of the Martial Arts Alliance.

Martial artists are divided into Secret State and Sacred State.

There are four levels in the Secret State, including the entry level, mid-level, advanced level and perfect level. People practicing martial arts for more than ten years usually reached the entry or mid-level of Secret State. Zhao Xiaoyu was a martial artist at the mid-level of Secret State.

It is relatively hard for martial artists to reach the advanced level. Martial artists at the advanced level of Secret State are masters of martial arts. Zhao Fengyang was at the advanced level.

Martial artists at the perfect level of the Secret State are even stronger. If people reached this state before thirty years old, they would be expected to reach the Sacred State.

Speaking of the Sacred State, there are nine levels. There is a vast difference between two different levels of the Sacred State. Once a martial artist reaches the Sacred State, people would call him and her "Master" out of respect. Every country would win Masters by any means.

However, Zhao Xiaoyu had never seen a Master before, so she was unable to describe how strong a Master was. In her words, ten martial artists at the Perfect Level of Secret State are no match for a Master at Level 1.

When speaking of Masters, her eyes lit up.

At this moment, Zhao Fengyang added, "If I remember correctly, you are only seventeen. You are able to reach the Sacred State for sure. Unfortunately, the Nine-dan Breathing Method is only a low-level method. In order to reach the Sacred State, you must look for a high-level method."

"Mr. Zhao, thank you very much for your kind reminding." Song was ungrateful for the brother and sister. He decided to get a high-level method from his ring system.

As for the Martial Arts Alliance, it is a non-governmental organization established by martial artists. Most martial artists take joining the alliance as an honor. But it is quite difficult to join the alliance. The applicant must meet the following three conditions:

1.The applicant must reach the mid-level of Secret Level;

2.The applicant must not have committed a crime;

3.The applicant must be recommended by at least three members of the alliance.

Why do the martial artists like to join the Martial Arts Alliance?

First, members of the Martial Arts Alliance can buy precious resources from the alliance.

Second, there are countless gifted martial artists in the alliance. If you are lucky enough to be guided by some seniors, you would benefit a lot. Moreover, if any Master has his or her eyes upon you and take you as a disciple, it would be great for you.

Most importantly, the Bureau of Yanhuang would select martial artists from the alliance to serve as its staff.

Bureau of Yanhuang, the most violent department in the State of Yanhuang, was established by Zhu Hongwu, the first emperor. It shares the same history with the State of Yanhuang.

What's the profit of joining the Bureau of Yanhuang?

First, you are licenses to arrest or kill anyone who is a threat to national security.

Second, you have the access to countless cultivation resources. The Martial Arts Alliance is a non-governmental organization while the Bureau of Yanhuang is a national organization. Therefore, there are more precious resources in the Bureau of Yanhuang.

Third, you will have great power after joining the Bureau of Yanhuang.

Of course, there are many other profits that outsiders can't figure out.

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