Maou ~ Sou da, Yuusha wo Yome ni shiyou ~ Chapter 3 part1

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Maou ~ Sou da, Yuusha wo Yome ni shiyou~
Chapter 3 – Part 1

デュナル: Dunal
フィルート: Filt
フィリア・サヴァエラ: Firia Savaela
アヴァン: Avant
ルーク: Luke

Feel free to suggest better English names if you have any~

She actually made this kind of uselessly cute face too huh, Avant thought as he gazed at her over the roses.1

In the garden at the western end of the castle, Filt was drinking tea with her maid.

The ivy rose called Rosca grew crawling on the ground without thorns, countless small blooming flowers. The garden that was planned and created by the gardener was now mostly a rose garden. Waist-high rose fences were created here and there, resulting in rich fragrance drifting about. At the center of the rose fences, a lake was surrounded by more ivy roses.

Today, sitting at the flower garden, that girl was wearing a peach dress. With plump breasts, thin waist achieved without a corset and round buttocks hidden behind the dress despite the slender arms and angel-like face, she was unbelievably perfect.

Taut fair skin without any blemish, thin well-shaped eyebrows and blue eyes that looked a little stubborn, all these stirred up his desire to dominate her.

Since waking up, Filt had tried escaping several times. However, not even knowing how to use magical power, catching her was literally like twisting the hand of a baby.

On the third night of her failed escape, halfway of him trying to take away her chastity, "I'm not going to run away anymore, so please forgive me," she begged with a face like she was about to die. So up until now, he hadn't laid a hand on her yet.

Those small and lovely coral lips that had been taken many times were laughing happily.

"She is quite the young fiancé, huh……"

A young man came up next to Avant who was looking at his fiancé from the fence of roses. Wearing a black military uniform, it was his royal brother, Luke.

With dark jet black hair reaching his collar and a face startlingly similar to his brother's, he was the kind of guy that's popular with women. The only difference was that, unlike Avant's, Luke's voice did not have the unnecessary charms and therefore he was able to have normal conversations with women.

The red eyes that were slightly more droopier compared to Avant's were glued towards Filt who were chatting at the flower garden.

"……Seventeen years old was it?"

Avant who was asked by Luke, tilted his head. Avant went through his memory as he had never even thought of remembering the hero's age.

"Yeah, should around there."

Luke chuckled and turned to him, "I would like to ask if Your Majesty's decision has been made, but unexpectedly you have no interest in it, huh?"2

Finding a strange feeling from looking at his younger brother's eyes, Avant frowned.

"I just didn't have any interest with those of the same age."


Luke went to watch Filt again. On his profile, a creepy smirk appeared.

"Though those blue eyes…… They are oddly attractive."

If one were to put it to words, it was a colour that's an exact opposite of their red ones. Filt's clear eyes that seemed to reflect the sky were beautiful no matter what emotion they showed.

Avant sighed and turned on his heels. As he was only taking a walk while taking a break in between political affairs, there was no time to tease Filt.

"That might be so. But Luke, since that is mine, don't do any funny stuff."

Towards Avant who made to return to the castle after hitting the nail on the head, Luke bowed.

"Of course, Brother."

How it happened, Avant thought honestly.

The matter of turning Filt into a woman was to punish the rude people who came to kill him who did nothing.

On top of that, even when she heard his voice, Filt didn't tremble.

If that was the case — if the person was made into a bride, wouldn't he be able to refuse arranged marriage talks? — such idea was formed.

When he casually tried it, the results were more perfect than expected that he even used his magic so she could never turn into a man again.

For making a wonderful impromptu decision, he wanted to praise himself. It was such pleasure to distort that angelic face with fear, and if he attacked her, he couldn't help but look forward to the kind of face and voice she'd make as she cries.

But she was a former man. To forcibly break her spirit was too horrible.

She was made to his own taste, the long awaited fine woman.

Slowly but surely, Avant intended to capture the 'Ex-hero'.

T/N: There are some sentences that were very difficult to decipher for me. Below are the actual text in case you have better alternatives:

1. しかし無駄に可愛い顔をしているな、とアヴァンは薔薇越しに彼女を見つめた。
2. ルークはくす、と笑ってこちらを振り返る。「陛下のご一存でお決めになられたとお伺いしましたが、存外、興味はないのですね……」

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